Artifact Weapons are job-specific weapons gained from completion of a quest that forms part of a chain that gives some background into the job itself, eventually resulting in obtaining the job's Artifact Armor.

Aside from Puppetmaster, Scholar, Geomancer and Rune Fencer, each job's artifact weapon can be obtained at level 40, though some require level 41, 42 or 43 to equip.

Puppetmaster and Scholar do not have artifact weapons; instead comparable quests result in obtaining the 17858.png Turbo Animator RareExclusive and the 06058.png Klimaform RareExclusive spell respectively.

Geomancer and Rune Fencer's artifact weapons can be obtained at level 90, though require level 99 to equip.

Artifact Weapons can be stored with a Porter Moogle using 29315.png Storage Slip 04 RareExclusive.

Job Weapon Quest
WAR 16678.png Razor Axe RareExclusive The Doorman
MNK 17478.png Beat Cesti RareExclusive Ghosts of the Past
WHM 17422.png Blessed Hammer RareExclusive Messenger from Beyond
BLM 17426.png Casting Wand RareExclusive The Three Magi
RDM 16829.png Fencing Degen RareExclusive The Crimson Trial
THF 16764.png Marauder's Knife RareExclusive The Tenshodo Showdown
PLD 17643.png Honor Sword RareExclusive Sharpening the Sword
DRK 16798.png Raven Scythe RareExclusive Dark Legacy
BST 16680.png Barbaroi Axe RareExclusive Wings of Gold
BRD 16766.png Paper Knife RareExclusive Painful Memory
RNG 17188.png Sniping Bow RareExclusive Sin Hunting
NIN 17771.png Anju RareExclusive
17772.png Zushio RareExclusive
20 in Pirate Years
SAM 17812.png Magoroku RareExclusive The Sacred Katana
DRG 16887.png Peregrine RareExclusive A Craftsman's Work
SMN 17532.png Kukulcan's Staff RareExclusive The Puppet Master
BLU 17717.png Immortal's Scimitar RareExclusive Beginnings
COR 18702.png Trump Gun RareExclusive Equipped for All Occasions
PUP - -
DNC 19203.png War Hoop RareExclusive The Unfinished Waltz
SCH - -
GEO 21461.png Filiae Bell RareExclusive
21124.png Dowser's Wand RareExclusive
For Whom the Bell Tolls
RUN 20776.png Beorc Sword RareExclusive Forging New Bonds

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