Start NPC Ryoma - Norg (H-8)
Requirements Ninja 72+
Katana Skill 250+ (Merits not included, only base skill)
No other weaponskill quest active
Repeatable No
Reward Grants the weaponskill Blade: Ku

Labyrinth of onzozo

Labyrinth of Onzozo


You cannot unlock this quest if you already have another Weapon Skill quest active.
  • How to remove the latent effect:
  • You must obtain 300 Weapon Skill Points.
  • Only Weapon Skills performed on Easy Prey or higher will count, even while under the effect of Level Sync.
  • You receive 1 point for opening/soloing a Weapon Skill, 2 points for closing a Lv.1 Skillchain, 3 points for closing a Lv.2 Skillchain and 5 points for closing a level 3 Skillchain.
  • To check to see if the latent effect has disappeared simply open your equipment menu, and if the elemental bonuses granted by the Kodachi of Trials are gone you are done. The description of the weapon will not change.

Game Description

Ryoma (Quay, Norg)
Wield the katana given to you by Ryoma until it has been drained of its power. Only then will you be ready to inherit the knowledge of the ancient ninja masters.


The original Japanese for this quest title is: 武技相伝, while the English (Bugi Soden) is a transliteration as opposed to translation. A loose translation of the kanji into English would be "Bequeathing an aspect of a martial arts technique".

武技 (bugi) translates cleanly as "martial arts", while 伝 in this case would mean "to pass on/bequeath" (reference: 技をえる, passing on one's skill). 相 is slightly more troublesome in this usage and would likely refer to an aspect (of the martial arts technique) being passed on.

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