Start NPC Traiffeaux - Kamihr Drifts (K-10)
Items Needed Rabbit Hide x3
Raaz Tusk
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward KeyItemPair of fuzzy earmuffs
500 bayld
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I'm on a Boat None


Windower Notice!

Currently, as of February 2018, if you are using Windower 3 or 4 it is HIGHLY likely that the cutscene will freeze as soon it fades to black.

If this occurs, you can simply exit the client and restart the game without using Windower until after you've completed the quest.

Game Description

Traiffeaux (Frontier Station, Kamihr Drifts)
Walls of sheer ice are impeding colonization in Kamihr Drifts. You need to find the weak spot in these walls--but your ears will freeze without a pair of earmuffs. Collect three rabbit hides and one raaz tusk and bring them to Traiffeaux.
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