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Ambuscade is a instanced dungeon battlefield in which players team up against the monster-of-the-month.

Getting Started

First, activate the Records of Eminence quest Stepping into an Ambuscade, then talk to Gorpa-Masorpa at Mhaura (G-9). To enter any Ambuscade battlefield all players in the party will need a Key Item. KeyItem.png Ambuscade Primer Volume One grants entry to Intense Ambuscade, a more challenging encounter. KeyItem.png Ambuscade Primer Volume Two grants entry to Normal Ambuscade, a step down in technical difficulty. "Intense" and "Normal" not only describe the relative challenge of the two battlefields, but alter the final rewards on completion.

Obtaining Key Items

You obtain the Key Items with Records of Eminence quests. There are two different quests per Key Item to activate: a non-repeatable daily quest, and a repeatable quest. The Daily objectives for both Volume 1 and Volume 2 require one experience-yielding monster be killed of the specified type. The repeatable objective for Volume 1 requires one kill, while Volume 2 requires ten.

  • Monsters in Dynamis and Abyssea zones are not counted for any Ambuscade objectives.

The Ambuscade Tome

Once everyone in the party has the Primer key items, the party leader then registers the party at the Ambuscade Tome right next to Gorpa-Masorpa. At registration you choose the difficulty level of the selected Ambuscade type and inscribe your name into the tome, assigning you a number. Inscribing your name in the Ambuscade Tome gives you a page number. Page numbers are called in a zone-wide system message "Page ### of the tome flares up!" and the party leader can interact again with the Tome to enter the battlefield. The Tome also has an option to auto-transport your party to the battlefields as soon as your number is announced.

  • Your Key Item is lost upon completion of a successful battle.


Successful completion of an Ambuscade battlefield rewards two forms of currency: Hallmarks and Gallantry. Hallmarks earned vary with the Key Item used to enter the battlefield and the selected difficulty level. Gallantry earned is based on the Key Item, Difficulty and the total number of party members, excluding Trusts. Solo players do not earn Gallantry. Using an 06500.png Abdhaljs Seal will triple the currency rewards for a single win.
  • Hallmarks, Total Hallmarks, and Gallantry are reset to zero every monthly content update.

Ambuscade Primer Volume One

Intense Ambuscade

Difficulty Hallmarks
Gallantry Earned
2~6 members
Very Difficult 3600 300 ~ 1500
Difficult 2400 240 ~ 1200
Normal 1200 180 ~ 900
Easy 600 80 ~ 400
200 20 ~ 100

Ambuscade Primer Volume Two

Regular Ambuscade

Difficulty Hallmarks
Gallantry Earned
2~6 members
Very Difficult 300 30 ~ 150
Difficult 250 25 ~ 125
Normal 200 20 ~ 100
Easy 150 15 ~ 75
100 10 ~ 50

Redeeming Hallmarks and Gallantry

Spend your accumulated Hallmarks and Gallantry with Gorpa-Masorpa, who offers a limited stock of rewards that is reset at every monthly content update, usually around the first or second Thursday of each month. Both Hallmarks and Gallantry are reset to 0 upon each monthly update.

Ambuscade rewards are organized into materials used to reforge REMA weaponry, Skirmish Stones, JSE Capes and materials used to augment them, and Vouchers and Tokens redeemable for Ambuscade Armor and the materials required to upgrade it.

REMA Reforging Materials

The full list of REMA Materials purchasable with Hallmarks is always available.

REMA Materials purchased with Gallantry are available on a rotating schedule.

  • Empyrean weapon materials are available January, April, July, and October.
  • Relic weapon materials are available February, May, August, and November.
  • Mythic/Ergon weapon materials are available March, June, September, and December.

Skirmish Stones

+2 Skirmish Stones are available every month, purchasable only with Hallmarks. Each stone costs 200 Hallmarks, up to a limit of 10 of each type.

JSE Capes

You can buy up to one cape per job for 500 Hallmarks each.

The materials for augmenting these capes can be bought with either Hallmarks or Gallantry, with different prices and stock limits.

Ambuscade Armor

Hallmarks can be used to purchase coupons good for 1 NQ piece of equipment, rotating between Tokens and Vouchers every month. Gallantry can be used to purchase coupons good for 1 HQ piece of equipment, rotating between Tokens and Vouchers every month.

