Ambuscade is a instanced dungeon battlefield in which players team up against the monster-of-the-month.

Getting Started

First, activate the Records of Eminence quest Stepping into an Ambuscade, then talk to Gorpa-Masorpa at Mhaura (G-9Mhaura.png). To enter any Ambuscade battlefield all players in the party will need a Key Item. Key Item Ambuscade Primer Volume One grants entry to Intense Ambuscade, a more challenging encounter. Key Item Ambuscade Primer Volume Two grants entry to Normal Ambuscade, a step down in technical difficulty. "Intense" and "Normal" not only describe the relative challenge of the two battlefields, but alter the final rewards on completion.

Obtaining Key Items

You obtain the Key Items with Records of Eminence quests. There are two different quests per Key Item to activate: a non-repeatable daily quest, and a repeatable quest. The Daily objectives for both Volume 1 and Volume 2 require one experience-yielding monster be killed of the specified type. The repeatable objective for Volume 1 requires one kill, while Volume 2 requires ten.

  • Monsters in Dynamis and Abyssea zones are not counted for any Ambuscade objectives.

The Ambuscade Tome

Once everyone in the party has the Primer key items, the party leader then registers the party at the Ambuscade Tome right next to Gorpa-Masorpa. At registration you choose the difficulty level of the selected Ambuscade type and inscribe your name into the tome, assigning you a number. Inscribing your name in the Ambuscade Tome gives you a page number. Page numbers are called in a zone-wide system message "Page ### of the tome flares up!" and the party leader can interact again with the Tome to enter the battlefield. The Tome also has an option to auto-transport your party to the battlefields as soon as your number is announced.

  • Your Key Item is lost upon completion of a successful battle.


Successful completion of an Ambuscade battlefield rewards two forms of currency: Hallmarks and Gallantry. Hallmarks earned vary with the Key Item used to enter the battlefield and the selected difficulty level. Gallantry earned is based on the Key Item, Difficulty and the total number of party members, excluding Trusts. Solo players do not earn Gallantry. Using an 06500.png Abdhaljs Seal ExclusiveAbdhaljs Seal.png will triple the currency rewards for a single win.

  • Hallmarks, Total Hallmarks, and Gallantry are reset to zero every monthly content update.

Ambuscade Primer Volume One

Intense Ambuscade

Difficulty Hallmarks
Gallantry Earned
2~6 members
Very Difficult 3600 300 ~ 1500
Difficult 2400 240 ~ 1200
Normal 1200 180 ~ 900
Easy 600 80 ~ 400
200 20 ~ 100

Ambuscade Primer Volume Two

Regular Ambuscade

Difficulty Hallmarks
Gallantry Earned
2~6 members
Very Difficult 300 30 ~ 150
Difficult 250 25 ~ 125
Normal 200 20 ~ 100
Easy 150 15 ~ 75
100 10 ~ 50

Redeeming Hallmarks and Gallantry

Spend your accumulated Hallmarks and Gallantry with Gorpa-Masorpa, who offers a limited stock of rewards that is reset at every monthly content update, usually around the first or second Thursday of each month. Both Hallmarks and Gallantry are reset to 0 upon each monthly update.

Ambuscade rewards are organized into materials used to reforge REMA weaponry, Skirmish Stones, JSE Capes and materials used to augment them, and Vouchers and Tokens redeemable for Ambuscade Armor and the materials required to upgrade it.

REMA Reforging Materials

The full list of REMA Materials purchasable with Hallmarks is always available.

REMA Materials purchased with Gallantry are available on a rotating schedule.

  • Empyrean weapon materials are available January, April, July, and October.
  • Relic weapon materials are available February, May, August, and November.
  • Mythic/Ergon weapon materials are available March, June, September, and December.

Skirmish Stones

+2 Skirmish Stones are available every month, purchasable only with Hallmarks. Each stone costs 200 Hallmarks, up to a limit of 10 of each type.

JSE Capes

You can buy up to one cape per job for 500 Hallmarks each.

The materials for augmenting these capes can be bought with either Hallmarks or Gallantry, with different prices and stock limits.

Ambuscade Armor

Hallmarks can be used to purchase coupons good for 1 NQ piece of equipment, rotating between Tokens and Vouchers every month. Gallantry can be used to purchase coupons good for 1 HQ piece of equipment, rotating between Tokens and Vouchers every month. The special materials 09270.png Abdhaljs Metal ExclusiveVial of Abdhaljs metal.png and 09271.png Abdhaljs Fiber ExclusiveLoop of Abdhaljs fiber.png are used to upgrade NQ armor to HQ, and HQ armor to HQ+2 armor. These materials are available either for Hallmarks or Gallantry.

Total Hallmarks

This special tally of total accumulated Hallmarks is used to obtain items and equipment from a special menu. Once an item is redeemed, it disappears. Total Hallmarks are not consumed, but represent an ever filling pool that grants access to more expensive rewards from this list:

January 2021

Volume 1: Lamiae

Face off against 3 Lamiae

The Freyja is susceptible to Piercing damage

The Skathi is susceptible to Blunt damage

The Frigg is susceptible to Slashing damage

All 3 enemies will use Eagle Eye Shot simultaneously on their respective targets at 75%, 50%, 25% and 10% health remaining on the Freyja. If the Freyja is still alive when the Skathi or Frigg are defeated, they will respawn immediately.[1]

Each Lamia uses a "Disregard" TP move causes status effects in an area centered on the caster on targets not currently facing the caster. The circumstances of their use varies with the selected battlefield Difficulty

  • Very Difficult: All 3 lamiae will use their Dance and Disregard moves at will
  • Difficult. The Frigg will not use her Dance move until after the Freyja has been defeated.
  • Normal. No Disregard moves are used. Frigg will not use her Dance move until after Freyja has been defeated
  • Easy and Very Easy: No Disregard moves are used. The Skathi and the Frigg will not use their Dance moves until after the Freyja is defeated.

On lower difficulties, each Lamia has a much longer cast time on their respective "Dance" moves, giving people in range ample time to turn around and avoid their effects.

At low health, all three Lamiae gain an intense Regain effect.

If the primary aggro target fails to face a Lamia for 4 seconds (on VD, unknown duration on easier difficulties), it causes them to glow with an aura, triggering them to ignore their aggro tables until the aura is removed. Removing the aura seems to be a matter of simply having the primary aggro target face them again.[2]

TP Moves:
Freyja Vulnerable to Piercing Damage.

Skathi Vulnerable to Blunt Damage

Frigg Vulnerable to Slashing Damage.

Spells cast:

Where to get your Primer: Arrapago Reef, Map 3 (E-7) (Adjacent to the Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point), Arrapago Reef, Map 3 (J-6), the Key ItemCS Wildcat Badge Deserter Assault Mission, or the Key ItemSM Wildcat Badge Azure Experiments Assault Mission. There are stray Lamiae outside the Reef but not large groups of them.

Volume 2: Beasts

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