Diabolos delivers a single-hit attack on target.


Avatar: Diabolos (Dark)

Blood Pact: Rage

Cost: 20 MP

Level: 1

Damage Type: Blunt


Effect Duration: N/A

Battle Application: Skillchain

Attribute: Compression

  • Opens: Transfixion, Detonation
  • Closes: Compression, Gravitation

Additional Notes:

  • This attack includes a Knockback effect.
  • Avatar's TP does affect this ability Verification Needed

Historical Background

In military tactics, a camisado, or camisade, is a surprise attack occurring at night, or at daybreak, when the enemy are supposed to be asleep.

The word is said to have come about from an attack of this kind, in which, as a means to recognize one another, the attackers wore shirts, chemise or camise, over their armor.


Macro Syntax

  • /pet Camisado <t>
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