Magic-Based Weapon Skills

WSC: Secondary attribute like STR 30% (30% of your STR) (See individual Weapon Skill)
fTP: TP Multiplier (See individual Weapon Skill)
iLvl: the item level of the weapon
fINT : function of your INT and target's INT
for WS, fINT = 8 + ΔINT/2
ΔINT : difference between your INT and target’s INT (caps at 24 for WS), making fINT cap at 32.
Resist : Possibilities are
No Resist(1/1)
Half Resist(1/2)
Quarter Resist(1/4)
Resisted(1/8 and 1/16)
if WS is used in single weather effect = 1.1 (+0.1)
if WS is used in double weather effect = 1.25 (+0.25)
Conversely, if WS is being used on the day where WS element is weak to, the multiplier is reduced by 0.1 and 0.25
MDIF : ratio of your Magic ATK to target’s Magic DEF (Matk/Mdef)
Magic Damage Adjustment : (1 + or - (Shells, Shining Ruby, sum of magic damage cut equipment))
This parameter have denominator of 256 (1/256), for example
Shell I is -24/256, Shell II is -36/256, Shell III is -48/256
Shell IV is -56/256, Shining Ruby is -10/256, Bubble Curtain is -128/256
The smallest Magic Damage Adjustment number given by equipment capped the multiplier to 128/256 (0.5)
Certain magic damage adjustments of particular monster family have been found:
Ebony Puddings in Mount Zhayolm appear to take 25% bonus magic damage (+64/256).
Eo'ghrahs in Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi appear to take 87.5% magic damage (-32/256).
Demon, Ahriman, Corse, Cardian have 25%(-64/256) magic damage cut
Evil Weapon have 12.5%(-32/256) magic damage cut
To some particular HNM, magic damage cut can occur occasionally when using the same element against that of HNM

Physical-Based Weapon Skills

Melee PDIF function

Ranged PDIF function

WD: Base damage of your Weapon Skill
D: Base damage of your weapon (e.g., Espadon = 43)
fSTR: function of difference between your STR and target's VIT
WSC: Secondary attribute like STR 30% (30% of your STR)
fTP : TP Multiplier (See individual Weapon Skill)
PDIF: function of (your Physical ATK/target’s Physical DEF)
WSC = integer(any secondary attributes) x @
    Level    @
    Lv90... 0.85
    Lv75... 0.83
    Lv74... 0.83
    Lv73... 0.84
    Lv72... 0.84
    Lv67... 0.86 or 0.87 (perhaps 0.87)
    Lv60... 0.90 or 0.91 (perhaps 0.90)
    Lv40... 0.94 
    Lv37... 0.94 – 0.99
    Lv31... 0.94 - 0.99
  • For example, suppose you are level 67 and have 100 STR and 100 MND and you use Swift Blade (STR 30%, MND 30%).
  • WSC = integer[(100 x 0.3) + (100 x 0.3)] x @ = integer(60) x @ = 60 x .86
(@ is 0.86 - 0.87 at LV67)
For Sneak Attack with Thief main, the calculation is WD = ( D + fSTR + WSC) * fTP + DEX
For Trick Attack with Thief main, the calculation is WD = ( D + fSTR + WSC) * fTP + AGI
For Sneak Attack and Trick Attack with Thief main, the calculation is WD = ( D + fSTR + WSC) * fTP + DEX + AGI

  • Only weapon skills that say "Chance of critical varies with TP" can have a critical hit within the WS without forced critical (i.e. Sneak Attack or Mighty Strikes).
    • Base critical hit chance varies between weapon skills.
  • WS gorgets from In the Name of Science add 0.097 to fTP for the first hit.
    • They also increase WS accuracy, which applies to all hits.
  • Hybrid weapon skills deal both physical and elemental damage and can be considered a 2+ hit weapon skill. The base damage of the elemental hit is based on the amount of physical damage done and TP.

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