Start NPC Gentle Tiger (S) (H-6) Bastok Markets (S)
Title Granted Assistant Detective
Repeatable No
Reward Elixir
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Light in the Darkness Mission:
The Queen of the Dance

Storm on the Horizon


You must zone and then wait until the next game day after completing Light in the Darkness.
  • Talk to Gentle Tiger (S) at the entrance to Metalworks (H-6).
  • Talk to Engelhart at the entrance to the Music Shop in Bastok Markets (S) (K-10).
  • Head to The Eldieme Necropolis (S).
  • Drop in the MIDDLE (important!) pit in the southern room at (G-9) on map 1.
  • On map 2, head east to enter map 3.
  • Walk to the northern room of (I-7).
  • Examine the Sarcophagus in the northern room of (I-7) in The Eldieme Necropolis (S) on map 3 for a cutscene.
    • The room is full of Orcs (sight aggro, approximately level 68~71). About 8 additional Orcs nearby can link with those in the Sarcophagus room, so caution is advised. Because the cutscene will drop aggro, you shouldn't need to worry about them so long as they don't kill you in the one second it takes to drop Invisible and click the Sarcophagus (extremely unlikely).
      • Following the cut scene, be prepared to warp out or run up the hall and out of the zone.
  • Talk to Gentle Tiger (S) at the entrance to Metalworks (H-6) to complete the quest and obtain the title Assistant Detective.
  • Talk to Blatherix at (F-8) in Bastok Markets (S) to obtain an Elixir. While you don't need to do this to continue with Cait Sith (Mission), you will need to pick this up in order to continue this quest line later.
    • Note:You may wish to hang onto this Elixir if progressing along the Bastok (S) quest line, as it will be needed later in The Truth Lies Hid. Otherwise you will need to re-buy it from the AH or a Curio Vendor Moogle.
  • IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE FLAGGING THESE QUESTS, make sure to enter the Southern San d'Oria (S) on foot and not from a mount. Also, go back and make sure that you finished the last cutscene where you zone from one of the maws in Rolanberry Fields (S), Batallia Downs (S), or Sauromugue Champaign (S). If Back to the Beginning is still showing in your mission list, you may have missed that last cutscene. It is possible to do some of these quests prior to actually finishing Back to the Beginning, and will result in you not being able to flag your desired quests.

Game Description

Gentle Tiger (S) (Entrance to the Metalworks, Bastok Markets (S))
It appears Senator Werner had a secret mercenary force in his employ. What other clandestine plans will be uncovered as the investigation continues...?