Weapon Skill: Automaton Weapon Skill

  • Automaton Melee Skill: 150, (Job Level: 49)
  • Only available to Puppetmaster Automatons equipped with the Valoredge Frame.
  • Effect. User recovers HP equal to damage dealt. Damage varies with TP. HP recovery ineffective against undead.


(This skill's damage does not follow the typical pattern for most WS with damage based on a multiplier of the user's regular attacks. Unlike other rule-breaking weapon skills however, this does skillchain.)

  • Damage Multipliers by TP:
100%TP 200%TP 300%TP
* * *
  • Deals a fixed amount of physical slashing damage to the enemy, which is then altered by the target's slashing and physical resistances. The damage is based solely on the automaton's melee skill (attack and STR have no effect). It does about 510 base damage at level 99, with 100% TP and 437 melee skill (capped skill with max merits and empyrean legs +2). Cannibal Blade cannot miss or score critical hits, and completely ignores the enemy's stats. It is also technically a ranged weapon skill; however, it only deals 1/4th the damage from a distance.
  • Cannibal Blade does not generate hate. (Appear to generate hate after March 2010 Update. Further testing needed.)
    • When used in Campaign, and automaton was the only one hitting the enemy, as soon as it did Cannibal Blade, the enemy came after the player. The automaton regained hate after the hitting the enemy again.

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