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Assault Missions by Rank[]

Rank Rank Name Leujaoam Sanctum Mamool Ja Training Grounds Lebros Cavern Periqia Ilrusi Atoll Nyzul Isle Next Promotion Quest
PSC Private Second Class Leujaoam Cleansing Imperial Agent Rescue Excavation Duty Seagull Grounded Golden Salvage Nyzul Isle Investigation Promotion: Private First Class
PFC Private First Class Orichalcum Survey Preemptive Strike Lebros Supplies Requiem Lamia No.13 N/A Promotion: Superior Private
SP Superior Private Escort Professor Chanoix Sagelord Elimination Troll Fugitives Saving Private Ryaaf Extermination N/A Promotion: Lance Corporal
LC Lance Corporal Shanarha Grass Conservation Breaking Morale Evade and Escape Shooting Down the Baron Demolition Duty N/A Promotion: Corporal
C Corporal Counting Sheep The Double Agent Siegemaster Assassination Building Bridges Searat Salvation N/A Promotion: Sergeant
S Sergeant Supplies Recovery Imperial Treasure Retrieval Apkallu Breeding Stop the Bloodshed Apkallu Seizure N/A Promotion: Sergeant Major
SM Sergeant Major Azure Experiments Blitzkrieg Wamoura Farm Raid Defuse the Threat Lost and Found N/A Promotion: Chief Sergeant
CS Chief Sergeant Imperial Code Marids in the Mist Egg Conservation Operation: Snake Eyes Deserter N/A Promotion: Second Lieutenant
SL Second Lieutenant Red Versus Blue Azure Ailments Operation: Black Pearl Wake the Puppet Desperately Seeking Cephalopods N/A Promotion: First Lieutenant
FL First Lieutenant Bloody Rondo The Susanoo Shuffle Better Than One The Price is Right Bellerophon's Bliss N/A Promotion: Captain
Captain Captain N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Assault Missions by Area[]

Leujaoam Sanctum[]

Staging Point: Azouph Isle Staging Point in Caedarva Mire (K-9)
Assault Mission Giver: Yahsra in Aht Urhgan Whitegate L-9/10
Fireflies: Azouph Fireflies


Name Rank Recommended Level Points Objective Description
Leujaoam Cleansing PSC 50 1000 (max) Remove all threats General Afkaam is to inspect Leujaoam Sanctum. Destroy all creatures in the area that may pose a threat to the general.
Orichalcum Survey PFC 50 1200 (max) Discover orichalcum ore There is a rumor that orichalcum ore has been discovered in Leujaoam Sanctum. Find the ore vein before the beastmen do.
Escort Professor Chanoix SP 60 1100 (max) Protect the professor A long-haired marid has been found frozen in the eternal ice of Leujaoam Sanctum. Escort Professor Clavauert B Chanoix to the site of the discovery.
Shanarha Grass Conservation LC 50 1333 (max) Protect the vegetation Rabbits are sending shanarha grass, unique to the Leujaoam Sanctum, to the verge of extinction. Drive away the rabbits and protect the vegetation.
Counting Sheep C 60 1166 (max) Buy black sheep The Imperial Army on the eastern front is being hit by a peculiar cold wave, and warm uniforms are in short supply. Buy as many sheep as you can from the markets in Leujaoam and save the troops.
Supplies Recovery S 70 1000 (max) Retrieve the supplies A logistics unit headed to the front lines of the war with the Far East was attacked and their supplies were stolen. The enemy then fled toward Leujaoam Sanctum. An Immortals unit will also join in the recovery.
Azure Experiments SM 70 1000 (max) Become a test subject The Imperial alchemists have developed various tissues to graft onto and strengthen the bodies of the Immortals, but they need test subjects for clinical experiments. Go lend your assistance.
Imperial Code CS 70 1333 (max) Retrieve the OGMA The Empire's mercury cipher (OGMA) has been stolen by a group of Far Eastern spies. With it, our enemies will be able to decrypt top-secret military orders, thus severely compromising Imperial safety. You are to intercept the enemy as they transport the device.
Red Versus Blue SL 70 1666 Defeat Raubahn Joint battle exercises are to be carried out between the Immortals (blue) and the Inexorables (red). You have been assigned to assist the red team. The first side to defeat the leader of the other will be declared victor.
Bloody Rondo FL 70 1500 (always) Defeat the count After years of quietly defying Imperial rule, the recluse Count Dracula has recently begun preparations for an assault on Al Zahbi. Infiltrate the Leujaoam Sanctum, locate the count, and slay him before he can execute his plans.


