Start NPC Raustigne - Southern San d'Oria (S) (I-7)
Requirements Cait Sith (Mission) active or completed
Items Needed Key ItemVunkerl Herb Memo
Key ItemVunkerl Herb
Repeatable No
Reward Carbon Fishing Rod
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Cait Sith

Claws of the Griffon

Wrath of the Griffon


Make sure you have flagged Cait Sith (Mission), or you cannot begin this quest.

  • {Southern San d'Oria (S)} (I-7) Talk to Raustigne at (I-7) (big gate at Victory Square) to trigger a cutscene.
  • Talk to Rholont at (E-7) for cutscene.
  • {Vunkerl Inlet (S)} (H-6) Examine a ??? on the north side of the bridge for a cutscene and Key ItemVunkerl Herb Memo.
    • The quest now appears in your log.
  • (F-5) At Ludiwa Spring, acquire Key ItemVunkerl Herb by examining Leafy Patch on the shore of the lake.
    • You need to get the proper herb color according to the time of day that you arrive at the Leafy Patch.
      • 00:00~07:59: red
      • 08:00~15:59: blue
      • 16:00~23:59: green
    • You choose the color of the herb you wish to pick when you pick it, so you do not need to wait until a specific time. Just pick the herb that corresponds to the current time.
    • It does not matter when you hand in the herb, as long as it was harvested at the proper time.
  • If you pick the wrong herb, you must go back to the Leafy Patch at (F-5) and pick a new herb.
  • After you get the herb, return to the ??? at (H-6) for the final cutscene and a Carbon Fishing Rod.

Game Description

Excenmille (Vunkerl Inlet (S))
Klythios the Gigas has hurt his leg during an epic fish-off with Excenmille. Make haste and go gather the correct healing herb to treat the injury.