Atma are unique key item enhancements, usable only in Abyssea, that are rewarded by exploiting an Abyssean Notorious Monster's weakness and then successfully defeating it.

Obtaining Atma

In order to obtain an Atma, elemental weapon skills must be used to yield its weakness (shown by a Weakness Red over the enemy's head.) Atma are guaranteed to drop after exploiting this weakness once. However, Repeatedly exploiting this weakness on the same enemy will drastically reduce your chances of obtaining an Atma. Warning: You will not obtain the Atma if you are KO'd at the time the monster is killed.

The weakness will not be triggered if the enemy is executing a TP move or casting a spell or is afflicted by stun. If use of the trigger weapon skill happens to result in the formation of a skill chain, the weakness will sometimes but not always still activate.

Weakness for a mob is determined the moment it is claimed. Once it completely deaggros, the weakness may be erased and will be reset when it's claimed again. This method can be used (especially in combination with the Abyssite of Discernment) to adjust the weakness of a mob to fall into the range of a weapon/spell you have in your group. It is not enough for a monster to go yellow, it needs to completely deaggro for this to work.(Certain mobs may not erase/reset if they do not deaggro and regen 100% hp)

Just like key items and abyssite, Atma are bound the popper/claimer of the mob. Upon defeat, the entire party/alliance the popper is currently in will obtain the Atma. That means, the popper/claimer cannot leave the alliance to make room for others to obtain the Atma, or none of the people in the alliance will get it. Also, the popper may not leave the zone and return (to get items/more time/hp and return to avoid weakness) once the mob is popped or the Atma bind is erased and no-one will get Atma. Alliance can still receive Atma if the popper is K.Oed (assuming they are still in alliance), but popper will not. Connection loss does not seem to affect this as long as popper is back online and in alliance before monster is defeated.

It is possible, although extremely unlikely, that an Atma may drop even when a party has not triggered red weakness upon an enemy.

The list below comprises a collection of 13 elemental weapon skills that have been repeatedly confirmed as viable weakness triggers. Based on current knowledge and evidence the exact weapon skill trigger appears to be random (several potential patterns have been proposed and all have thus far failed), and is subject to change each and every spawn/claim. Therefore, it is advisable to bring people capable of performing most, if not all of the weapon skills listed below.

Red Weakness Weakness Red Triggers
Type Skills
ClubSeraph StrikeTrans Light
DaggerCycloneTrans Wind, Energy DrainTrans Dark
Gt. KatanaTachi: JinpuTrans Wind, Tachi: KokiTrans Light
Gt. SwordFreezebiteTrans Ice
KatanaBlade: EiTrans Dark
PolearmRaiden ThrustTrans Lightning
ScytheShadow of DeathTrans Dark
StaffSunburstTrans Light, Earth CrusherTrans Earth
SwordRed Lotus BladeTrans Fire, Seraph Blade Trans Light

It is highly recommended that while attempting to trigger a weakness, party members refrain from allowing the enemy to gain too much TP. Directly after an enemy spawns is often a opportune time to attempt several trigger weapon skills; otherwise, it is advisable to attempt the weapon skills right after the enemy uses a TP move. Enemies which cast magic can complicate matters severely, so it may be helpful to study the casting pattern of the enemy in question. Keep in mind, however, that it is NOT possible to use another weakness to prevent the enemy from casting or using a TP move in order to safely trigger Red, since you cannot trigger a weakness while another weakness is in effect.

If you are in possession of an Abyssite of Discernment, any elemental weapon skill will grant a clue as to the element of the red weakness trigger; since the list of potential triggers is quite narrow, often one can know the exact weapon skill by merely knowing the correct element. However, it may take more than one elemental weaponskill to receive a hint.

Once you've obtained an Atma, and you possess the key item Lunar Abyssite, you may have the Atma infused by an Atma Infusionist in an Abyssea zone. All Atma infusionists require a static fee of 100 cruor for each and every Atma infused.

Once active, the Atma will bestow specific bonuses upon you for the duration of your stay in Abyssea. The type and degree of these bonuses vary widely depending on the Atma activated (with stronger NMs often yielding stronger Atma); however, by player standards, most of the bonuses are tremendously powerful.

Only one Atma may be active at one time per Lunar Abyssite. If a player possess all three they can infuse 3 Atma at one time. The effects from Atma will stack, for example with both Atma of the Full Moon and Atma of Ambition's effects active on a player, the total refresh will be 10mp/tick without any gear or spells.

Atma do not leave your key items once infused, and as such can be used an unlimited number of times. If you leave Abyssea all Atma effects are removed and must be reinfused, upon your return, as desired. You may also elect to have the infusionist remove the status effect from you for no cost; however, you still must pay the usual 100 cruor fee if you wish to replace one Atma effect for another.

Synthetic Atma are unlocked by completing mission lines (e.g. Chains of Promathia, A Crystalline Prophecy, etc.) or killing important Notorious Monsters (e.g. Kirin, Ultima, Omega, etc.). There is an Atma Fabricant in each Abyssea area who will give you these new Atma for a moderate amount of Cruor. Synthetic Atma usually possess far less potency than most Atma obtained from Abyssean fiends, as they are created from memories rather than from an Abyssean fiend's soul, but adventurers may still make use of them in the harsh and unforgiving Abyssean environment. Atma purchased from the Fabricant also needs activation by the Infusionist.

Atma which grant specific elemental attack bonuses, such as Atma of the Beyond (which grants Ice and Light Attack: + Major), are applied as a bonus to your base Magic Affinity, instead of a bonus to your Magic Attack.

Strength of the buff increases from Minor > Major > Superior.
The actual potency of enhancements vary by Atma, they are not static amounts.

