Start NPC None
Items Needed KeyItemKupofried's corundum
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward KeyItemClairvoy ant
Provenance access
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Glimmer of Hope Provenance


  • Choose to "warp to ???" during the previous quest's cutscene to enter Provenance.
    • If you chose not to warp, return to the glimmering ??? and choose the warp option.
  • The cutscene continues in Provenance and you are rewarded with a KeyItemClairvoy ant and access to Provenance.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The first contact has been made with Cait Sith since she disappeared through a distortion in the Walk of Echoes, but Kupofried's tone hints that trying times lie ahead. Could the truth surrounding these planar rift appearances finally come to light!?