Start NPC Brygid (A) - Nanaa Mihgo's Camp (D-11) - Abyssea - Altepa

Veridical Conflux #8

Requirements Reputation 2
Level 81+
Wearing Empyrean Armor
Repeatable Yes - after zoning.
Reward Stearc Subligar (100%)

0 to 1 of: (???%)
Aoidos' Seal: Body BRD
Ferine Seal: Body BST
Navarch's Seal: Body COR
Bale Seal: Body DRK
Orison Seal: Body WHM


  • Speak to Brygid while wearing at least 1 piece of Empyrean Armor.
  • Brygid requests you wear certain body and leg equipment depending on the job you approach her as. Speak to her again while having both pieces equipped for your reward.
    • If you are already wearing some of the possible gear for your current job that Brygid might select for you to wear, she will never select that gear, and will always suggest something else. Because of this, if you do not possess all of the possible equipment that Brygid might select for you to wear, it is recommended to unequip your body/legs armor prior to initiating the quest, to decrease the chances of Brygid selecting the equipment you do not have.
    • Unlike previous quests, Brygid will accept both standard and HQ (+1) versions of gear. I.E. both a Orison Cap or a Orison Cap +1 will initiate the quest, and if she requests for you to wear a Scorpion Harness, a Scorpion Harness +1 will also fulfill the requirement.
    • If you cannot find or obtain a piece of the equipment she asks for, you can talk to her again and she'll ask if you want to continue or quit. Electing to quit will remove the quest from your 'current' logs. You will have to rezone and talk to her again to redo/restart the quest, which will then randomize another pair of gear.
Aketon Black Cotehardie Darksteel Harness Errant Houppelande
Justaucorps Scorpion Breastplate Scorpion Harness Silk Cloak
Tiger Jerkin Vermillion Cloak Vivacity Coat Haubergeon
Blue Cotehardie War Aketon Coral Scale Mail Hauberk
Master's Gi Gavial Mail
Battle Hose Clown's Subligar Darksteel Subligar Dusk Trousers
Errant Slops Jet Seraweels Silk Slacks Silken Slops
Tabin Hose Vendor's Slops Coral Cuisses Barone Cosciales
Darksteel Breeches Igqira Lappas War Brais Arhat's Hakama

Possible Stearc Subligar Augments

Potential Augments Augmented (up to 2 max)
Refresh + 1 (0.9%) (Gives 1MP/tick while equipped)
HP Recovered While Healing +1~4
Resist Vs. Light +1~20
CHR +1~18
MP Recovered While Healing +1~4

Historical Background

This quest's name is an allusion to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, while Brygid the Stylist Returns is an allusion to Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Game Description

Brygid (A) Nanaa Mihgo's Camp (D-11) - Abyssea - Altepa
Brygid, the self-professed stylist extraordinaire, has given you some fashion advice. Her pull-no-punches style of fashion critiques seems somehow familiar...