Atma effects applicable to players also extend to automatons, avatars, familiars, and pet wyverns (however, certain effects are not applicable to pets and will not transfer; i.e. pets cannot Reraise, etc). Certain Atma that only activate under special conditions (while over/under a specific HP/MP percentage, while wielding a two-handed weapons, etc) may behave differently on pets.

ExclamationThe strength level of several Atma is not properly reported by the infusionists when attempting to infuse them on the Atma selection screen. This is a known issue.Exclamation

Abyssea - La Theine

Atma NameEffectDrops from
Atma of AllureMP+:Superior (+30%)MND+:Major (+30)Enmity-:Major (-30)Carabosse
Atma of EternityEnemy Critical Hit Rate-:MinorEnhances "Resist Slow" Effect:MajorEnhances "Resist Curse" Effect:MajorRuminator
Atma of TremorsDamage Taken-:MinorEnhances "Resist Silence" Effect:MajorMegamaw Mikey
Atma of the Baying MoonAttack+:Major (+30)"Magic Atk. Bonus":Major (+30)Lugarhoo
Atma of the Ebon HoofHP+:Superior (+30%)Enhances "Resist Sleep" Effect:SuperiorDozing Dorian
Atma of the HeavensMagic Accuracy+:MajorPhysical Damage Taken-:Minor(10%)Enhances "Resist Paralyze" Effect:MajorOvni
Atma of the Lion"Triple Attack"+:Major(7%)Physical Damage Taken-:Minor(10%)Lightning Trans LightningAttack+:Major(30%)Hadhayosh
Atma of the Savage TigerAGI+:Major (+30)"Double Attack"+:MajorMegantereon
Atma of the Stout ArmSTR+:Major (+40)Attack+:Superior (+50)Ranged Attack+:Major (+120)Briareus
Atma of the Twin ClawDefense+:Major (+40)"Magic Def. Bonus"+:MinorEnhances "Resist Charm" Effect:MinorKarkinos

Abyssea - Konschtat

Atma NameEffectDrops from
Atma of the Voracious VioletSTR+:Superior (+50)"Double Attack"+:Major (10%)"Regain":Minor (20TP/tick)Eccentric Eve
Atma of Cloak and DaggerAccuracy+:MajorEvasion+:MajorEnhances "Resist Death" Effect:MinorBloodeye Vileberry
Atma of the StormbirdWind Trans WindAccuracy+:MajorLightning Trans LightningAccuracy+: Major"Refresh":Minor (5 MP/tick)Turul
Atma of the Noxious Fang"Subtle Blow"+:MajorWater Trans WaterAttack+:Major (+40)Enhances "Resist Poison" Effect:MajorKukulkan
Atma of VicissitudeDefense+:Major (+40)"Magic Def. Bonus":Minor"Regen":Major (15 HP/tick)Fistule
Atma of the Beyond"Magic Attack Bonus":Major (+30)Ice Trans IceAttack+:Major (+30)Light Trans LightAttack+:Major (+30)Hadal Satiator
Atma of StormbreathVIT+:Major (+30)Breath Damage Taken-:Major (-30%)Balaur
Atma of GalesWind Trans WindAttack+:Major (+30)Wind Trans WindAccuracy+:MajorAlkonost
Atma of Thrashing TendrilsCHR+:Major (+30)Critical Hit Rate+:MinorRaskovnik
Atma of the DrifterRanged Attack+:Major (+30)Ranged Accuracy+:MajorKhalamari

Abyssea - Tahrongi

Atma NameEffectDrops from
Atma of the StrongholdAttack+:Major (+40)Defense+:Major (+40)"Regen":Major (15 HP/tick)Lacovie
Atma of the HarvesterSTR+:Major (+30)"Double Attack"+:Major Enhances "Resist Sleep" Effect:MajorChloris
Atma of DunesEnhances "Drain" and "Aspir" Effects:Major (+20%)"Store TP"+:Minor (+20)Enhances "Resist Slow" Effect:MajorGlavoid
Atma of the CosmosDark Trans DarkAttack+:Major (+40)Enhances "Resist Amnesia" Effect:MajorEnhances "Resist Silence" Effect:MajorIratham
Atma of the Siren ShadowAttack+:Major(40)Evasion+:Major(40?)Enhances "Resist Paralyze" Effect:MajorUsurper
Atma of the Impaler"Double Attack"+:MajorEnhances "Resist Bind" Effect:MajorEnhances "Resist Blind" Effect:MajorMyrmecoleon
Atma of the AdamantineVIT+:Minor (+20)Defense+:Major (+40)Chukwa
Atma of CalamityEnhances "Resist Slow" Effect:MajorEnhances "Resist Blind" Effect:MajorAdze
Atma of the ClawEarth Trans EarthAttack+:Major (+30)Earth Trans EarthAccuracy+:MajorCuelebre
Atma of Baleful BonesSTR+:Minor (+20)Dark Trans DarkAccuracy+:MajorMictlantecuhtli

