Caring Kiyomaro

Familiar summoned by using the Beastmaster's Call Beast ability.

Job: Monk
Hit Points: 6322 (Level 116)
Damage Type: Slashing
TP: 75 / Hit
Duration: 120 min.
Notable Traits:

Familiar Jug Level Available Pet Level Cap Ready Abilities
Caring Kiyomaro (Raaz) Fizzy Broth 99 116
  • Sweeping Gouge - Requires 1 charge. Deals physical damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from pet. Additional effect: Weakens defense. (-25% DEF for 60 seconds)
  • Zealous Snort - Requires 3 charges. Grants pet the effect of Haste, enhances its magic defense, and increases its likelihood of both countering and guarding. (Haste +25%, Magic Defense Bonus +25)
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