Bust (Status Effect).png Bust is a harmful status effect that puts a Corsair in a bad mood until it wears off or is removed. Afflicted characters are limited to one less Roll Effect from Phantom Rolls, and gain a negative effect based on the specific Phantom Roll that was Busted (E.g. If they Bust on Corsair's Roll, they will receive less experience rather than more). The Corsair will still be able to apply two Roll Effects on other characters within the party while under one bust effect, but while under two Bust effects, will be unable to use Phantom Roll.

Players subbing Corsair are only permitted one active Phantom Roll instead of two; therefore, merely Busting once will prevent Phantom Roll from being reused until the Bust wears off.

Only the Corsair performing the Phantom Roll receives the negative Bust effect; the rest of the party just loses the roll.

Duration: 5 Minutes.

How to remove the effect

  • You must wait for this to wear off; Erase will not remove Bust effects.
  • Level sync will not remove Bust effects.
  • Zoning into another area or logging out will remove a Corsair's Bust status, as well as any beneficial rolls.
  • The Group 2 meritable Job Ability Fold can remove a Bust effect regardless of duration.

How the effect is inflicted/gained

Job Abilities

Received when rolling 12 or above on any Phantom Roll through the use of Double-Up.
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