The special materials 09270.png Abdhaljs Metal and 09271.png Abdhaljs Fiber are used to upgrade NQ armor to HQ, and HQ armor to HQ+2 armor. These materials are available either for Hallmarks or Gallantry.

Total Hallmarks

This special tally of total accumulated Hallmarks is used to obtain items and equipment from a special menu. Once an item is redeemed, it disappears. Total Hallmarks are not consumed, but represent an ever filling pool that grants access to more expensive rewards from this list:

July 2022

Volume 1: Goblins

The gimmicks of this fight all revolve around enemy proximity to each other and the visible auras this gives them. Auras on the main foes can power up the traditional Goblin Bomb to lethal damage levels. The Don will summon one of two assistants at random to throw a supercharged bomb at fixed member (usually the White Mage) of the group.

Encountered Foes

  • Bozzetto Don - RDM.
  • Bozzetto Ravager - WAR.
  • Bozzetto Deathbringer - DRK.
  • Bozzetto Incanter - BLM.
  • Furious Bozzetto Bomber: Summoned by the Don periodically throughout the fight. Runs right at your white mage (if one is alive), throws a bomb, then despawns. If it cannot find a player controlled white mage to target, it will run at the nearest Black Mage[1], Red Mage, or Geomancer.[2][3][4]
  • Baby Bomber: Summoned by the Don periodically throughout the fight. Only appears on Difficult and higher. Same behavior as the Furious Bozzetto Bomber, but uses a different ability. There is no way to predict if you will get a Baby or Furious Bozzetto Bomber.

The fight ends when all enemies are defeated.

Difficulty Settings

The Difficulty Setting determines which foes are present, and the behavior of the Bomber foes and the damage dealt by Bomber abilities. Also controls the timers of when Bombers appear. No Bombers will appear for the first 15 seconds after engaging on any difficulty.

Very Difficult:

  • Don, Ravager, Deathbringer, Incanter.
  • Bombers every 20 seconds.


  • Don, Ravager, Deathbringer
  • Bombers every 30 seconds.

Very Easy to Normal:

  • Don, Ravager, Deathbringer
  • Bombers every 50 seconds.

Battle Mechanics

Passive Traits
All Foes:

  • High Dark Elemental resistance. Difficult to land dark-based Sleeps and Dispels. The Incanter is susceptible to Sleep and Lullaby.
  • All goblins use their TP moves in sync with each other.
  • When any goblin is within 20' of any other goblin (except the Bombers), they will gain a visible glowing aura that reduces their damage taken by 50% (90% for the don). This aura unlocks the use of a powered-up Bomb Toss.
    • The Incanter does not grant an aura to nearby goblins, and does not gain an aura.
    • This aura also grants a 100TP/tick Regain.
    • With the aura off, each Goblin deals 50% of normal damage.


  • Immune to sleep.
  • Double Attack and Counter.


  • Immune to sleep.
  • Very high attack speed.[5] Possibly has permanent Multi-Strikes effect.


  • Susceptible to Gravity, silence and sleeps. Comes in handy during hate resets.
  • Permanent En-Stun on melee attacks.
  • As the Don's HP decreases, the Incanter has an increasing chance of spontaneously shedding its status ailments like Sleep or silence:
Bozzetto Don HP
"Bozzetto Incanter"
Status Ailment
Removal Chance
90% 10%
70% 30%
50% 50%
30% 70%
10% 90%

Furios Bozzetto Bomber and Baby Bomber:

  • Ignore all enmity.
  • Die when the Don dies.

Abilities Used
All Foes:

  • Standard Chains of Promathia era Goblin TP moves including Smokebomb, Paralysis Shower, Frypan, Crispy Candle, and Goblin Rush.
  • Bomb Toss (No Aura): Does a small amount of AOE damage to nearby targets.
  • Bomb Toss (Aura): A powered-up version which deals damage to all foes in range depending on the current Difficulty setting:
    • Very Easy: Information.png
    • Easy: 750 damage
    • Normal~Difficult: 1500 damage.
    • Very Difficult: 2000 damage.


