Start NPC Carbuncle - Windurst Walls, (G-4)
Requirements Summoner Level 50+
Items Needed Lightning Pendulum
Wind Pendulum
Title Granted Paragon of Summoner Excellence
Repeatable Yes, see Vingijard after AF is complete
Reward Evoker's Horn
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Class Reunion None


  • You must have SMN set as your main job to trigger the cutscene with Carbuncle.
  • You must zone if you do this straight after your previous AF quest or any quest involving Carbuncle.
  • The Lightning Gremlin's attacks occasionally (~60%) have the additional effect of draining TP.
  • The Thunder Gremlin's attacks occasionally (~60%) have the additional effect of draining MP. The Thunder Gremlin's En-spells can overwrite this effect.
  • Both Gremlins will resist Sleep and Repose, but not Bind.
  • They can hit very hard, and drain 1~40 MP/TP per hit. Stoneskin will absorb the damage but not the drain effect. Blink tanking is suggested.
  • The Lightning Gremlin (war) has roughly twice as much HP as the Thunder Gremlin (rdm) and hits much harder.
  • See Testimonials for more info.
  • NOTE
    If more than one person in the party is on this mission, there is no need to repeat the battles, as long as you do all the CS before each one, then you only need to win each fight once.

Game Description

Carbuncle (House of the Hero, Windurst Walls)
Carbuncle needs your help. The Mana Orb held by the energy thief has grown so powerful it is threatening to enslave all the Carbuncles in the world. You must act now to save them!