Start NPC Vuntar - Selbina (H-9)
Requirements Selbina/Rabao Reputation 1
Items Needed Rolanberry 864 or
Rolanberry 874 or
Rolanberry 881
Repeatable Yes, once per Earth day
Reward 800g-3000g depending on item turned in (see below)


  • Vuntar will pay you for aged Rolanberries.
  • Take fresh Rolanberries to the Crawlers' Nest and place them one at a time in the various baskets until a NM crawler spawns which drops the aged Rolanberries. The different baskets will spawn different crawlers.
  • Trade the aged Rolanberries to Vuntar to complete the quest.
  • There is some level requirement to this quest. I just talked to Vuntar on my level 17 thief and got the message "Yeah? Who the heck are you? If you wanna be somebody, get some experience under your belt!"

Game Description

Vuntar (Foot of Central Stairs, Selbina)
Vuntar will pay premium price for Rolanberries, but for only those that are thoroughly aged and can serve as food for long voyages.
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