• Enhances potency of your next weapon skill. Requires at least one Finishing Move.
  • Obtained: Dancer Level 50
  • Finishing Moves Used: 1-3
  • Recast Time: 00:10
  • Duration: 01:00


  • Building Flourish boosts your next weapon skill and consumes up to three Finishing Moves.
  • The number of Finishing Moves this ability consumes depends upon the number of moves that are available when it is used.
    • Using one Finishing Move boosts the Accuracy of your next weapon skill.
    • Using two Finishing Moves boosts both the Accuracy and Attack of your next weapon skill.
    • Using three Finishing Moves boosts the Accuracy, Attack and Critical Hit Rate of your next weapon skill.
  • Each merit upgrade will boost the Accuracy gained by 2, the Attack gained by 1%, and the Critical Hit Rate by 1%.


  • You can use Wild Flourish with a weapon skill augmented by Building Flourish.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Building Flourish" <me>
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