Job: Paladin
Family: Crab
Crystal: Water
Weak to: Ice, Lightning

Notorious Monster

Cargo Crab Colin

Zone Level Drops Steal Spawns Notes
Korroloka Tunnel 34 - 37
  • 137~1,164 gil
1 L, H, Sc
??? HP
??? MP
Nyzul Isle
Floors 81-99
Unknown 1 L, H, Sc
??? HP
??? MP
A = Aggressive; NA = Non-Aggresive; L = Links; S = Detects by Sight; H = Detects by Sound;
HP = Detects Low HP; M = Detects Magic; Sc = Follows by Scent; T(S) = True-sight; T(H) = True-hearing
JA = Detects job abilities; WS = Detects weaponskills; Z(D) = Asleep in Daytime; Z(N) = Asleep at Nighttime; A(R) = Aggressive to Reive participants

Korroloka Tunnel Composite.PNG

Spawns from the Clipper around (H-7) and (H-8).

Notes (Korroloka Tunnel)

  • Known to respawn in under 2 hours or up to 6 hours.
  • The placeholder always spawns in one of the two ponds on either side of the river.
  • Placeholder respawn time is approximately 5 minutes.
  • Neither the pugil nor the sea monk are placeholders.

Notes (Nyzul Isle)

  • The Armoury Crate it leaves behind contains a ??? Sword, which may rarely appraise into a Nadrs.
Hunt Registry Elusiveness Ferocity Required Scylds Rewarded Scylds Evolith Evolith
Bastok Mines (I-9)
4 3 0 10 Vs. Amorphs Mag.Atk.Bns. +1


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