Start NPC Diegai (A) - Abyssea - Tahrongi
Requirements Abyssea - Tahrongi Reputation 2
Items Needed Gunpowder Swathe x10
Repeatable No
Reward 500 cruor per Gunpowder Swathe


Update Note

  • This quest used to require 50 Gunpowder Swathes. In the December 6th, 2010 update, the number required was lowered to 10. If you had traded more than 10 but less than 50 prior to the update, your number is now automatically set to 9 so you only have to trade one more Gunpowder Swathe to finish the quest.

Game Description

Diegai (A)
A young Galkan child fears for the safety and sanity of his friend and guardian. Seek out Baladanzo, who claims to have heard voices coming from the far side of an impassable rockslide...