Mission Name Calm Before the Storm
Number PM7-4
Reward Key ItemVessel of light
Key ItemLetters from Ulmia and Prishe
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Fire in the Eyes of Men The Warrior's Path


  • You will now have to kill three NMs. They can be done in any order and are all uncapped. They're all fairly simple at level 75+ with Trust, trivial at Item Level.
  • Note:Make sure you don't do the Carpenter's Landing portion of this mission last, as there is a commonly reported bug where doing it last results in the third notorious monster not popping, leaving you stuck forever in this mission. This may or may not have been resolved in the years since, but isn't worth the risk.

Misareaux Coast

  • Head to Misareaux Coast (E-7) and check a Storage Compartment in the shed to spawn the NM bugard Boggelmann.
    • Remember to Dispel its Defense Boost special (Scutum).
    • It has about 7600 HP, and will use Blood Weapon at low health.
    • Special Attack : Hungry Crunch -> Drain + Dispel Food + Drains TP.
    • Bloody bolts will activate infrequently for little HP gain.
  • After it is dead click the Storage Compartment again for a cutscene and obtain Key ItemVessel of Light.
    • Optional: Talk to Cid again for a brief cutscene.

Carpenters' Landing

Fight Strategy:

  • The SMN has a random elemental pet. It will often use the Astral Flow of the same element, so you can try that Barspell. Its Astral Flow does about 800 damage to a level 75 player unresisted. The pet can be slept/reposed.
    • Note, the SMN Cryptonberry can summon TWO pets at once, so ignore its elemental, and be careful as it gets low on HP.
  • The Executor has about 5000 HP.
  • All must be defeated to get cutscene.

Bibiki Bay

  • Head to Bibiki Bay and head to the ??? at (F-6) inside a cave.
  • Buff up and select the ??? to spawn an NM Sea Monk named Dalham.
    • Dalham seems to be about level 72, judging from how it hits and takes damage from local pets.
    • The number of attacks this monster gets each round increases as its HP drops.
      • it will start the fight with normal attack speed, only hitting once per round.
      • As its HP drops to about 70% a "2-Hour" animation will trigger and it will begin attacking twice per round.
      • At about 40% it will use the "2 Hour" animation again, and begin attacking 3 times per round.
      • it will use it once more around 10~15%, attacking at near Hundred Fists speed.
    • Builds resistance to Bind and Gravity extremely quickly.
    • Cannot be slept.
    • Has an Additional Effect: Water damage for about 21~ damage on a THF75.
  • After it is dead click the ??? again for a cutscene.

Finishing the Mission

Game Description

Mission Orders
The crystal propulsion unit of Cid's airship has been damaged. You are to call Louverance back from Carpenters' Landing, and Shikaree Z from Bibiki Bay. You must also find the Chebukki siblings in Tavnazia and retrieve the vessel of light.