Monipulator Overview

Type: Lizard
Family: Bugards
Weak against: Ice Trans Ice, Beasts
Killer Trait:
Movement Speed +100%
Vermin Killer

To some residents, the bugard is known as the "walking head and stomach." Its tiny front claws almost appear nonexistant, hidden on the massive head, stubby body, and two powerful legs. The gaping mouth leads to their most distinctive feature: a pair of giant tusks which they use for many different purposes, from combat to defense to burrowing for food, even for courtship. These titanic teeth are essential to the bugards. Despite their hefty size, they prove to be avid runners and can chase down anything that angers them.

How to Unlock: Level 30 Lizard (MON)
Species Forms:
Bugard (MON) (Available levels 1-99)
Abyssobugard (MON) (Available levels 50-99)

Table of Contents:
Monster SkillsTraits

Monster Skills

Level  Name TP(%)  Description
1 Scutum 80 Enhances defense.
10 Tusk 200 Deals 300% physical damage. Additional effect: Knockback.
20 Tail Roll 100 Deals physical damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
30 Awful Eye 80 Reduces the STR of enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
40 Heavy Bellow 100 Stuns enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
50 Bone Crunch 100 Deals physical damage. Additional effect: Plague.
60 Hungry Crunch 180 Steals an enemy's HP. Additional effects: TP Reset, Meal Steal.

Monster Traits

Level  Name
10  Defense Bonus
15  Resist Virus
25  Double Attack
30  Attack Bonus
35  Resist Virus II
45  Fencer (No effectExclamation)
55  Resist Virus III
58  Fencer II (No effectExclamation)
70  Resist Virus IV
71  Fencer III (No effectExclamation)
Level  Name
75 (Merit)  Savagery
75 (Merit)  Aggressive Aim (No effect)
78  Critical Attack Bonus
80  Shield Defense Bonus (No effect)
81  Resist Virus V
84  Fencer IV (No effectExclamation)
86  Defense Bonus II
86  Critical Attack Bonus II
91  Attack Bonus II
97  Fencer V (No effectExclamation)

Instincts Learned

Instinct NameEffectFaculty Point Cost Level
Bugard Instinct IDEF +30 Double Attack +1% Store TP +3 4 30
Bugard Instinct IIPhysical damage taken -2% Conserve TP +4 6 60
Bugard Instinct III Information Information Information 6 90