Job Ability

  • Enhances user's next attack.
  • Obtained: Monk Level 5
  • Recast Time: 0:15
  • Duration: 3:00


  • Upon usage, character's attack stat is raised by 12%.
  • Lasts for three minutes or until an attack is made.
  • Usage while engaged in combat will slightly delay the user's next attack.
  • Boosting multiple times without attacking will further increase attack.
  • If no attack is made within three minutes of a user's first Boost, the entire effect wears off.
  • Adds to the user an amount of enmity approximately equal to one third of a Provoke.
  • Directly increases the damage output of Chi Blast.
  • If the Temple Gloves are equipped, all properties of Boost are enhanced, making the attack stat rise by 18.75%.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Boost" <me>
  • Some people prefer to use one macro to Boost multiple times:
    • /ja "Boost" <me>
    • /wait 15
    • /ja "Boost" <me>
    • /wait 15
    • /ja "Boost" <me>
    • /recast "Boost"
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