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Per Action Calculations

Most actions undertaken while under Allied Tags will grant EXP. The following is a list of known EXP gains from various actions and the total EXP that can be gained from them.

Please note that research on this is incomplete, and as such, this chart is very hit-and-miss. It is a basic outline showing generally how each action is weighted. Do not use this chart as an exact calculator for experience points.

JAs and abilities granted by the character's support job will grant EXP.

These values, especially cap calculations, were very different before March 10, 2008. Credit to Reinhart for finding this on the Japanese PukiWiki (http://ff11wiki.rdy.jp/2026067319.html#z86c536a). The information contained here is (mostly) a translation of the above link.

Category Action EXP per Action Cap per Assessment Repetitions to Reach Cap Notes
Enhancing Self 1 EXP Unknown Unknown Includes JAs, self-cast Enhancing Magic and Ninjutsu (some exceptions) and the personal portion of an AoE JA. Enhancing TP moves Pet's perform on themselves. Gauge grants EXP under this category.
Others 1 EXP x # Verification Needed 600 60 people # is the number of others / NPCs affected
NPCs 10 EXP x #
Songs and Phantom Rolls 1 EXP x # Unknown 15 people # is the number of party members (including yourself)
SMN Buffs 0 EXP Verification Needed 0 EXP Verification Needed N/A Verification Needed Includes all Blood Pact wards which do not heal. Buffing players, self, and NPCs all yield 0 exp/notes.
Enfeebling Magic 15 EXP 600 40 Resists still grant EXP, "no effect" spells do not. DoT's with initial DMG (eg: Bio, Dia) are counted under "Magic Damage"
Songs 15 EXP 600 40
Charm 15 EXP Unknown Unknown Using Charm to Bind Campaign mobs grants EXP upon successful Binds. Charm-Bind resists do not grant EXP.
15 EXP Unknown Unknown
35 EXP Unknown Unknown
Ninjutsu Unknown Unknown Unknown Untested. Contained in magic?
(Self, NPCs)
Physical 10% of damage inflicted Unknown Unknown Includes damage from auto-attack rounds, ranged attacks, weapon skills and JAs. Different targets may have different caps. Cap is at least ~1300XP if it exists. Needed confirmation: does this include damage done by avatars and their BPs?
Magical 10% of damage inflicted 500 Unknown Includes damage from direct damage elemental and divine spells, skillchains, initial damage from DoT spells, -spike spells and en- spells. It is unknown if elemental enfeebles (frost, choke, etc.) fit into this category. Different targets may have different caps.
Received 10% of HP lost 400 Unknown Overkill damage (damage received in excess of your current HP) is included. Includes damage received from critical hits as well as TP moves.
Ninjutsu Unknown Unknown Unknown Untested. Contained in magic?
Damage (Fortifications) Physical Unknown Unknown Unknown Fortification XP from damage is very low.
Magical Unknown Unknown Unknown (As above)
Ninjutsu Unknown Unknown Unknown Untested. Contained in magic?
Curing Self 5% of total HP cured 400 Unknown Curing a status (Poison, Bio, etc) grants a flat 15EXP
10% of total HP cured 800 Unknown Curing a status (Poison, Bio, etc) grants a flat 15EXP
Raise 90 EXP 800 Unknown
Status Removal 15EXP Unknown Unknown
Attacking Auto-attack 5 EXP 200 40 Auto-attack rounds grant EXP only if they connect. Dual-wield or HTH rounds grant only 5EXP, although they produce two attacks.
Fortifications 1 EXP 200 200 1 swing results in 1 exp.
Critical Hits 10 EXP 200 Verification Needed 20 Verification Needed Includes Sneak Attacks
Closing a skillchain 20 EXP 300 15 EXP does not change regardless of Skillchain level (1, 2, 3)
Defeat An enemy 100 EXP Unknown Unknown
Getting K.O.'d -60 EXP Unknown Unknown

NOTE: Ever since the update on April 8th, 2009, actions taken against Fortifications yield drastically less EXP/AN.

Time and Medal Total Caps

There is a maximum limit to the number of EXP and Allied Notes that can be granted in a single assessment. As listed below, these limits are based on the character's current Campaign Medal and the amount of time that allied tags have been in effect on the character. It is clear from testing that EXP accumulates in an uncapped fashion, and is capped at a maximum amount calculated by multiplying the character's current Campaign Medal by the number of minutes Allied Tags have been in effect. For example, if a character with a Sterling Star accumulates 10,000 exp in a Campaign Battle in 15 minutes time, and then idles (i.e., earns no further EXP) for 45 minutes (assuming a 1 hour battle), the total EXP reward will be 4,200 EXP (i.e., 70 exp * 60 minutes). The "per minute cap" on EXP is related to the later calculation of a character's EXP reward only. It is not a literal per minute cap.

