Mission Name Burgeoning Dread
Number 2
Level 10+
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A Shantotto Ascension (Mission) That Which Curdles Blood


  • Enter East Sarutabaruta or West Sarutabaruta from Windurst.
    • Exiting by purchasing a rental chocobo at the stables, Outpost warping to Sarutabaruta region, or entering from Tahrongi Canyon will not trigger the cutscene.
    • Take note of what enfeebling kit is asked for in the cutscene. Alternatively, you may speak to the NPCs in each of the three nations that help you with finding the ingredients to craft the enfeebling kit.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Does this feeling of disquiet welling up within portend the coming of catastrophe, or is it simply something to be ignored? You can only hope that it is all in your mind...
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