Abyssea - Attohwa

Atma NameEffectDrops from
Atma of the Clawed ButterflyFire Trans FireAccuracy: MajorINT+: Major (+30)Conserve TP: Major Itzpapalotl
Atma of the Desert WormMND+: Major (+20)Earth Trans EarthAccuracy: MajorOccasionally Annuls Magic Damage Taken Ulhuadshi
Atma of the UndyingMND+: SuperiorConserve MP+:MinorIce Trans IceAttack:Minor (+20) Titlacauan
Atma of the Impregnable TowerHP+: SuperiorMagic Accuracy:MajorMagic Critical Hit Damage+:Major Yaanei
Atma of the Smoldering SkyAttack+:MinorMagic Critical Hit Rate+:MajorFire Trans FireAttack+:Major (+30) Smok
Atma of the Demonic SkewerStrength: MinorTP Bonus: MinorOccasionally Nullifies Physical Damage (5% Exclamation) Lusca
Atma of the Golden ClawSkillchain Bonus+:MinorSTR+:Minor Kampe
Atma of the Glutinous OozeMND+:MinorWater Trans WaterAccuracy:Minor Berstuk
Atma of the Lightning BeastFast Cast:MinorSpell Interruption Rate:Minor Maahes
Atma of the Noxious BloomStore TP:MinorWaltz Potency:Minor Nightshade

Abyssea - Misareaux

Atma NameEffectDrops from
Atma of the Gnarled HornAGI+: Major (Game typo, should be Superior) (+50)Critical Hit Rate+: Major (+20%)Counter+: Minor (10%)Sobek
Atma of the Strangling WindSTR+: Minor (+20)VIT+: Minor (+20) AGI+: Major (+30) Amhuluk
Atma of the Deep DevourerSubtle Blow+: Minor (+5)Store TP+: Minor (+5)Song Casting Time-: Major (-20%)Cirein-croin
Atma of the Mounted ChampionVIT+:Superior (+50)Regen:Superior (20 HP/tick)Enmity decrease when taking damage -:Minor Kutharei
Atma of the Razed RuinsDEX+:Superior (+50)Critical Hit Rate:Superior (+30%)Critical Hit Damage:Major (+30%) Ironclad Pulverizer
Atma of the Bludgeoning BruteRegain:Minor (+1)Trans Lightning Resist+:Minor (+50)Trans Water Resist+:Minor (+50) Tristitia
Atma of the Rapid ReptilianTriple Attack+:Minor (5%)Breath Damage Taken-: MajorNehebkau
Atma of the Winged EnigmaHaste+: Minor (1%)Enhances Effects of Rice BallsAvalerion
Atma of the CradleVIT+: Minor (+20)DEX+: Minor (+20) Karkatakam
Atma of the UntouchedCHR+:Minor (+20)Triple Attack: Minor (5%)Nonno

Abyssea - Vunkerl

Atma NameEffectDrops from
Atma of the Sanguine ScytheHP+: Major(20%)Critical Hit Damage:Major (+30%)Enmity+: Minor (+20) Bukhis
Atma of the Tusked TerrorFast Cast: MinorWater Trans WaterAttack: Minor (+20)Water Trans WaterAccuracy: Minor Sedna
Atma of the Minikin MonstrosityRefresh+:Major (10 MP/tick)INT+:Superior (+50)Enmity-:Minor (-20) Durinn
Atma of the Would-Be King"Regain":Minor (10TP/tick)Conserve TP:MinorTP Bonus:Minor Sippoy
Atma of the Blinding HornConserve MP:Minor Lightning Trans LightningAttack:Major (+30)Magic Damage Reduction:Minor Karkadann
Atma of the Demonic LashAttack+:Major"Double Attack"+:MajorOccasionally absorbs magic damage Ketea
Atma of ApparitionsEvasion: Minor Trans Wind Resist+: Major (+50) Seps
Atma of the Shimmering ShellAgility+: Minor Trans Fire Resist+: Major (+50) Xan
Atma of the Murky MiasmaTrans Dark Resist+:Major (+50)Resist Stun+:Major Chhir Batti
Atma of the Avaricious ApeHaste+:MinorEnhances Monster Correlation effectsHanuman

Abyssea - Altepa

Atma NameEffectDrops from
Atma of the Merciless MatriarchMagic Accuracy+: SuperiorFast Cast: Superior(Same elemental magic as weather) Enmity-: SuperiorRani
Atma of the Brother Wolf"Magic Atk. Bonus": Minor"Magic Def. Bonus": MinorTrans Fire Resist+: Superior(100)Orthrus
Atma of the Earth WyrmTrans Earth Resist+: Superior(100)Damage taken-: MinorGain full benefit of Earthsday/earth weather bonusesDragua
Atma of the Ascending OneTrans Wind Resist+: SuperiorHaste+: Major(5%)Enhances "Snapshot" effect: Minor Bennu
Atma of the Scorpion QueenStore TP+: Major (20)Critical Hit Rate+: Minor (10%)Enhances "Resist Bind" effect: Superior Hedjedjet
Atma of a Thousand NeedlesHP+: Major (20%)MP+: Major (20%)DEX+: Minor (10)Cuijatender
Atma of the Burning EffigySTR+: MinorTrans FireWeapon Skill Damage+: MajorGain full benefit of Firesday/fire weather bonuses Brulo
Atma of the Smiting BlowTP Bonus: Superior(2H weapon equipped) Weapon Skill Accuracy+: Superior Ironclad Smiter
Atma of the Lone WolfAttack+: Minor (+20)Trans FireAttack+: Major (+30)Amarok
Atma of the Crimson ScaleHaste+: MinorEnmity-: MinorHazhdiha
Atma of the Scarlet WingElemental Magic Skill+: Major (+10)Gain full benefit of Windsday/wind weather bonuses Ouzelum
Atma of the Raised TailAttack+: MinorEnhances "Resist Paralyze" effect: Superior Shaula
Atma of the Sand EmperorAccuracy+: MajorEvasion+: MajorEmperador de Altepa

