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This is a heavy DD build. It is meant for hitting hard frequently. Every aspect of these gears is to enhance the power of weapon skills and TP. I have never been fond of carrying gear to macro in so by those standards I am not the best Samurai. In fact, I don't even have the majority of this stuff. I don't aim for specific builds like 4-5 hit builds. I gear towards causing as much damage instantly as possible. Having high strength will boost the ability for a samurai to push their numbers high as they can go. As an Elvaan with the highest base strength and the lowest base dexterity I would rather focus on attack than accuracy, though this gear does provide DEX+38 and ACC+70 separately which together is ~89 accuracy not counting our base dexterity. We have Zanshin to cover some of what we miss.

Kikugosaku.jpg Masamune Pole Grip Twilight helm.png Twilight mail.png Unkai nodowa.png File:Thewbomblet.jpg Brutal Earring Unkai Mimikazari.png Unkai Kote +2 Rajas Ring Sortie Ring Atheling Mantle Anguinus Belt Unkai Haidate + Unkai Sune-Ate +2

As you can see these pieces are built towards high stats. A Samurai has and always will as it seems to be, highly beneficial of strength. A few pieces to enhance attack for when you miss and some to enhance some job abilities that allow for higher damaging skill chains. While the hands are more towards a /ranger approach they do provide solid stats for the big 4. Tachi: Gekko Tachi: Yukikaze Tachi: Kasha and Tachi: Fudo which the first three having a 75% STR mod and so far a seemingly 60% mod for Fudo.