Casting Lots

One process that can be used to distribute treasure among members of a party. By going to the treasure pool and selecting an item, you can choose to Cast Lots or Pass. Choosing the "Cast Lots" option will create a random roll from 0-999. Once everyone in the zone has lotted or passed on an item, the person with the highest lot number will receive the item. You cannot cast lots if you have already lotted, passed, or have no Inventory spaces available. To get to the Treasure Pool to cast lots, simply select a target, select the "Treasure" option, and then select the item(s) you wish to lot, and select "Cast Lots".

To cast lots any time, use the /random command.

Notes about Casting Lots

Although you can lot in an experience points party, it is often considered rude to lot in a party, unless arrangements have been made beforehand, or you ask for permission to lot on an item and the party agrees. If no one lots an item, after a certain amount of time has passed (or the treasure pool has filled), the game will randomly distribute some or all of the items in the pool to players in the party with inventory space available. If no player has inventory space available when the game tries to distribute the treasure, the treasure will be lost (however, treasure will still gather in the treasure pool, even if no player in the party has any inventory space available)

A person joining the party after a monster has been killed can lot on the loot from that monster, regardless of whether or not they took part in the battle. In the same vein, a player could drop from a party after casting a lot or passing and then re-join and lot again, assuming that more than one member remains in the party when they leave. This is a useful trick if you're in a party attempting to get an item, and accidentally pass when you intended to lot - if there are three or more people in your party, simply drop and have the party leader re-invite you, and lot on the item. Zoning also removes your lot/pass, so again if there are 3 or more total members this trick can also be used. This trick does not work in areas with a Dynamis-like lotting system, not even after disconnecting and reconnecting. In these areas, the server keeps track of who has lotted.

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