Abyssea - Uleguerand

Atma NameEffectDrops from
Atma of the OmnipotentDEX+: SuperiorHaste+: Superior (10%)ExclamationEnmity+: MinorPantokrator
Atma of the War LionDEX+: Minor (+20)Trans Lightning Resist+: SuperiorGain full benefit of Lightningday/lightning weather bonusesApademak
Atma of the Frozen FettersINT+: Minor (+20)Trans Ice Resist+: Superior (+100)Gain full benefit of Iceday/ice weather bonusesIsgebind
Atma of the Plaguebringer"Regen": Minor (+10/tic)"Store TP"+: Major (+20)"Double Attack"+: Minor Resheph
Atma of the Shrieking OneDefense+: Superior"Magic Def. Bonus": MinorConserve TP: MajorEmpousa
Atma of the Holy MountainTrans Light Resist+: SuperiorLight Trans LightAccuracy1+: MajorGain full benefit of Lightsday/light weather bonusesIndrik
Atma of the Lake LurkerMND+: Minor (+20)Trans Water Resist+:SuperiorGain full benefit of Watersday/water weather bonusesOgopogo
Atma of the Crushing CudgelAccuracy+: Minor(2H weapon equipped) Weapon Skill Damage+: MinorIronclad Triturator
Atma of PurgatoryVIT+: MajorINT+: MajorDhorme Khimaira
Atma of Blighted BreathSong Recast Delay-: SuperiorEnhances "Dia" effectKur
Atma of the Persistent Predator"Store TP"+: MajorOccasionally increases TP gained when taking damage (+1 TP) Awahondo
Atma of the Stone God"Subtle Blow"+: MinorEnmity+: MajorBlanga
Atma of the Sun Eater"Store TP"+: MajorConserve TP: Major Yaguarogui

1 In the English version of FFXI, this is mislabeled as Light Trans LightAttack in-game. Light Trans LightAccuracy is the actual effect given. [1]. Japanese/French/German versions display the stat correctly.

Abyssea - Grauberg

Atma NameEffectDrops from
Atma of the DespotCHR+: Superior (50)Occasionally absorbs magic damageSave TP: MajorRaja
Atma of the Solitary OneTriple Attack+: MinorBreath Damage Taken-: MajorEnhances "Zanshin" effect: Minor Alfard
Atma of the Winged GloomEnhances resistance against "Death": Major(HP above 25%) Damage Taken-: Major (25%)(HP above 25%) "Slip Damage": SuperiorAzdaja
Atma of the Sea Daughter"Regain": Superior (5/tic)Slow+: Superior (~13.3%)Daytime: "Regen": Superior (30/tic)Amphitrite
Atma of the Hateful StreamDepending on Day: Magic Accuracy+: MajorDepending on Day: Enhances Elemental MagicDepending on Day: Elemental Weapon Skill Damage+: Minor Fuath
Atma of the Foe FlayerMP+: MinorDaytime: Refresh+: SuperiorAddle+: Superior Fleshflayer Killakriq
Atma of the Endless NightmareMND+: MinorTrans Dark Resist+: Superior (+100 Dark resistance)Gain full benefit of Darksday/dark weather bonusesMaere
Atma of the Sundering SlashAttack+: Minor(2H weapon equipped) "Regain"+: Major (30TP/tick)Ironclad Sunderer
Atma of Entwined SerpentsAttack+: Minor"Double Attack"+: MajorNingishzida
Atma of the Horned BeastAccuracy+: SuperiorEnhances "Resist Petrify" effect: SuperiorDeelgeed
Atma of Aquatic ArdorOccasionally absorbs physical damageOccasionally absorbs magic damage takenMelo Melo
Atma of the Fallen OneINT+: Major (+30)MND+: Major(+30)Teugghia
Atma of Fires and FlaresAGI+: MinorRanged Attack+: Major (+40) Bomblix Flamefinger

Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox

Atma NameEffectDrops from
Atma of the Apocalypse"Triple Attack"+: Superior (15%)Quick Magic (10%)Exclamation"Auto-Reraise (Reraise III)"Shinryu

Synthetic Atma

  • Note: These atma are obtained from Atma Fabricant NPCs in certain Abyssea areas, but they can be used in all Abyssea areas once obtained.

Visions Synthetic Atmas

Atma NameEffectsPrerequisite CompletedCruor Cost
Atma of the Beast KingAttack+:MinorVIT+:Minor Enhances "Beast Killer" Effect:MinorBehemoth or King Behemoth1000
Atma of the KirinAGI+:Major (+40)INT+:Major (+40)Magic Accuracy+:MajorKirin1200
Atma of Hell's GuardianEnhances "Zanshin" effect:Superior (+100%)"Magic Atk. Bonus":Superior (+50)Enhances "Demon Killer" Effect:MinorPandemonium Warden1500
Atma of Luminous WingsSubtle Blow:Superior Enmity-:Superior Occasionally absorbs physical damageAbsolute Virtue1500
Atma of the Dragon Rider"Magic Atk. Bonus":MinorEnhances "Dragon Killer" Effect:Minor (Wyvern) HP+:SuperiorFafnir or Nidhogg or Vrtra or Tiamat or Jormungand or Ouryu1500
Atma of the ImpenetrableBreath Damage Taken-:MajorEnhances "Lizard Killer" effect:MinorRegen+:Major (15HP/tick)Adamantoise or Aspidochelone 1000
Atma of Alpha and OmegaTriple Attack:Major (+10%)Exclamation Attack:Major (+50)HP-:Major (-25%) Proto-Omega1500
Atma of the UltimateMP-:Superior (-25%)"Magic Atk. Bonus":Superior Magic Accuracy+:SuperiorProto-Ultima1500
Atma of the Hybrid BeastDouble Attack+:MinorTriple Attack+:MinorEnhances "Arcana Killer" Effect:MinorCerberus, Khimaira, or HydraExclamation1200

