Mysterious beings born of the goddess Altana's tears and connected to the Cavernous Maws, Cait Siths have been watching the progress of the Crystal War. There are ten distinct Cait Siths, and a final composite Cait Sith consisting of the other Cait Siths combined into a single entity. There is also a Cait Sith from a different dimension associated with the Voidwatch storyline.

  1. Cait Sith Aon (likes to float in the air upside down)
  2. Cait Sith Dha († - Dancers in Distress)
  3. Cait Sith Tri (enjoys lazing around)
  4. Cait Sith Ceithir († - Distorter of Time)
  5. Cait Sith Coig
  6. Cait Sith Sia († - Crossroads of Time)
  7. Cait Sith Seachd
  8. Cait Sith Ochd († - Dancers in Distress)
  9. Cait Sith Naoi (leader)
  10. Cait Sith Deich
  11. Cait Sith (combined) (and the summoner avatar, Cait Sith)
  12. Cait Sith (V)

Historical Background

The Cait Sìth or Cait Sídhe (cait = cat, sidhe = fairy) is a fairy creature from Scottish and Irish mythology, said to resemble a large black cat with a white spot on its breast. Some common folklore suggested that the Cait Sìth was not a fairy, but a transformed witch. They were able to transform into a cat up to 9 times, but being condemned to remain in cat form upon the last transformation.

Each Cait Sith is numbered in Scottish Gaelic numbers 1-10.

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