  • Chainspell: Used once. During Chainspell, the Don will perform no TP moves and cast only Ancient Magic. If silenced, will continue to use its usual TP moves.
    • The Don's magic damage increases by during Chainspell depending on the difficulty.[6]
      • Normal: 5%
      • Difficult: 10%
      • Very Difficult: 15%
  • Summon Ally: From Very Easy to Normal, always summons a Furious Bozzetto Bomber. On Difficult and higher, randomly summons a Baby Bomber, instead.




  • Manafont: used once. If silenced, will continue to use its usual TP moves.
  • Goblin Dice: Random effect + hate reset within a short range.

Baby Bomber:

  • Blasting Bomb: Difficult and higher only. Deals a base amount of damage multiplied to the number of targets hit in a small radius Exclamation.gif . Base damage is 1500. 5 second windup.

Furious Bozzetto Bomber:

  • Dirty Bomb: Deals a base amount of damage divided by the number of targets hit in a small radius (less than 10'). 5 second windup. The base damage dealt is determined by the Difficulty setting
    • Very Easy: 1500 / number of targets hit
    • Easy: 2400 / number of targets hit Exclamation.gif
    • Normal: 3600 / number of targets hit
    • Difficult: 4800 / number of targets hit
    • Very Difficult: 6000 / number of targets hit

Spells Cast:



  • V-tier single target and III-tier AOE elemental magic.

Where to get your Primer:

  • Newton Movalpolos - Near Home Point #1. 16 minute respawns.
  • Bibiki Bay - Take the Unity Concord warp (content level 119). High level gobs all along the western edge of the map.
  • Cape Teriggan - Gobs scattered throughout the southern half of the zone. Take the survival guide or Unity Concord (content level 128) warp.

Volume 2: Vermin

Encountered Foes

  • Februus. Formiceros-type Antlion.
  • Antlion Whelp. Summoned as Februus loses health. Max 3 at once.
  • Buzzing Fly. Summoned as Februus loses health. Max 2 at once.

Defeat Februus to win

Enemy details

  • Weak to wind elemental magic damage. Uses Sandpit, Mandibular Bite, Sand Blast, Quake Blast, Corrosive Spray (front AOE Defense Down and Magic Defense Down), and Gravity Pull (AOE damage divided evenly among affected targets, minor draw-in). Takes reduced damage when adds are out. Takes additional damage the more adds you defeat.

Antlion Whelp:

  • 320 Attack Delay
  • ~5000HP each on Difficult.
  • Uses Pit Ambush and Sandpit

Buzzing Fly

  • 320 Attack Delay
  • Same amount of health as the Whelps. Vulnerable to piercing damage and fire elemental magic damage.
  • Uses Swarmsong (AOE silence) and Cursed Sphere.

Where to get your Primer:

Version Update History

  • April 2016. Added to the game
  • May 2016. Badges of Gallantry added.
  • July 2016. Abdhaljs Dye added.
  • August 2016. New battlefield music. Feedback given during JSE cape augmentation improved. Ambuscade foes now take less damage if they're the secondary target of AOE elemental magic.
  • September 2016. Ambuscade vouchers added.
  • January 2017. Abdhaljs Seals added.
  • March 2017. Ambuscade Tokens added.
  • April 2017. Abdhaljs Metal added.
  • September 2017. Volume 1 foes HP increased (Easy: 2x. Normal~VD: 3x). XP/CP, Hallmarks, and Gallantry rewards increased accordingly.
  • October 2017. Abdhaljs Fiber added.
  • April 2018. Abdhaljs Resin added. Augmenting capes made much simpler.
  • November 2018. Stage 1-2 ambuscade weapons added. Cape tokens added.
  • December 2018. Stage 3 ambuscade weapons added.
  • January 2019. Volume 2 battlefield Hallmark/Gallantry rewards incrased.
  • February 2019. Stage 4 ambuscade weapons added.
  • March 2019. Stage 5 ambuscade weapons added.
  • August 2019. Second Ambuscade battlefield added.
  • November 2020. Records of Eminence Tutorial "Repelling an Ambuscade" added to Mentor requirements.
  • August 2022. Exemplar points are no longer earned or lost in Ambuscade battlefields.


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