Ancient Currency is a catch-all term for currency used by the races of Altana before the institution of Gil. This currency can still be obtained from Dynamis areas.

There are three types of Ancient Currency, one for each nation—Byne Bills for Bastok, "Pieces" (coins) for San d'Oria, Shells for Windurst. Each is available in (and can be converted among) three denominations: 1-unit, 100-unit, 10,000-unit. All types and denominations are stackable to 99.

1-unit and 100-unit Currency may be found in the Dynamis associated with the Currency's nation; all three types of 1-unit and 100-unit Currency may be found in Dynamis - Jeuno, Dynamis - Beaucedine, and Dynamis - Xarcabard; 10,000-unit Currency is claimed to be a rare drop from the Dynamis Lord (boss of Dynamis - Xarcabard), though this is largely unconfirmed. Exchange is usually necessary for obtaining a 10,000-unit Currency.

(There are also Ancient Beastcoins, which are assumed to be Ancient Currency once used by Beastmen. They are found in Limbus areas and are not directly associated with currency found in Dynamis.)

Following the "Union" update, it is now also possible to get Ancient Currency from Campaign Battles. This currency is dropped at random from the Union Coffers that appear after a battle has ended.


Ancient Currency is primarily used to upgrade Relic Weapons, the base versions of which can also be found in Dynamis. The main NPC for upgrading Relic Weapons is the Goblin Switchstix, who can be found in Castle Zvahl Baileys.

Ancient Currency can also be traded to three other Goblin NPCs found in three separate Beastman "home" areas, each near its entrance:

Goblin Location Currency Conversion
Haggleblix Beadeaux, (E-7) 100 Byne Bill
Lootblox Davoi, (J-7) Montiont Silverpiece
Antiqix Castle Oztroja, (F-8) Lungo-Nango Jadeshell

(Note: These are the same NPCs from which you buy a Timeless Hourglass Prismatic Hourglass for entry into Dynamis.) They offer various items (used mainly in high-level crafting) in exchange for certain amounts of 100-unit Ancient Currency. In addition, they are able to:

  • Exchange 100 1-unit Currencies of one type for a single 100-unit Currency of the same type
  • Exchange 100 100-unit Currencies of one type for a single 10,000-unit Currency of the same type
  • Exchange a single 10,000-unit Currency of one type for 100 100-unit Currencies of the same type

Exchanging Ancient Currency can be important for Relic Weapon questing as well as inventory, since Switchstix will only accept certain types of Currency for certain commissions. Later, a single 10,000-unit Currency will also be required for the upgrade to each weapon's final stage.

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