Mission Name Breaking Barriers
Number 9-1
Start NPC Any San d'Orian Gate Guard
Level 65+
Items Needed KeyItemFigure of Titan
KeyItemFigure of Garuda
KeyItemFigure of Leviathan
Reward Rank points
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Lightbringer The Heir to the Light


  • Trade 91-92 (6 dark crystals on 11/29/2015) crystals to one of the gate guards, or repeat Mission 1-2 10 times.
  • After accepting the mission, go directly to the Great Hall in the Chateau d'Oraguille for a cutscene with Trion, Pieuje, the papasque Shamonde, and Princess Claidie
  • The next part of this mission is to collect three key items IN ORDER.
  • The key items must be obtained in order.
  • Key items cannot be skipped even if someone else pops the NMs for you for the last Key Item.
  • For the first two Key Items, it is suggested to bring a job that can Sneak and Invisible itself. However, touching the ??? triggers a short cutscene that may cause mobs following you to lose aggro.
  • Key Item #2 is located at (H-7) in Xarcabard.
  • The ??? is located in the upper level among some trees on your left as you go up the slope.
  • Once the ??? is inspected, you will receive a KeyItemFigure of Garuda.
  • Take the southern entrance to Eldieme Necropolis at (J-10) from Batallia Downs.
  • Have one person use the Lever at (H-8) and manipulate the Gates, while the second person proceeds to the southern room at (G-9).
  • Once there, the second person can use the matching Lever in the north part of the room to manipulate the Gates for the first person.
  • Use Sneak if needed and drop down the hole in the center of the room at (G-9). (You'll get aggro even at lvl 99).
  • Follow the path east and you will be on a new map. Work your way south, taking a right at the first intersection and a left at the second intersection. Follow this path until you zone back out to Batallia Downs
  • After zoning, take a right and head South. The ??? you are looking for will be on the cliffs edge just east of the Stone Monument. Watch out for the Notorious Monster Ahtu, as it spawns on this island.
  • Clicking the ??? will spawn two NM Rocs, Suparna and Suparna Fledgling.
  • After defeating the NMs, check the ??? again for a cutscene and your final key item, a KeyItemFigure of Leviathan.
  • Report back to the King to end the mission.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Darkness looms over San d'Oria. Report to the Audience Chamber in Chateau d'Oraguille for further details.
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