Mission Name Budding Prospects
Number 2-1
Reward None
Repeatable No
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Arciela Appears Again The Light Shining in Your Eyes
Replay Cutscenes
Budding Prospects(pt.1,
optional: pt.2)
Gehlvik Western Adoulin (D-9)


  • Talk with Masad in the Mummers' Coalition for a cutscene with Teodor.
    • The mission cutscene features Teodor greeting you with "<Player name>! Why such a sour look on your face!"
    • If you have not met Teodor earlier as part of Flavors of Our Lives you will not get this cutscene. That quest begins with Berghent, an old man sitting on the ground at Western Adoulin (J-9).
    • Wait at least one game day since talking with Masad for the quest, change zones, then talk to him again.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Rumors abound of a queen that rules over the precocious leafkin. Find out more about this mysterious creature by asking around Adoulin. Perhaps the well-trafficked Mummers' Coalition would be a good place to start.