Scars Synthetic Atmas

Atma NameEffectsPrerequisite CompletedCruor Cost
Atma of the HeirMP+:Minor (+5%)Regain:Minor (+5TP/tick)Light Trans LightAccuracy:MinorSan d'Oria Rank Missions1000
Atma of the HeroSTR+:Minor (+10)Critical Hit Damage:MinorRegen:Minor (5 HP/tick)Bastok Rank Missions1000
Atma of the Full MoonINT+:Minor (+10)"Magic Atk. Bonus"+:Minor (+10)Refresh:Minor (5 MP/tic) Windurst Rank Missions1000
Atma of IllusionsMND+:Minor (+10)Enhances Magic Burst:MinorDepending on Day: Enhances Elemental MagicZilart Missions1250
Atma of the BanisherMP+:Major (+5%)Dark Trans DarkAttack:Minor (+10)Dark Trans DarkAccuracy:MinorChains of Promathia Missions1500
Atma of the SellswordSTR+:Minor (+20)Magic Damage Reduction:Minor (+10)Light Trans LightAttack:MinorTreasures of Aht Urhgan Missions1750
Atma of a Future FabulousHaste+:MinorFast Cast+:Minor"Magic Def. Bonus":SuperiorWings of the Goddess Missions2000
Atma of CamaraderieStore TP+:MinorCure Cast Time-:MinorSong Recast Delay-:Minor (-10 sec)WotG San d'Oria Quests1200
Atma of the TruthseekerDEX+:Minor (+20)Trans Dark+:MajorWeapon Skill Accuracy+:MinorWotG Bastok Quests1200
Atma of the Azure SkyMP+:Minor (+5%)Magic Critical Hit Rate:Minor"Blood Pact" Ability Delay:Minor (-10 sec)WotG Windurst Quests1200
Atma of EchoesVIT+:Minor (+20)Depending on day: Magic Accuracy+:MinorDepending on day:Elemental Weapon Skill Damage+:MinorA Crystalline Prophecy1500
Atma of DreadMagic Evasion+:MinorTreasure Hunter+:Minor (+1)Samba Duration-:Minor (+10 sec) A Moogle Kupo d'Etat1500
Atma of AmbitionRefresh+:Minor (5 MP/tick)Fast Cast+:Minor (+10%)ExclamationMovement Speed+:Major (+12.5%)Exclamation A Shantotto Ascension1500

Heroes Synthetic Atmas

Atma NameEffectsPrerequisite CompletedCruor Cost
Atma of the Dark DepthsAGI+:MinorEvasion+:Minor Critical Hit Rate+:Major (+20%)All 4 Salvage areas cleared1500
Atma of the ZenithHP+:Minor (+10%)MP+:Minor (+10%)Damage taken down:Minor Nyzul Isle Investigation1200
Atma of Perfect AttendanceRegen:Minor (+10/tick)Refresh:Minor (+5/tick)Regain:Minor (+1/tick) Clear all 50 Assault missions1500
Atma of the RescuerMagic Defense Bonus+:Minor Fast Cast:Major (+8-10%) Cure Potency+:Minor (+10%) Dynamis - Xarcabard win1500
Atma of NightmaresHaste+:Major (5%)Increases duration of Absorb spells Magic Evasion+:MinorDynamis - Tavnazia win1500
Atma of the EinherjarSTR+:Minor (+20)MND+:Minor (+20) Enhances "Resist Death" Effect:SuperiorOdin's Chamber win1500
Atma of the IlluminatorVIT+:MinorEnhance "Dual Wield" effect:Minor(2H weapon equipped) Attack+:MajorFiat Lux1500
Atma of the BushinHP+:MajorMP+:Major Save TP:MajorMaat's Cap1500
Atma of the Ace Angler(HP below 25%) Regen:Major(HP below 25%) Refresh:SuperiorResistance to status ailments+:Minor Completion of The Rivalry - The Competition1500
Atma of the Master CrafterResist Stun+:MajorEnhances all status effects+:Minor (+10) Movement Speed+:MajorGuild Signboard1000
Atma of IngenuityHP-:MinorMP+:Major"Magic Attack Bonus":MinorCompletion of all Abyssea - Altepa Quests1200
Atma of the Griffon's ClawGreat Sword skill+:Major (+10)Scythe skill+:Major (+10)(2H weapon equipped) Weapon Skill Damage+:MajorExcenmille's Camp: Complete all Quests&Ops(Altepa)*1000
Atma of the Fetching Footpad"Magic Attack Bonus":MinorMagic Critical Hit Damage+:Major"Conserve MP+":SuperiorNanaa Mihgo's Camp: Complete all Quests&Ops(Altepa)*1000
Atma of Undying LoyaltyCHR+:MinorAccuracy+:MajorMagic Accuracy+:Major Volker's Camp: Complete all Quests&Ops(Altepa)*1000
Atma of the Royal LineageHP+:MinorAccuracy+:MinorIncreases Cruor Yield. (+20%)Completion of all Abyssea - Uleguerand Quests 1200
Atma of the Shattering Star(HP Below 25%) VIT+:Superior(HP Below 25%) AGI+:Superior(HP Below 25%) Regain:MajorMaat's Camp: Complete all Quests&Ops(Uleguerand)*1000
Atma of the Cobra CommanderDouble Attack+:Major(HP Above 50%) Slow+:Superior (HP Below 50%) Haste:SuperiorRomaa Mihgo's Camp: Complete all Quests&Ops(Uleguerand)*1000
Atma of Roaring LaughterSTR+:Major (+50)Evasion-:MajorCounter+:Major (12%Exclamation) Zazarg's Camp: Complete all Quests&Ops(Uleguerand)*1000
Atma of the Dark BladeHP+:SuperiorSTR+:Major Damage Taken+:Major Completion of all Abyssea - Grauberg Quests 1200
Atma of the Ducal Guard(Guard) Damage Taken-:Major(HP Below 50%) Damage Taken-:Superior (HP Below 50%) Movement Speed-:SuperiorWolfgang's Camp: Complete all Quests&Ops(Grauberg)*1000
Atma of Harmony"Cure" potency+:Minor (+10%)Enhancing Magic skill+:Major (+10)"Waltz" potency+:Minor (+10%)Cornelia's Camp: Complete all Quests&Ops(Grauberg)*1000
Atma of RevelationsMP+:Minor(HP Below 50%) Refresh:Major(HP Below 50%) Fast Cast+:Superior Tosuka-Porika's Camp: Complete all Quests&Ops(Grauberg)*1000
Atma of the Savior"Enhances all status effects"+:Superior (+30 all stats)"Resistance to all status ailments"+:Superior InformationOccasionally absorbs damage taken. (10% absorb rate) 100% completion of all 9 zones2000

