Brass Statue

The Brass Statue is used to input passwords found on 3 other statues to open the path to the highest level monsters in the area. These statues can be found spread apart throughout Castle Oztroja and change their password at the turn of the Vanadiel day. Due to this, "cracking" the password is often used to gain entry beyond the trap door. Beyond the trap door at the foot of the Brass Statue can be found more high level Yagudo, (including the True Sight Notorious Monsters of Castle Oztroja) and several quest related points (namely the door for Saintly Invitation and the ??? for limit quest 3).

The Brass Statue has several possible combinations of the 16 password possibilities. Entering each password in turn will result in an "incorrect" response or ask for the next password. By working through the list one at a time, it is possible to find all three passwords in less than 18 attempts. In the case that you get an "incorrect" on a second password, keep working down the list to find the next word!

The 16 possible words are
  1. Domi
  2. Puqu
  3. Gadu
  4. Deggi
  5. Mjuu
  6. Xalmo
  7. Haqa
  8. Mong
  9. Ouzi
  10. Duzu
  11. Buxu
  12. Quu
  13. Misu
  14. Xicu
  15. Duxo
  16. Zhuu


  • It is entirely possible to just guess the three password code without ever going to the other statues.
  • Statues that give passwords are located at: Map 1 (H-9); Map 2 (H-9); Map 3 (I-8). All statues are in the tiny rooms at those positions.
  • Anyone can fall through the trap door while it is open, no matter who gave the password.
  • The passwords are case-sensitive.
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