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Bastok, one of the "starter cities", is located at the southern end of the Quon continent. Originally famed for its minerals and ores, it now provides technology in abundance.

The architecture is austere, yet innovative. The population is divided among the Humes and the Galkas, with some underlying tension between the races. Most structures are stone built, using unfinished rock, but offer a sturdiness of structure and a trim line as could only be accomplished by master bricklayers.

The materials used in the various permanent structures around the city bear a striking resemblance to the rock found on nearby Vomp Hill in South Gustaberg, although the larger part of the material may very well have come from the adjacent Zeruhn Mines and the more distant Palborough Mines as a direct result of the mining operations. One can only wonder how much ore is hidden in the stones that make up the cobbled streets! Streets paved with mythril and gold?

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The City of Bastok is divided into four distinct areas:

Port Bastok is a mix of residential, commercial and transport related structures

Bastok Markets, as the name implies, is mainly commercial and with some residential areas

Bastok Mines is heavily commercial, with some residential areas, considered the poorer area of Bastok, this is the home of the Galkans who labor throughout the city.

Metalworks is the hub of the city's industrial area, and also the seat of government for the region.

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