* Might require additional quests or a minimum number of additional quests completed with NPCs outside that particular camp. Exclamation

Atma by Enhancement

HP Atma of the Dark BladeSuperior+40%
Atma of the Ebon HoofSuperior+30%
Atma of the Impregnable TowerSuperior+30%
Atma of the Sanguine ScytheMajor+20%
Atma of a Thousand NeedlesMajor+20%
Atma of the BushinMajor+20%
Atma of the ZenithMinor+10%
Atma of the Royal LineageMinor+10%
MP Atma of AllureSuperior+30%
Atma of a Thousand NeedlesMajor+20%
Atma of the BushinMajor+??%
Atma of IngenuityMajor+??%
Atma of the ZenithMinor+10%
Atma of the Foe FlayerMinor+5%
Atma of the HeirMinor+5%
Atma of the BanisherMinor+5%
Atma of the Azure SkyMinor+5%
Atma of RevelationsMinor+??%
STR Atma of the Voracious VioletSuperior+50
Atma of Roaring LaughterMajor+50
Atma of the Stout ArmMajor+40
Atma of the HarvesterMajor+30
Atma of Baleful BonesMinor+20
Atma of the SellswordMinor+20
Atma of the Golden ClawMinor+??
Atma of the Demonic SkewerMinor+20
Atma of the Strangling WindMinor+20
Atma of the Burning EffigyMinor+??
Atma of the HeroMinor+10
Atma of the EinherjarMinor+20
DEX Atma of the Razed RuinSuperior+50
Atma of the OmnipotentSuperior+50
Atma of the CradleMinor+20
Atma of the War LionMinor+20
Atma of the TruthseekerMinor+20
Atma of a Thousand NeedlesMinor+10
AGI Atma of the Gnarled HornSuperior+50
Atma of the Shattering Star(Below 25% HP)Superior+50
Atma of the KirinMajor+40
Atma of the Savage TigerMajor+30
Atma of the Strangling WindMajor+30
Atma of the Shimmering ShellMinor+??
Atma of Fires and FlaresMinor+??
Atma of the Dark DepthsMinor+??
VIT Atma of the Shattering Star(Below 25% HP)Superior+100
Atma of the Mounted ChampionSuperior+50
Atma of StormbreathMajor+30
Atma of PurgatoryMajor+30
Atma of the AdamantineMinor+20
Atma of the Strangling WindMinor+20
Atma of the CradleMinor+20
Atma of EchoesMinor+20
Atma of the Beast KingMinor+??
Atma of the IlluminatorMinor+??
INT Atma of the Minikin MonstrositySuperior+50
Atma of the KirinMajor+40
Atma of the Clawed ButterflyMajor+30
Atma of the Fallen OneMajor+30
Atma of PurgatoryMajor+20
Atma of the Frozen FettersMinor+20
Atma of the Full MoonMinor+10
MND Atma of the UndyingSuperior+50
Atma of AllureMajor+30
Atma of the Fallen OneMajor+30
Atma of the EinherjarMinor+20
Atma of the Desert WormMajor+20
Atma of the Lake LurkerMinor+20
Atma of the Glutinous OozeMinor+20
Atma of the Endless NightmareMinor+??
Atma of IllusionsMinor+10
CHR Atma of the DespotSuperior+50
Atma of Thrashing TendrilsMajor+30
Atma of the UntouchedMinor+20
Atma of Undying Loyaltyminor+20
Combat SkillsAtmaPotencyAmount
Accuracy Atma of the Horned BeastSuperior+??
Atma of Cloak and DaggerMajor+??
Atma of the Sand EmperorMajor+??
Atma of Undying LoyaltyMajor+??
Atma of the Crushing CudgelMinor+??
Atma of the Royal LineageMinor+??
Attack Atma of the Stout ArmSuperior+50
Atma of Alpha and OmegaSuperior+50
Atma of the StrongholdMajor+40
Atma of the Siren ShadowMajor+40
Atma of the Illuminator(2H weapon equipped)Major+??
Atma of the Baying MoonMajor+30
Atma of the Smoldering Skyminor+??
Atma of the Lone WolfMinor+??
Atma of Entwined SerpentsMinor+??
Atma of the Raised TailMinor+??
Atma of the Sundering SlashMinor+??
Atma of the Beast KingMinor+??
Defense Atma of the Shrieking OneSuperior+50
Atma of the Twin ClawMajor+40
Atma of VicissitudeMajor+40
Atma of the StrongholdMajor+40
Atma of the AdamantineMajor+40
Evasion Atma of Cloak and DaggerMajor+??
Atma of the Siren ShadowMajor+40
Atma of the Sand EmperorMajor+??
Atma of ApparitionsMinor+??
Atma of the Dark DepthsMinor+??
Atma of Roaring LaughterMajor-??
Ranged Attack Atma of the Stout ArmMajor+120
Atma of the DrifterMajor+30
Atma of Fires and FlaresMajor+40
Ranged Accuracy Atma of the DrifterMajor+??
Magic Accuracy Atma of the Merciless MatriarchSuperior+??
Atma of the UltimateSuperior+??
Atma of the HeavensMajor+??
Atma of the Impregnable TowerMajor+??
