Smn carbuncle
Carbuncle (NPC)
White Mage
Bringer of Rainbows
Cutscene NPC/Summoned Avatar

Starts Quests

Involved in Missions

Involved in Quests

Avatar Information

A mysterious ruby that is said to bring good fortune to its bearer. Takes the form of a small, furry creature that leads the summoner to the other avatars.

The ability to summon Carbuncle is one of the basic summoner abilities, and is available from level 1 as soon as the job is unlocked from the quest I Can Hear a Rainbow (which is centered around summoning Carbuncle from his ruby).

Carbuncle Prime, a very powerful monster, can be fought at the end of the Waking the Beast quest.

Other Information

  • Many arguments over what type of animal Carbuncle is have led to a Japanese flying blue squirrel known as a Momonga.

Carbuncle, originally was spelled "carbunkel", a magical creature reported in the Americas by early Spanish. They are described as small creatures, with a certain gem on their foreheads. The gems come from the brains of dragons. According to myth, dragons have inside their brain a liquid that crystallizes into a solid gem when they die. According to superstition, it is good luck to catch a carbuncle.

  • It is safe to assume that the name Carbuncle comes from the latin Carbuncŭlus, which means ruby.
  • In the tropical America, there is an insect called Carbúnculo, most popularly known as Carbunclo or Cocuyo (dusk star). It is a coleopteran insect; its body is about three centimeters long, oblong shaped, brown and with two yellowish spots to the sides of the thorax, from which it emanates a very bright azure light.


"Vana'diel is the world in which you live. You should see the true Vana'diel with your own eyes."
"I will extend a bridge...between the people of the present, and beings of ages past."
--Carbuncle, during I Can Hear a Rainbow

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