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Burrow Researcher
Burrrow Researcher

Starts Missions

Meeble Burrows Expeditions (Sauromogue)

The Burrow Researcher is used to check your stock of Key Item Moblin pheromone sack, buy Grimoires, browse/buy certain items and gear in exchange for research marks, check available missions and to start a specific mission. He also records your progress in your Grimoire.

Starting an expedition

To start an expedition simply speak to the Burrow Researcher, select "Choose an expedition" and pick the expedition you want to do. Note that the fifth expedition per tier will not show up in the list until 1-4 are completed. Now trade a Grimoire to the Burrow Researcher and he will give you two key items in return: Key Item Moblin pheromone sack and Key Item Grimoire page. You are now ready to enter the Meeble Burrows and start your expedition. To do so, the party leader must speak to Vrednev who will transport the party members to the selected expedition site. research marks and Wizened worms are earned immediately after the expedition is ended (either by time or player choice). After ending the expedition, talk to the Burrow Researcher again to record your progress and reclaim your Grimoire.

  • You can review all Expedition Specifics by talking to the Burrow Researcher or the Burrow Investigator in Upper Jeuno.
  • After completing a fifth expedition of any tier your progress will be reset, meaning you will have to do all four expeditions in each tier again to be able to do the fifth.