Atma of the KirinMajor+??
Atma of Undying LoyaltyMajor+??
Atma of the Hateful StreamDepending on day:Major+??
Atma of EchoesDepending on day:Minor+??
Magic Attack Bonus Atma of the UltimateSuperior+50
Atma of Hell's GuardianSuperior+50
Atma of the Baying MoonMajor+30
Atma of the BeyondMajor+30
Atma of the Fetching FootpadMinor+??
Atma of IngenuityMinor+??
Atma of the Full MoonMinor+10
Atma of the Dragon RiderMinor+10
Atma of the Brother WolfMinor+10
Magic Defense Bonus Atma of a Future FabulousSuperior+50
Atma of the Twin ClawMinor+??
Atma of the RescuerMinor+??
Atma of VicissitudeMinor+??
Atma of the Brother WolfMinor+??
Enemy Critical Hit Rate Atma of EternityMinor-??
Critical Hit Rate Atma of the Razed RuinsSuperior+30%
Atma of the Dark DepthsMajor+20%
Atma of the Gnarled HornMajor+20%
Atma of the Scorpion QueenMinor+10%
Atma of Thrashing TendrilsMinor+10%
Critical Hit Damage Atma of the Razed RuinsMajor+30%
Atma of the Sanguine ScytheMajor+30%
Atma of the HeroMinor+??
Special Effect (Melee)AtmaPotencyAmount
Counter Atma of the Gnarled HornMinor+10%
Atma of Roaring LaughterMajor+12%
Conserve TP Atma of the Clawed ButterflyMajor+??
Atma of the Shrieking OneMajor+??
Atma of the Sun EaterMajor+??
Atma of the Would-Be KingMinor+??
Double Attack Atma of the Voracious VioletMajor+5%
Atma of the ImpalerMajor+5%
Atma of the HarvesterMajor+5%
Atma of the Savage TigerMajor+5%
Atma of the Cobra CommanderMajor+10%
Atma of Entwined SerpentsMajor+10%
Atma of the Demonic LashMajor+10%
Atma of the PlaguebringerMinor+5%
Atma of the Hybrid BeastMinor+5%
Triple Attack Atma of the LionMajor+7%
Atma of Alpha and OmegaMajor+10%
Atma of the ApocalypseSuperior+15%
Atma of the Hybrid BeastMinor+4%
Atma of the Rapid ReptilianMinor+4%
Atma of the Solitary OneMinor+5%
Atma of the UntouchedMinor+3%
Haste Atma of the OmnipotentSuperior+10%
Atma of the Ascending OneMajor+5%
Atma of the Winged EnigmaMinor+1%
Atma of a Future FabulousMinor+1%
Store TP Atma of the PlaguebringerMajor+20
Atma of the Scorpion QueenMajor+20
Atma of the Persistent PredatorMajor+17
Atma of the Sun EaterMajor+20
Atma of CamaraderieMinor+10
Atma of DunesMinor+20
Atma of the Noxious BloomMinor+10
Atma of the Deep DevourerMinor+5
Subtle Blow Atma of Luminous WingsSuperior+??
Atma of the Noxious FangMajor+??
Atma of the Deep DevourerMinor+5
Atma of the Stone GodMinor+??
Waltz Potency Atma of HarmonyMinor+10%
Atma of the Noxious BloomMinor+??%
Zanshin Atma of Hell's GuardianSuperior+100%
Atma of the Solitary OneMinor+??%
Special Effect (Magic)AtmaPotencyAmount
Avatar BP Delay Atma of the Azure SkyMinor-10 sec
Conserve MP Atma of the Fetching FootpadSuperior+??
Atma of the Blinding HornMinor+??
Atma of the UndyingMinor+??
Cure Cast Time Atma of CamaraderieMinor-?? sec
Cure Potency Atma of the RescuerMinor+10%
Atma of HarmonyMinor+10%
Fast Cast Atma of the Merciless MatriarchSuperior+7.5%
Atma of the RescuerMajor+8-10%
Atma of Revelations(HP below 50%) Superior+??
Atma of AmbitionMinor+??
Atma of a Future FabulousMinor+??
Atma of the Lightning BeastMinor+??
Atma of the Tusked TerrorMinor+??
Song Casting Time Atma of the Deep DevourerMajor-20%
Song Recast Delay Atma of Blighted BreathSuperior-??
Atma of CamaraderieSuperior-10sec
Spell Interruption Rate Atma of the Lightning BeastMinor-??
Special Effect (General)AtmaPotencyAmount
Treasure HunterAtma of DreadMinor+1
Damage Taken Atma of the Ducal Guard(HP Below 50%)Superior-50%
Atma of the ZenithMinor-10%
Atma of the Earth WyrmMinor-10%
Atma of TremorsMinor-??
Physical Damage Taken Atma of the LionMinor-10%
Atma of the HeavensMinor-10%
Enmity Atma of the Sanguine ScytheMinor+30
Atma of the OmnipotentMinor+??
Atma of the Minikin MonstrosityMajor-20
Atma of AllureMajor-30
Regen Atma of the Sea Daughter(Daytime)Superior30HP/Tick
Atma of the Mounted ChampionMajor20HP/Tick
Atma of VicissitudeMajor15HP/Tick
Atma of the StrongholdMajor15HP/Tick
Atma of the ImpenetrableMajor15HP/Tick
