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No. Title Type* Reward
01 A Shantotto Ascension (Mission) Cutscene None
02 Burgeoning Dread Cutscene None
03 That Which Curdles Blood Quest Key ItemMoogle key
04 Sugar-coated Directive Battlefield 3,000 - 50,000 gil, Key ItemBird key
05 Enemy of the Empire (I) Quest Key ItemBlack book
06 Enemy of the Empire (II) Fight Key ItemCactuar key
07 Sugar-coated Subterfuge Cutscene None
08 Shantotto in Chains Fight Key ItemBomb key
09 Fountain of Trouble Quest None
10 Battaru Royale Battlefield Key ItemChocobo key
11 Romancing the Clone Cutscene None
12 Sisters in Arms Quest None
13 Project: Shantottofication Battlefield Key ItemTonberry key
14 An Uneasy Peace Cutscene Key ItemBehemoth key
15 A Shantotto Ascension (Fin) N/A Blitzer Poleyn, Desultor Tassets or Tatsumaki Sitagoromo, ability to purchase Key ItemAtma of Ambition


  • Cutscene is a single cutscene or multiple cutscenes in town.
  • Quest is an assignment to go somewhere (possibly dangerous) for a cutscene or to retrieve/deliver an item, but no Notorious Monsters are involved.
  • Fight requires you to fight a single or multiple Notorious Monsters.
  • Battlefield requires you to fight a single or multiple Notorious Monsters within a Battlefield.

Level Requirement

Players must be level 10 or above to participate in A Shantotto Ascension Missions.

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