Start NPC Jamal - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Wings of the Goddess
All 11 alter egos acquired from the 3 Trust permit quests (See below)
Items Needed KeyItemBundle of half-inscribed scrolls
Repeatable No
Reward Trust: Rainemard
Trust: Klara
Trust: Excenmille (S)
Trust: Romaa Mihgo
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Trust: Bastok
Trust: San d'Oria
Trust: Windurst
Quell Your Rage

Bundle of half-inscribed scrolls

Bundle of half-inscribed scrolls
These scrolls, supplied to you by Jamal of the Jeuno Institute of Magical Studies, are magical tableaus referred to as "ciphers," and call upon the bonds of a third party to summon another being into this world.

Allows players to unlock the following alter egos by speaking to the following NPCs:

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