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There are races which previously existed on Vana'diel, and which are now deemed to be extinct (there are some indications to the contrary, but that is not of concern here). One such race, the Zilart, created huge structures and artifacts the like of which are still unfathomable to modern science. Examples include Ru'Aun Gardens, Ve'Lugannon Palace, Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi, The Garden of Ru'Hmet and more. Many of these structures are now over-run by beastmen, most of whom are blind to the secrets contained therein. Brave adventurers enter these areas and ferret out the truth to an extent, but there is much more to be learned!

Since the Crystal War, there have been several changes to the maps as to who owns what. The non-beastmen races lost a great deal during the war, which resulted in entire settlements being overtaken by beastmen for their own ends. Examples abound in Beadeaux, Davoi, Misareaux Coast and Lufaise Meadows. These settlements were originally built and controlled by members of the allied nations, and contain important clues as to the evolution of the architecture and technology which has resulted in our present-day surroundings

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