Item Assault Pts
Stoic Earring 3,000
Unfettered Ring 5,000
Tempered Chain 8,000
Potent Belt 10,000
Item Assault Pts
Miraculous Cape 10,000
Yigit Bulawa 15,000
Imperial Bhuj 15,000
Pahluwan Patas 15,000
Item Assault Pts
Amir Kolluks 20,000
Pahluwan Qalansuwa 20,000
Yigit Seraweels 20,000

Mamool Ja Training Grounds[]

Staging Point: Mamool Ja Staging Point in Bhaflau Thickets (map 2 H-11)
Assault Mission Giver: Isdebaaq in Aht Urhgan Whitegate L-9/10
Fireflies: Bhaflau Fireflies


Name Rank Recommended Level Points Objective Description
Imperial Agent Rescue PSC 60 1100 Rescue the agent An agent sent to spy on the secret training grounds of the Mamool Ja has been captured. Rescue him before he is interrogated for Imperial secrets.
Preemptive Strike PFC 60 1000 Destroy the assassins A unit of Mamool Ja soldiers is training in assassination techniques. Destroy them before they can become a threat to the Empress.
Sagelord Elimination SP 70 1200 Defeat Sagelord Molaal Ja Sagelord Molaal Ja is visiting the training grounds to oversee the progress of the soldiers. His elimination would sow chaos and confusion in the Mamool Ja ranks.
Breaking Morale LC 60 1333 (max) Steal the supplies Scouts report that the new Mamool Ja soldiers have received supplies from their families. Destroy Mamool Ja morale by stealing these supplies while being careful to remain undetected.
The Double Agent C 70 1200 (max) Apprehend the spy There is a double agent among the Imperial Qiqirn spies in the Mamool Ja Training Grounds. Find him before he puts the other spies in danger.
Imperial Treasure Retrieval S 50 Recover the treasure A puk recently stole a treasure box containing enchanted gems from the royal treasury. The gems were then given to Mamool Ja officers as a reward for duty. Find and retrieve the treasure.
Blitzkrieg SM 70 1533(max?) Annihilate the enemy After shedding their skins, the Mamool Ja gather for a festival to celebrate their new scales and dance until exhausted. This is a prime opportunity to catch them off guard!
Marids in the Mist CS 70 1333 Neutralize the marids Our agents have informed us that the Mamool Ja have been training marids to use during sieges on the Empire. You are to locate these deadly beasts and capture or eliminate them before it's too late.
Azure Ailments SL 70 1000 Gather pathological data To protect against an outbreak of the dreaded kraken flu, data is required on the effects of the disease. Healthy volunteers are wanted to travel to the Mamool Ja Training Grounds and collect important supplies.
The Susanoo Shuffle FL 70 1500 (always) Defeat Orochi In an attempt to strengthen their bonds with the Mamool Ja, an eastern nation has provided the beastmen with a new biologically engineered hydra hybrid known as Orochi. You are to infiltrate the training grounds and eliminate the new threat


Item Assault Pts
Antivenom Earring 3,000
Ebullient Ring 5,000
Enlightened Chain 8,000
Spectral Belt 10,000
Item Assault Pts
Bullseye Cape 10,000
Storm Tulwar 15,000
Imperial Neza 15,000
Storm Tabar 15,000
Item Assault Pts
Amir Boots 20,000
Pahluwan Seraweels 20,000
Yigit Gages 20,000

Lebros Cavern[]

Staging Point: Halvung Staging Point in Mount Zhayolm (K-6)
Assault Mission Giver: Famad in Aht Urhgan Whitegate L-9/10
Fireflies: Zhayolm Fireflies


