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Attestations are used in upgrading Relic Weapons from their third stage to the fourth. They are dropped from certain Shadow NMs in Dynamis - Beaucedine. In order to pop the Shadow NMs you need to obtain a pop item for that NM. The pop item is dropped from the respective Shadow.

Spawning the NMs - Killing the NMs - Other Info

Spawning the NMs

Killing the NMs

NM Loc Jobs Drops Corresponding Weapon
 Dagourmarche  G-9  BST
 Attestation of Bravery
 Attestation of Fortitude
 Attestation of Virtue
 Goublefaupe  I-7  WAR
 Attestation of Force
 Attestation of Glory
 Attestation of Righteousness
 Attestation of Invulnerability
 Great Axe
 Great Sword
 Mildaunegeux  H-10  MNK
 Attestation of Might
 Attestation of Accuracy
 Attestation of Legerity
 Quiebitiel  H-8  BLM
 Attestation of Celerity
 Attestation of Sacrifice
 Attestation of Harmony
 Wind Instrument
 Velosareon  J-8  RNG
 Attestation of Transcendence
 Attestation of Vigor
 Attestation of Decisiveness
 Great Katana

Other Information

Since each NM can drop different Attestations, it is highly recommended for parties to obtain additional pop items in case they did not get the attestation they desired. The Hydra in the area have very high defense even at level 99. Melee are recommended to eat attack food.

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