Though they resemble gargantuan flans and share similar spellcasting abilities, the Botuli possess many physiological elements that differ from their pudding lessers - most notably the presence of a bloated stomach and cape-like arm flaps - as well as dramatically different and varied abilities, including an utterly deadly control over magic. Not much is known of these grotesque monstrosities, as the only sightings of these beasts to date are from interdimensional rifts, thus implying they are monarchs of another much darker (and slimier) world.

Family Information
Type: Amorphs
Common Behavior: A, T(H)
Charmable: Eks
Pankration: Eks
Aspir: Eks
Drain: Eks

Special Attacks

Special Abilities Original and Zilart Areas Wings of the Goddess Areas
Chymous Reek: AoE damage, Stun, and Shock. CheckCheck Qmark
Sloughy Sputum: Conal AoE damage, Gravity, and Drown (38 HP/tick). CheckCheck Qmark
Crowning Flatus: AoE damage and Stun. CheckCheck Qmark
Rancid Reflux: Conal AoE damage and Gravity. CheckCheck Qmark
Just Dessert: AoE damage, Stun, and Drown (38 HP/tick). CheckCheck Qmark
Gnash 'n Guttle: Inflicts Max HP Down. CheckCheck Qmark
Slimy Proposal: AoE Charm and Dia. Used below 30% health. CheckCheck Qmark

Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Botulus Rex Spawned by examining a Planar Rift at (F-9), (H-9) or (J-9) while in possession of a KeyItemWhite Stratum Abyssite VI and a KeyItemVoidstone. Information Buburimu Peninsula

Mission NMs: None

Battlefield NMs: None

Legion NMs: Paramount Botulus

Other NMs: None

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