Name Rank Recommended Level Points Objective Description
Excavation Duty PSC 50 1100 Remove the obstructions The Imperial Army plans to traverse Lebros Cavern as part of their attack on Halvung, however the tunnels are blocked with rocks. You must remove the obstructions.
Lebros Supplies PFC 60 1200 Deliver the provisions An advance unit sent into Lebros Cavern has met heavy resistance and is in need of reprovisioning. Your mission is to deliver rations to each member of the advance unit.
Troll Fugitives SP 70 1000 Destroy the Troll fugitives The remnants of a Troll army that clashed with Imperial forces has taken refuge within Lebros Cavern. Hunt down the fugitives and prevent them from regrouping.
Evade and Escape LC 70 1000 Discover alternate route The unit deployed within Lebros Cavern is in danger of being overwhelmed by the well-positioned enemy. Discover an alternate route so they can retreat in safety.
Siegemaster Assassination C 70 1100 Assassinate Borgerlur The Trolls have recruited Borgerlur, a siege specialist from central Aradjiah. The Empire cannot allow him to take control of the Troll army. Find and eliminate Borgerlur as he travels through Lebros Cavern.
Apkallu Breeding S 60 1300(max) Match the apkallu Due to their intelligence and ability to travel through both water and on land, the rare Lebros Apkallu is prized by the navy as a messenger bird. Help increase their numbers by pairing them up.
Wamoura Farm Raid SM 70 1166 Remove the threat The enemy has begun raising swarms of wamoura in the Lebros Caverns. If they reach adulthood, they would present a formidable threat. Infiltrate the Lebros Caverns and destroy them.
Egg Conservation CS 70 1333 Drive out the hunters There have been reports that Qiqirn hunters have been collecting the eggs of our army's messenger apkallus. You are to join forces with the male apkallus in the area and eliminate the invading Qiqirn while protecting the females and their eggs.
Operation: Black Pearl SL 70 1400 Rescue Princess Kadjaya A ship carrying Princess Kadjaya of the Imperial family back from a diplomatic mission to the West has run aground near the Lebros Cavern. You are to find the survivors and escort them to safety.
Better Than One FL 70 1500 (always) Defeat Black Shuck Recently there have been multiple reports of a three-headed beast attacking traders en route to Al Zahbi. You are to travel to its rumored lair in the Lebros Cavern and slay the monster.


Item Assault Pts
Insomnia Earring 3,000
Hale Ring 5,000
Chivalrous Chain 8,000
Precise Belt 10,000
Item Assault Pts
Intensifying Cape 10,000
Doombringer 15,000
Imperial Pole 15,000
Sayosamonji 15,000
Item Assault Pts
Amir Korazin 20,000
Pahluwan Dastanas 20,000
Yigit Crackows 20,000


Staging Point: Dvucca Isle Staging Point in Caedarva Mire (Dvucca Isle map I-9)
Assault Mission Giver: Lageegee in Aht Urhgan Whitegate L-9/10
Fireflies: Dvucca Fireflies


Name Rank Recommended Level Points Objective Description
Seagull Grounded PSC 70 1100 Escort the prisoner The Immortals have captured a member of the Seagull Phratrie, a rebel organization. You are to escort the prisoner safely to a holding area.
Requiem PFC 70 1000 Destroy the undead An Immortal has reported the existence of a large force of undead soldiers. Destroy these undead minions before they can organize an attack on the Empire.
Saving Private Ryaaf SP 70 1100 Find the survivors A squad sent in to search for the Seagull Phratrie hideout has failed to report. Find any survivors, especially one Private Ryaaf, a relative of the Galeserpent General.
Shooting Down the Baron LC 60 1100 Eliminate the Black Baron An imp known as the Black Baron has hit Periqia like a meteor strike, single-handedly defeating 79 Imperial soldiers. The empire cannot suffer any more losses. It is time for the Baron to meet his end.
Building Bridges C 70 1200 Activate the bridge Thanks to the enemy destroying a bridge along the path of their attack, the unit assaulting Periqia is at an impasse. Find and activate the backup bridge mechanism rumored to be hidden in the area.
Stop the Bloodshed S 50 1000 Exterminate the chigoes The Lamiae are preparing to release swarms of chigoes in Al Zahbi to collect blood samples. Destroy the chigoes and thwart their plan.
Defuse the Threat SM 60 1600 (max) Clear the mine fields The Lamiae have hired Qiqirn demolition experts to set land mines in Periqia. You must eliminate this hazard for the soldiers.
Operation: Snake Eyes CS 70 1333 Locate the generals Generals Karazahm and Umarid of the Imperial Army's Arrapago division have disappeared from camp headquarters while on a mission on Sharug Isle. There is a high possibility that the two have been kidnapped by members of the Undead Swarm.
Wake the Puppet SL 70 1200 Retrieve the Mark-IIs During a previous mission to eradicate the Undead Swarm presence from Periqia, the Imperial forces were forced to abandon several Mark-II automatons upon their retreat. You are to infiltrate the area, locate the machines, and aid in their return to Al Zahbi.
The Price is Right FL 70 1500 (always) Assassinate King Goldemar Intelligence reports that the dvergr king, Goldemar, is planning the sale of forbidden magicked weapons to the area's beastmen factions. You are to locate the king and eliminate him before the deal is made.


