Call for Help is a feature that will alert and allow other players to assist you in defeating a monster. Normally, players outside of your party or alliance cannot perform any actions on mobs you are currently engaged in; activating Call for Help will allow anybody to engage a mob.

Calling for Help

Call for Help can be activated through:

  • The "Call for Help" command in the action menu
  • The /help (or /h) text commands
There is no confirmation requested in either case, the action is immediate.

Once used, the monster's name will turn orange and it will be highlighted on the radar of nearby players (with a corresponding notice in their chat log). Usually, nearby players will immediately jump in to save their adventuring brethren.


There are several restrictions placed on mobs that have had Call for Help activated on them:

  • No experience points are gained from their defeat.
  • No items will drop from them.
  • Area of Effect abilities will hit all players in range, not just those engaged in defeating the mob.

After a set period, an idle mob will revert to yellow (unclaimed) mode.

Blocking Call For Help command

While you are unable to block the /help command, you can block the Call for Help command that is selected by clicking right on the Disengage command via the use of: /blockhelp on or off command.