Start NPC Guslam - Upper Jeuno (H-8)
Requirements Summoner 50+
Must have started Class Reunion
Items Needed Grotto Coffer Key
KeyItemOld Gauntlets
KeyItemShadow Flames
Uggalepih Coffer Key
Toraimarai Coffer Key
Repeatable Yes, see Vingijard after AF is complete
Reward Evoker's Bracers
Evoker's Doublet
Evoker's Pigaches
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Class Reunion None


If you have any other Borghertz's Hands quest active, you must complete that one before you can start this quest.

  • Speak to Guslam (H-8) in Upper Jeuno in the Durable Shields shop and accept the quest.
    • After starting the quest, you can obtain the rewards in any order.

Main Quest

You will obtain a pair of KeyItemOld Gauntlets from the coffer.
  • If this is your first time completing AF gear (for any job), do the following:
    • Head back to Upper Jeuno and talk to Guslam again, who tells you he cannot repair them.
    • Deadly Minnow, behind the counter in the same shop, will tell you to find a Mithra at the Tenshodo for more information.
    • Go to Lower Jeuno and go into Neptune's Spire and talk to Yin Pocanakhu at (J-8). Pay her 1,000 gil to hear her story.
  • Head to Port Jeuno, go downstairs into the Auction House area, and find a ??? on some crates just outside the Jeuno Duty-Free Shop at (H-8).
  • Click on the ??? for a cutscene and ask to have the gloves repaired.
  • Go to (F-8) in Castle Zvahl Baileys and touch one of the torches to spawn Dark Spark.
  • Kill Dark Spark.
  • Touch one of the torches again to receive the KeyItemShadow Flames.
    • If other players in the party also need this key item, they can touch the torch at this time as well; you do not need to fight Dark Spark for each party member who needs the KeyItemShadow Flames.
  • Head back to Port Jeuno and click on the ??? at the toolbox for another cutscene and your Evoker's Bracers. This completes the quest.


These coffers can be opened without this quest active and still receive the attire.
These coffers are not required to complete the quest.
You must have Summoner as your main job when you open these coffers.

Game Description

Guslam (Durable Shields, Upper Jeuno)
Gauntlets wrought by Borghertz, the legendary craftsman, lie hidden somewhere in Vana'diel.

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