Ambuscade Battlefield

Ambuscade is a instanced dungeon battlefield in which players team up against the monster-of-the-month in one of two battlefields.

Getting Started[]

First, activate the Records of Eminence quest Stepping into an Ambuscade, then talk to Gorpa-Masorpa at Mhaura (G-9) for an explanation. To enter any Ambuscade battlefield all players in the party will need a key item corresponding to the desired battlefield.

The selected battlefield has an effect on the rewards for successful completion.

Obtaining Key Items[]

You obtain the Key Items with Records of Eminence quests. There are two different quests per Key Item to activate: a non-repeatable daily quest, and a repeatable quest. The daily objectives for both Volume 1 and Volume 2 require one monster be killed of the specified type. The repeatable objective either volume requires three experience-yielding kills.

The Ambuscade Tome[]

Once everyone in the party has the corresponding key item, the party leader then registers the party at the Ambuscade Tome right next to Gorpa-Masorpa. At registration you choose the difficulty level of the selected Ambuscade type and inscribe your name into the tome, assigning you a numbered place in line. Page numbers are called in a zone-wide system message "Page ### of the tome flares up!" and when it's your turn the party leader gets a system message notification and a chime. They may interact again with the Tome within two minutes to enter the battlefield. The Tome also has an option to auto-transport your party to the battlefields as soon as your number is announced.

  • Everyone's Key Item is lost upon completion of a successful battle.
  • Registration is canceled if the party leader leaves Mhaura.


Successful completion of an Ambuscade battlefield rewards two forms of currency: Hallmarks and Gallantry. Amounts earned vary between Volumes 1 and 2 and with the selected difficulty level. Gallantry earned further varies with the total number of party members, excluding Trusts. Solo players do not earn Gallantry. Using an 06500 Abdhaljs Seal Exclusive will triple the currency rewards for a single win.

Ambuscade Primer Volume One[]

Intense Ambuscade

Difficulty Hallmarks
Gallantry Earned
2~6 members
Very Difficult 3600 300 ~ 1500
Difficult 2400 240 ~ 1200
Normal 1200 180 ~ 900
Easy 600 80 ~ 400
200 20 ~ 100

Ambuscade Primer Volume Two[]

Regular Ambuscade

Difficulty Hallmarks
Gallantry Earned
2~6 members
Very Difficult 300 30 ~ 150
Difficult 250 25 ~ 125
Normal 200 20 ~ 100
Easy 150 15 ~ 75
100 10 ~ 50

Redeeming Hallmarks and Gallantry[]

Spend your accumulated Hallmarks and Gallantry with Gorpa-Masorpa, who offers a limited stock of rewards that is reset at every monthly content update, usually around the first or second Thursday of each month. Hallmarks, Total Hallmarks, and Gallantry are reset to 0 upon each monthly update.

Ambuscade rewards are organized into materials used to reforge REMA weaponry, JSE Capes and materials used to augment them, and coupons redeemable for Ambuscade Armor, Ambuscade Weapons, and the materials required to upgrade them.

JSE Capes[]

You may buy up to 3 JSE Cape Vouchers per month for 500 Hallmarks each.

The materials for augmenting these capes can be bought with either Hallmarks or Gallantry, with different prices and stock limits.

Ambuscade Armor[]

Hallmarks can be used to purchase coupons good for 1 NQ piece of equipment. Gallantry can be used to purchase coupons good for 1 HQ piece of equipment.

The materials 09270 Abdhaljs Metal Exclusive and 09271 Abdhaljs Fiber Exclusive are used by Gorpa-Masorpa to upgrade NQ armor to HQ, and HQ armor to HQ+2 armor. These materials are available either for Hallmarks or Gallantry.

Ambuscade Weapons[]

An Ambuscace Voucher: Weapon can be bought for 5000 Hallmarks, and exchanged with Gorpa-Masorpa for any Tokko Weapon. From there adventurers may upgrade this weapon using materials sold for Hallmarks and Gallantry.

Total Hallmarks[]

This special tally of total accumulated Hallmarks is used to obtain items and equipment from a special menu. Once an item is redeemed, it disappears. Total Hallmarks are not consumed, but represent an ever filling pool that grants access to more expensive rewards from this list:

June 2024[]

Volume 1: Sahagin[]

Face off against the Bozzetto Songstress and its allies. The main gimmick of the fight is the invulnerable state of the Songstress. Direct damage is reduced to zero as long as other foes are present, and the Songstress in turn strengthens their allies depending on their distance and the songs buffing them. As foes are defeated, the Songstress's HP is depleted by a set percentage, depending on the difficulty setting. After any foe is defeated besides the Songstress, it will respawn 3 minutes later. On easier difficulties this makes it possible to defeat all of the Songstress's allies and then deal direct damage to her, but the second any respawn she becomes invulnerable again.