The EXP limit is equal to the limit for Allied Notes. If a character's Allied Notes are half of the rewarded EXP, that character is neither reaching the EXP nor Allied Notes limit. If a character receives Allied Notes greater than one half of their total EXP reward, that character has reached the limit for EXP. If a character's rewarded Allied Notes is equal to the rewarded EXP, then that character has also reached the limit for Allied Notes.

Medal XP/minute 15 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes
Bronze Ribbon of Service 60 900 1800 3600
Brass Ribbon of Service 62 930 1860 3720
Allied Ribbon of Bravery 64 960 1920 3840
Allied Ribbon of Glory 66 990 1980 3960
Bronze Star 68 1020 2040 4080
Sterling Star 70 1050 2100 4200
Mythril Star 72 1080 2160 4320
Golden Star 74 1110 2220 4440
Copper Emblem of Service 76 1140 2280 4560
Iron Emblem of Service 78 1170 2340 4680
Steelknight Emblem 80 1200 2400 4800
Holyknight Emblem 82 1230 2460 4920
Brass Wings of Service 84 1260 2520 5040
Mythril Wings of Service 86 1290 2580 5160
Wings of Integrity 88 1320 2640 5280
Wings of Honor 90 1350 2700 5400
Starlight Medal 92 1380 2760 5520
Moonlight Medal 94 1440 2820 5640
Dawnlight Medal 96 1470 2880 5760
Medal Of Altana 98 1500 2940 5880

Known Exceptions

The following actions/abilities are exceptions to the above, and do not grant EXP in Campaign battles:

Group Abilities Notes
Damage Missing an attack, Enemy evades an attack Caused by Utsusemi, Blink, Perfect Dodge, etc.
Inflicting 0 damage, Receiving 0 damage
Abilities Provoke, Double Up, Convert, Burst Affinity, Chain Affinity, Steal, Mug (failure), Hide, Scavenge, Camouflage, Meditate, Boost, Chakra, Shield Bash, Holy Circle, Warding Circle, Ancient Circle, Call Wyvern, Spirit Link, Two-hour abilities Chakra will grant EXP based on HP recovered, however does not grant 15EXP per status removed.
Weapon Skills Simply using a weapon skill grants no inherent EXP. Damage inflicted (physical or magical) and closing a Skillchain grants EXP as above.
Ranged Attack Ranged attacks are not counted as "auto attack rounds" above. Ranged damage counts as "physical damage" above. Additional effects (damage/status effects) from ammunition is untested.
Pet Commands BST: Fight, Heel, Stay, Leave, Sic Verification Needed, Snarl Verification Needed SMN: Assault, Retreat, Release PUP: Deploy, Deactivate, Retrieve, all Maneuvers
Magic Summoning Magic Summoning Avatars or Spirits
Healing Regen, Refresh HP/MP gained from spells does not grant EXP. Job Abilities which grant Refresh or Regen count are included in Enhancing (Self).
Auto-regen, Auto-refresh, /heal HP/MP gained from /healing, or auto-regen/refresh does not grant EXP. This includes "per tic" HP/MP recovery from spells, equipment and Sigil.
Items Using items (enchanted items included), eating food HP/MP recovered from item use does not grant EXP. Status buffs granted through items also grant no EXP.
Miscellaneous Actions to monsters/PCs without the Campaign Icon Any actions performed on any monster/NPC without the Campaign "sword icon" (enhancements, enfeebles, damage inflicted or received) or PCs without Allied Tags will grant no EXP.

Level Adjustments

Final EXP gained is reduced if the character's level is below 61 (though there is no penalty to Allied Notes). The final total reward will be adjusted by the percentages given below. In addition, the EXP cap you can get per minute, and the caps for particular actions, are also subject to the following percentages.

CORRECTION Base EXP gain from Campaign Battles is 1/5 of earned EXP (rounded down) from either Actions performed or Time Limit, whichever is lower. This is noticeable mainly with the Time Limit. Golden Star earns 74 EXP per minute maximum, however if you only complete one minute in Campaign, you only earn 14EXP at 1-15, 28 at 16-30, 42 at 31-45, 56 at 46-60, or 70 at 61+. This is currently only tested with levels between 15-37. Confirmation required for levels 46-60 (4x multiplier) and 61+ (5x multiplier). Confirming that as level 51, multiplier is 4x (80% of EXP gain). I am of the highest rank currently available, Wings of Honor, which I get 90EXP per battle as level 75, with the 80% as level 51, I would get 72exp per minute instead, and indeed that is the case, 5 min yield 360, 2 min yield 144.

Level Adjustment
1-15 1x Multiplier (20% of EXP gain)
16-30 2x Multiplier (40% of EXP gain)
31-45 3x Multiplier (60% of EXP gain)
46-60 4x Multiplier (80% of EXP gain)
61-75 5x Multiplier (100% of EXP gain)
76~90 6x Multiplier (120% of EXP gain)Verification Needed
91~99 7x Multiplier (140% of EXP gain)Verification Needed