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This guide is tailored for people interested in quickly leveling Bonecrafting as a primary craft, as well as paving the way to level sub crafts of Woodworking, Leathercraft and maybe even Alchemy.

My primary focus in crafting avoid the Auction House for selling your results. Yes I know you can gain quite a lot of money by selling your crafted items to other players, but the real money is in hopefully HQing high level crafts, and its best to try and get to those crafts faster. Time spent trying to AH your items, is time waiting with money or inventory tied up.


Fairly straight forward. Buying the Bone Chips from the guild vendors in Windurst will probably be the cheapest way to acquire them. Sell your results to vendor/guild. You could use the Arrowheads to level wood, but there are cheaper woodworking crafts for those level ranges. Test item is a Shell Ring

1-4: Bone Hairpin

Bone hairpin.JPG

Wind Crystal

4-9: Bone Arrowheads


Wind Crystal


More cheap synthesis. Sheep Teeth can be acquired from the Auction House or from the guild. Carapace Powder will become the first difficult craft to face in that Beetle shells do not stack, and can be difficult to acquire. Again, vendor your results. Test item: Bone Ring

9-16: Gelatin


Fire Crystal

9-17: Bone Ring -alt.


Wind Crystal

17-21: Carapace Powder

Carapace Powder.png

Wind Crystal


Up and until now, things have been fairly cheap. Beetle Jaws will pick up the cost a good bit however. Giant Femurs are best bought from the AH in Windurst. You'll lose a bit of money on this bridge, we'll make it back later. Test item: Beetle Earring

21-25: Beetle Ring

Beetle Ring.jpg

Wind Crystal

24-28: Gelatin


Fire Crystal

Levels 28 - 40: Novice

Arrowheads are excellent if you're leveling woodworking. However once you craft them for woodworking gains you might find it hard to sell the end result arrows. Ram Horns are unnecessarily pricey on the AH, mostly due to the fact that they don't stack. I'd recommend farming as many as you can from the Tremor Rams and Battering Rams to ease the costs and time involved in buying from the AH. Test Item: Conveniently a Horn Ring

28-33: Beetle Arrowheads

Beetle Arrowheads.png

Wind Crystal

33-37: Horn Ring

Horn Ring.gif

Wind Crystal

33-38: Fang Arrowheads -alt.

Fang Arrowheads.jpg

Wind Crystal


Again, more ram horns. If you're farming for your horns, this is where getting your Leathercraft to 30 is helpful. Farm the ram, craft hides to leathers and use the horns for arrowheads. If you've been working on woodworking, you'll have used most of the arrowheads you've made in these last 25 levels. AH the rest if you want. Scorpion crafts are a godsend. Mushussu in Crawlers Nest drop 2x claws and 1x shell 100% of the time. Bring crystals and set up camp in CN till your inventory is full. If possible, save/mule/mail yourself as may of those shells as you can for the next crafts. Test item: Carapace Gorget

38-43: Horn Arrowheads

Horn Arrowheads.jpg

Wind Crystal

43-53: Scorpion Arrowheads

Scorpion Arrowheads.jpg

Wind Crystal


Takes alot of Mushussu, lot of crafts to get to 60. Good thing is your only cost in all this is crystals. Vendor your rings and by the time you're 60 you'll have easily made back all the money invested to this point. Test item: Astragalos

53-60: Scorpion Ring

Scorpion Ring.gif

Wind Crystal


Demon Arrowheads are the first and only craft you'll really focus on selling on the AH. They sell well, should help cover the cost of Demon Horns. Vendor the other crafts as they are difficult unload anywhere else. Test item: Bone Patas

60-63 Demon Arrowheads

Demon Arrowheads.jpg

Wind Crystal

63-66 Crumhorn

56 - Crumhorn.jpg

Wind Crystal

66-69 Beast Horn


Wind Crystal

66-70 Demon's Ring -alt.

Demon's Ring.png

Wind Crystal


I loved this craft. Black Tiger Fangs and Carbon Fiber can be farmed/crafted if you want, but even buying them from the AH if you farm your own scorpion shells selling this craft to vendor can make you a healthy bit of money before you're finished. Considering the 9 level gap for when I recommend doing this, you'll want to have Protective Spectacles and the Boneworker's Apron before starting this to make it possible. Test item: Coral Hairpin

70-79: Tigerfangs


Fire Crystal


Things slow down here quite alot. You'll have to rely on the AH to obtain your materials, and you'll need a lot of horns and beaks until you're finally past Bugles. Dragon Masks sell well to vendor, even though you'll toss a lot of gil out the window crafting them. Can't be helped, just have to bite the bullet and muscle through. Test item: Coral Bangles

79-85: Hellish Bugle

Hellish Bugle.png

Earth Crystal

85-87: Dragon Mask

Dragon Mask.jpg

Wind Crystal


Its almost not fair how awesome this first craft is. Trumpet Shells are easily fished up in Vunkerl Inlet, or if you buy them from the AH as long as you spend less then 20k a stack, you'll still make money selling your rings to vendor. Gavial masks... well theres a reason I said the first craft was only "almost" not fair. Takes quite a few of these to finally make it to 100, so be ready to lose a lot of money. But probably the hardest thing about this craft is the scarcity of materials. You'll be competing with all other Bonecrafters trying to reach 100, as this is really the only viable option to 100. Titanictus shells can be de-synthed from Titanictus, a skill 100 fish caught on ferry rides. Alternatively you can *rarely* dig them up with a chocobo in the Aletpa deserts. With some patience, you'll get that 100.

87-96: Trumpet Ring

File:Trumpet ring.jpg

Wind Crystal

96-100: Gavial Mask


Wind Crystal