Encountered Foes[]

  • Bozzetto Songstress - BRD
  • Bozzetto Flowspear - DRG
  • Bozzetto Wavefist - MNK
  • Bozzetto Hydrophile - WHM
  • Bozzetto Wyvern - Summoned by the Flowspear
  • Chirurgeon - Sea Monk

The fight ends when the Songstress's HP is depleted to 0.

Difficulty Settings[]

The Difficulty Setting determines the total number of foes present at the start of the fight, the abilities used by Songstress, and the count of enemies that must be defeated to reduce the Songstress's HP to 0.

Very Difficult: Songstress, Flowspear x2, Wavefist x2, Hydrophile, Chirurgeon. 8 foes in total must be defeated for the Songstress to fall.[1]. Each add has approximately 600k HP[2]

Difficult: Songstress, Flowspear x2, Wavefist x2, Hydrophile. 6 foes in total must be defeated for the Songstress to fall.

Normal: Songstress, Flowspear x2, Wavefist x2. 5 foes in total must be defeated for the Songstress to fall.

Easy: Songstress, Flowspear, Wavefist x2. 4 foes in total must be defeated for the Songstress to fall.

Very Easy: Songstress, Flowspear, Wavefist. 3 foes in total must be defeated for the Songstress to fall.

Battle Mechanics[]

Passive Traits

  • Does not move or auto-attack.
  • Completely immune to all damage while other foes are alive.
  • Loses a set percentage of health (based on difficulty) any time any non-pet mob dies.
  • Immune to sleep. Susceptible to most other debuffs but extremely resistant to silence. As more debuffs are applied to the Songstress, it becomes easier to land Silence.
  • The boss emits a series of emotes as their susceptibility to silence increases with the number of applied debuffs[3]
    • "The boss's throat is parched"
    • "The boss begins to sing off key"
    • "The boss's voice begins to crack"
    • "The boss can barely croak the words out" - At this point the boss can be silenced with reasonable accuracy
    • "The boss can no longer sing!" - The boss is silenced.
  • Emits a powerful Regen aura to all allies and Bio aura to foes when it clears its own Silence. The potency of both auras is reduced with each debuff, and removed entirely once Silenced.

All other foes:

  • All of the Songstress's allies take considerably increased damage from skillchains.
  • Other Sahagin are susceptible to sleep and petrify.
  • All other Sahagin have active Regain effects at all time
  • When a foe is hit with a strong enough Lightning-elemental attack, it loses TP.[4]. A potent enough en-spell effect constantly hitting a foe, combined with sufficient Subtle Blow equipped on your physical damage dealers, is enough to keep that foe from ever using a special ability besides its SP.[5]
  • The closer they are to the Songstress, the more damage they take overall.[6]


  • Permanent Aqua Spikes effect (On physical damage: Poison)


  • High counter rate
  • Permanent Enwater effect.


  • Very resistant to sleep


  • Immune to sleep and petrify.
  • High rate of Double Attack.
  • Gains an Avoidance Down aura during Mighty Strikes[7]

Abilities Used

  • Soul Voice Uses at will. Powers up all songs and the Bio/regen auras.
  • Cleansing Bubbles Used approximately 60 seconds after being silenced.[8] Removes all debuffs from nearby allies. Begins to emit a potent Bio aura alongside the Regen aura for the Songstress's allies. Both auras are removed once the Songstress is silenced.

All Other Sahagin:

  • Level Up. All Sahagin will Level Up (with a visible effect) every time a special ability (including Weapon Skills) is used on them while the Songstress's Bio and Regen auras are not active[9]. Halting all damage for a period of time will level them back down.[10]. They also level up if they receive more than 22,222 damage in a single hit.
  • Hydro Shot - Physical damage + Knockback + Resets hate.
  • Spinning Fin - AOE Damage + a lengthy Stun (up to 15 seconds). Resistable with Tellus Runes and enough Magic Evasion. Takes multiple shadows.
  • Hydro Ball - AOE water elemental damage + Strength Down. Pierces shadows.



