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Blue Mage Guide To Playing

Unlike the other guides to playing this one won't show you strengths, weaknesses, race stats or anything else you don't really need to know; what you need to know is how to play it in parties and soloing, hence the title Guide to Playing not Guide of Race Stats.


You are a DD and sometimes a puller(Fisherman), once you hit 30ish and learn Wild Carrot, if its really needed can be a backup healer.

  • You are Not a Main Healer or a Tank, sure you can take hits but once that Utsusemi is gone well; your time is up.

And on the healing front sure you can Heal but unless your wearing MND gear you cant really heal alot, also the MP cost of Wild Carrot is 37, how many times can you cast that?

Ok now thats said I can get onto what you do in party situations.

I've tested damage output and i've found Wild Oats to weaken the Foe then a Combo of Bludgeon --> Headbutt; Rense and Repeat. But there are other tactics like

  • Wild Oats --> Sprout Smack --> Bludgeon --> Headbutt; then Repeat Bludgeon --> Headbutt.


  • Sandspin --> Sprout Smack --> Wild Oats --> Bludgeon --> Headbutt (thats Acc Down, Slow, Vit Down) then of course Bludegon --> Headbutt.
    • But if you dislike Bludgeon and/or Headbutt you can try Power Attack, Battle Dance, Foorkick but you'll find their damage output is much lower than a combo of Bludgeon and Headbutt.


Soloing is a complete different story now you are forced to be a tank, DD and self healer so here are the new tactics.

Damage Control

  • Utsusemi --> Metalic Body --> Cocoon now when Utsusemi wears your Metalic Body will protect you for enough time to cast Utsusemi again but this only works once as you will have to cast Metalic Body again and it takes too long to cast so now its probably best to use Sprout Smack to slow the Mob down and if you still cant get Utsusemi out fast enough try Sheep Song to Sleep the Mob.


  • This should be done at any time when your health gets too low and should be immediatley followed by Utsusemi.


Bludgeon --> Headbutt is your best bet

  • Small combo's are a must skip the debuffs they will only slow your damage output.


This depends on your level good guides for camps can be found at these two places both lacking high level camps though.

  • Also shows some places to camp spells.

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