Item Assault Pts
Vision Earring 3,000
Unyielding Ring 5,000
Fortified Chain 8,000
Resolute Belt 10,000
Item Assault Pts
Bushido Cape 10,000
Khanjar 15,000
Imperial Gun 15,000
Hotarumaru 15,000
Item Assault Pts
Amir Puggaree 20,000
Pahluwan Crackows 20,000
Yigit Gomlek 20,000

Ilrusi Atoll[]

Staging Point: Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point in Arrapago Reef (Map 2 G-5)
Assault Mission Giver: Bhoy Yhupplo in Aht Urhgan Whitegate L-9/10
Fireflies: Reef Fireflies


Name Rank Recommended Level Points Objective Description
Golden Salvage PSC 60 1100 Recover the figurehead Rumor has it that the golden figurehead from the Black Coffin, the ship of Luzaf the pirate, can be found somewhere within Ilrusi Atoll.
Lamia No.13 PFC 70 1200 Eliminate Lamia No.13 Your mission is to hunt down Lamia No.13, a fearsome creature known to have performed vile experiments on the countless corpses of her enemies.
Extermination SP 70 1100 Exterminate all monsters The vermin feasting on the corpses left behind by the Lamiae have multiplied to unnatural numbers. Destroy this threat to the surrounding ecology.
Demolition Duty LC 50 1000 (max?) Demolish the shipwrecks A confidential report states that corsairs are secretly collecting the remains of shipwrecks on the Ilrusi Atoll. Use the automaton issued to you by the on-site engineer to demolish these shipwrecks.
Searat Salvation C 60 1166 (max) Save the Qiqirn divers Qiqirn divers assigned the duty of demolishing wrecks on the Ilrusi Atoll have run into a problem with the local wildlife. Lead them back to safety before they decide to abandon their work.
Apkallu Seizure S 60 1000 Capture the apkallu Famous biologist Professor Clavauert is researching apkallu on Ilrusi Atoll. The more discoveries he makes in Aht Urhgan, the more likely he is to join the Empire. Assist him by capturing apkallu.
Lost and Found SM 60 1000 Find the ring The Empress's uncle Bashalab visited Ilrusi Atoll in secret and lost his ring, the "Eye of Zahak." Escort the royal family's hired agent through Ilrusi Atoll and find his lost ring.
Deserter CS 70 1000 Locate the agents Agents of our Anti-Corsair Task Force have gone AWOL and are hiding somewhere in Ilrusi. Your mission is to swiftly disarm the deviants and take them into custody. All information on these criminals is highly classified and any disclosure of their identity is strictly prohibited.
Desperately Seeking Cephalopods SL 70 1000 Collect ahtapot To increase production of special nighttime camouflage, the Imperial marines require large quantities of a secretion from a rare cephalopod known as the ahtapot, found in the Ilrusi Atoll.
Bellerophon's Bliss FL 70 1500 (always) Defeat Khimaira 14X Troll mercenary leader Martial Maestro Megomak has completed his newest creation, the Khimaira 14X, and taken it to the Ilrusi Atoll for combat testing. You are to locate the abomination and exterminate it.


Item Assault Pts
Velocity Earring 3,000
Garrulous Ring 5,000
Grandiose Chain 8,000
Hurling Belt 10,000
Item Assault Pts
Invigorating Cape 10,000
Storm Fife 15,000
Imperial Kaman 15,000
Storm Zaghnal 15,000
Item Assault Pts
Amir Dirs 20,000
Pahluwan Khazagand 20,000
Yigit Turban 20,000

Nyzul Isle[]

Staging Point: Nyzul Isle Staging Point in Alzadaal Undersea Ruins (Nyzul Isle map K-8/9)
Assault Mission Giver: Sorrowful Sage in Aht Urhgan Whitegate L-9
Fireflies: Undersea Ruins Fireflies


Name Rank Recommended Level Points Objective Description
Nyzul Isle Investigation PSC 75 N/A Complete on-site objectives You are to scout out the remnants before the A.A.R.I. sends an official research team. No rewards are offered for these unofficial missions.

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