  • Call Wyvern - Does this once at ~50% health. This is immediately followed by the use of Spirit Surge, removing the Wyvern from the battle and healing approximately 25% of the Flowspear's health. It is possible to preempt the heal by stunning and defeating the Flowspear before Spirit Surge can go off. In this case, the Wyvern is still summoned but remains active on the battlefield. Killing the wyvern does not reduce the Songstress's health.[11]
  • Jumping Thrust - Physical damage to one target + Defense Down for 2 minutes.



  • Level Up - Under the same conditions as the Sahagin. Will not use during Mighty Strikes.
  • Mighty Strikes - Furthermore triggers an Avoidance Down aura.
  • Inky Injection - Front AOE damage + Blindness + Knockback. Pierces shadows.

Spells Cast:


  • Curaga. Will use this to wake other Sahagin.

Where to get your Primer:

Volume 2: Amorphs[]

Face off against the giant Hecteyes All-Watcher and its 5 hecteyes allies.

Encountered Foes[]

  • All-Watcher
  • Aquagazer
  • Ferrogazer
  • Ignigazer
  • Naturagazer
  • Terragazer

The fight ends when the All-Watcher is defeated.

Difficulty Settings[]

The Difficulty Setting appears to determine only the stats of the mobs in the battlefield.

Battle Mechanics[]

Passive Traits

  • Extremely high Damage taken reduction while all gazers are alive. Defeating gazers removes part of this damage resistance. When all gazers are dead, the All-Watcher's damage taken reduction is completely removed.
  • After a single gazer has died, the All-Watcher gains a sphere ability, inflicting Blindness (-60 Accuracy) and Addle to players in range.
  • As gazers are defeated, the All-Watcher will effect an SP Ability animation, likely indicating a removal of part of its damage reduction. Information Needed
  • Once all gazers are defeated, the All-Watcher will begin to use Petro Gaze.


  • Pretty weak physical attack.
  • Extremely resistant to Break.
  • The Ferrogazer has very high Evasion, but has extremely low HP and dies to a single Critical Hit.
  • The Terragazer has innate Physical Damage Taken resistance which grows in potency as its HP drops.
  • Aqua (Water), Igni (Fire) and Terra (Earth) gazers appear to take extra damage from Elements strong to their type Verification Needed.

Abilities Used
All Foes:

All-Watcher only:

  • Petro Gaze: Uses when all other Gazers have died. Gaze AOE. Inflicts Petrification. Pierces shadows.
  • Death Ray: Single Target Dark Elemental damage + Dispels one buff. Pierces shadows.

Spells Cast


Where to get your Primer:

  • Lots of slimes and leeches in Rala Waterways
  • Any of the Gates in Adoulin areas or a short walk from the Cirdas Caverns Enigmatic Device. Acuexes and Worms everywhere.

Version Update History[]

  • April 2016. Added to the game
  • May 2016. Badges of Gallantry added.
  • July 2016. Abdhaljs Dye added.
  • August 2016. New battlefield music. Feedback given during JSE cape augmentation improved. Ambuscade foes now take less damage if they're the secondary target of AOE elemental magic.
  • September 2016. Ambuscade vouchers added.
  • January 2017. Abdhaljs Seals added.
  • March 2017. Ambuscade Tokens added.
  • April 2017. Abdhaljs Metal added.
  • September 2017. Volume 1 foes HP increased (Easy: 2x. Normal~VD: 3x). XP/CP, Hallmarks, and Gallantry rewards increased accordingly.
  • October 2017. Abdhaljs Fiber added.
  • April 2018. Abdhaljs Resin added. Augmenting capes made much simpler.
  • November 2018. Stage 1-2 ambuscade weapons added. Cape tokens added.
  • December 2018. Stage 3 ambuscade weapons added.
  • January 2019. Volume 2 battlefield Hallmark/Gallantry rewards incrased.
  • February 2019. Stage 4 ambuscade weapons added.
  • March 2019. Stage 5 ambuscade weapons added.
  • August 2019. Second Ambuscade battlefield added.
  • November 2020. Records of Eminence Tutorial "Repelling an Ambuscade" added to Mentor requirements.
  • August 2022. Exemplar points are no longer earned or lost in Ambuscade battlefields.
  • July 2023. Reward rotation removed, limits on items bought with gallantry rebalanced. Ambuscade Chits implemented.


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