Type: ENM
Zone: Monarch Linn
          Level: 50
          Members: Recommended: 3 | Maximum: 18Verification Needed
          Time: 15 minutes
Key Item: Monarch Beard





Hotupuku x 1







  • To enter the battlefield, talk to Morangeart in the Tavnazian Safehold (G-10 on the main floor).
  • A character must have reached Chains of Promathia mission, chapter 2-5 or above, to receive access into Monarch Linn.
  • Morangeart will give you the Monarch Beard key item.
  • Proceed through Riverne - Site A01 or Riverne - Site B01 to Monarch Linn. B01 is recomended as only one Giant Scale is required.
  • You will be able to choose one of the four ENM battles at the battlefield. Only one of the four battlefields in Monarch Linn can be completed every 5 Earth days.
  • Hotupuku can do multiple 2hr attacks: Invincible, Hundred Fists and Mighty Strikes.
  • When Hotupuku has TP he will do the same choice of Bugard ability three times in a row. If he is out of range to initiate the TP move on his original target, he will stop attacking and close range with his original target until he is in range. To avoid the TP moves, just run away and you will get the "Player is out of range." message which will count as a TP move.
  • Hotupuku is immune to Charm and Paralyze (all forms including Ninjutsu), but susceptible to Bind, Sleep, Gravity, Blind and Slow.
  • Hotupuku can become immune to either melee, magic, or ranged attack damage at points during the fight. Once he has gained an immunity, he will never lose that immunity. (Note that it is not necessarily due to damage quantity from a certain type; we had him go immune to ranged attacks and I was the only one doing ranged attack, throwing the occasional Shuriken)
  • Hotupuku appears to have a strong Enstone effect for 70-90.
  • DoT spells will stick and deal damage even after magic immunity is triggered.
  • After using a 2hr ability, Hotupuku will attack faster and more accurately, and use double-attacks more frequently.
  • Most of the times, the Treasure Chest contains 2 Aluminum Ores. One of the other items can also be found, but very infrequently.
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