Atma of the PlaguebringerMinor10HP/Tick
Atma of Perfect AttendanceMinor10HP/Tick
Atma of the HeroMinor5HP/Tick
Atma of the Ace Angler(HP below 25%)Major20HP/Tick
Refresh Atma of the StormbirdMinor5MP/Tick
Atma of the Minikin MonstrosityMajor10MP/Tick
Atma of the Foe FlayerDaytime:Superior30MP/Tick
Atma of the Full MoonMinor5MP/Tick
Atma of AmbitionMinor5MP/Tick
Atma of Perfect AttendanceMinor5MP/Tick
Atma of the Ace Angler(HP below 25%)Superior??MP/Tick
Atma of Revelations(HP below 50%)Major??MP/Tick
Regain Atma of the Sea DaughterSuperior50TP/Tick
Atma of the Shattering Star(HP below 25%)Major40TP/Tick
Atma of the Sundering Slash(2H weapon)Major30TP/Tick
Atma of the Voracious VioletMinor20TP/Tick
Atma of the Would-Be KingMinor10TP/Tick
Atma of the Bludgeoning BruteMinor10TP/Tick
Atma of Perfect AttendanceMinor10TP/Tick
Atma of the HeirMinor5TP/Tick
Status ResistanceAtmaPotencyAmount
Resist Bind Atma of the Scorpion QueenSuperior+??
Atma of the ImpalerMajor+??
Resist CharmAtma of the Twin ClawMinor+??
Resist CurseAtma of EternityMajor+??
Resist DeathAtma of the EinherjarSuperior+??
Atma of Cloak and DaggerMinor+??
Atma of the Winged Gloom Major+??
Resist ParalyzeAtma of the HeavensMajor+??
Resist PetrifyAtma of the Horned BeastSuperior+??
Resist SilenceAtma of TremorsMajor+??
Resist SleepAtma of the Ebon HoofSuperior+??
Resist SlowAtma of EternityMajor+??
Elemental ResistanceAtmaPotencyAmount
Trans Dark Atma of the Endless NightmareSuperior+100
Atma of the Murky MiasmaMajor+50
Atma of the TruthseekerMajor+??
Trans Earth Atma of the Earth WyrmSuperior+100
Trans Fire Atma of the Brother WolfSuperior+100
Atma of the Shimmering ShellMajor+50
Trans Ice Atma of the Frozen FettersSuperior+100
Trans Light Atma of the Holy MountainSuperior+100
Trans Lightning Atma of the War LionSuperior+100
Atma of the Bludgeoning BruteMinor+50
Trans Water Atma of the Lake LurkerSuperior+100
Atma of the Bludgeoning BruteMinor+50
Trans Wind Atma of the Ascending OneSuperior+100
Atma of ApparitionsMajor+??
Elemental AttackAtmaPotencyAmount
Dark Trans DarkAttack Atma of the CosmosMajor+40
Atma of the BanisherMinor+10
Earth Trans EarthAttack Atma of the ClawMajor+30
Fire Trans FireAttack Atma of the Smoldering SkyMajor+30
Atma of the Lone WolfMajor+30
Ice Trans IceAttack Atma of the BeyondMajor+30
Atma of the UndyingMinor+20
Light Trans LightAttack Atma of the BeyondMajor+30
Atma of the SellswordMinor+10
Lightning Trans LightningAttack Atma of the LionMajor+30
Atma of the Blinding HornMajor+30
Water Trans WaterAttack Atma of the Noxious FangMajor+40
Atma of the Tusked TerrorMinor+20
Wind Trans WindAttack Atma of GalesMajor+30
Elemental AccuracyAtmaPotencyAmount
Dark Trans DarkAccuracy Atma of Baleful BonesMajor+??
Atma of the BanisherMinor+??
Earth Trans EarthAccuracy Atma of the ClawMajor+??
Atma of the Desert WormMajor+??
Fire Trans FireAccuracy Atma of the Clawed ButterflyMajor+??
Light Trans LightAccuracy Atma of the Holy MountainMajor+??
Atma of the HeirMinor+??
Lightning Trans LightningAccuracy Atma of the StormbirdMajor+??
Water Trans WaterAccuracy Atma of the Glutinous OozeMinor+??
Atma of the Tusked TerrorMinor+??
Wind Trans WindAccuracy Atma of the StormbirdMajor+??
Atma of GalesMajor+??

Atma by HP condition

AtmaHP < 25%HP 25%-50%50% < HP
Atma of the Winged GloomEnhances resistance against "Death" (major,+??)
Damage Taken (-25%), "Slip Damage" (-30HP/tick)
Atma of the Ace AnglerResistance to status ailments (minor,+??)
Regen (+20/tick), Refresh (superior,+??/tick)
Atma of the Shattering StarVIT (+superior), AGI (+superior)
Regain (major,+??/tick)
Atma of the Cobra CommanderDouble Attack (major,+??)
Haste (superior)Slow (superior)
Atma of the Ducal Guard(Guard) Damage Taken (major,-??)
Damage Taken (-50%), Decreases movement speed (superior,-??)
Atma of RevelationsMP (minor,+??)
Refresh (major,+??), Fast Cast (superior,+??)

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