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A list of armor for Blue Mage. Optimizing haste, STP, and Double Attack to ws as often as possible. Also listing DMG attributes (str, dex, atk, acc) and Triple attack and Conserve TP (CTP) will appear as well.

Other lists for Evasion, PDT, and MAB.


TP Armor

Slot Name Level Def Haste DA/TA STP/CTP DMG
Head Cobra Cap 68 22 STP+2 Acc+4
Head Mavi Kavuk +2 85 34 6% Acc+12, Sword Skill+7, Enhances Chain Affinity
Head Zelus Tiara 90 8%
Head Ferox Vizor 76 25 DA+2% Dex+4
Head Anwig Salade 75 21 3%Augmented STP+4Augmented Agi4/Increases WS Dmg+2%Augmented, Acc+10/Atk+5Augmented, Str+4/WS Acc+15Augmented, Dex+2/Haste2%Augmented, Dex4/Increases Crit Dmg2%Augmented
Body Cobra Harness 68 42 STP+6 Acc+11
Body Mavi Mintan +2 89 60 3% Acc+12
Body Homam Corazza 75 49 TA+1% Acc+15
Body Mirke Wardecors 75 42 Dual Wield 3%Augmented DA+2Augmented STP+4Augmented Acc+10Augmented, Crit Rate+3%Augmented, Atk+10Augmented
Hands Cobra Mittens 68 13 STP+4 Acc+4
Hands Ocelot Gloves 80 22 3% Dex+4, Agi+8
Legs Enkidu's Subligar 72 40 STP+5 Str+4, Dex+4
Legs Mavi Tayt +2 83 47 4% Str+8, Dex+8, Enhances Efflux
Legs Desultor Tassets 75 34 +3Augmented DA+2%Augmented CTP+5Augmented Dex/Agi+2, SC Dmg+5%Augmented, Atk+7Augmented, Acc+7Augmented, Crit Dmg+3%Augmented
Feet Cobra Unit Leggings 68 10 STP+4 Acc+4
Feet Setanta's Ledelsens 74 19 2% Str+3, Dex+4, Acc+3
Feet Homam Gambieras 75 16 3% Acc+6
Feet Dusk Ledelsens 72 23 2% (lowers move speed) Attack+4, HP+25
Neck Almah Torque 74 STP+2
Neck Chivalrous Chain 60 4 STP+1 Str+3, Acc+5
Neck Tiercel Necklace 74 1%
Back Fourth Mantle 60 4 STP+2 Regain (Campaign)
Back Bushido Cape 60 7 Enhances Zanshin STP+1
Back Aesir Mantle 75 6 DA+1%, 2% (darksday) Atk+8
Back Atheling Mantle 89 15 DA+3% Atk+20
Waist Goading Belt 77 5% STP+5
Waist Twilight Belt 90 8 7% DA+2%
Earring Brutal Earring 75 DA+5% STP+1
Earring Wyvern Earring 30 5% (Drg SJ)
Earring Aesir Ear Pendant 75 CTP+3 (+6 Dark Weather) Attack +7
Earring Suppanomimi 75 Dual Wield +5% Agi+2, Sword Skill+5
Ring Rajas Ring 30 STP+5 Str+5, Dex+5 (lv75+)
Ring Hoard Ring 74 STP+4 Str-4, Dex-4
Ring Ecphoria Ring 49 STP+1 Acc+4
Ring Epona's Ring 89 DA+3%, TA+3%

Tanking Armor

eva, pdt, mdt, def, vit, agi, m.eva, mdb

Magic Armor

mab, m.acc, m.crit, int, mnd, mp, conserve mp

X-Hit Builds

For a 6-hit build dual-wielding swords, imitate the following setup;

  • Swords: Almace (85) (6tp/hit), Khanda +2 DA+10 (6.7tp/hit) Trial 2343
  • Haste Gear: Mavi Kavuk +2, Mavi Tayt +2, Setanta's Ledelsens (or Ocelot Gloves and match 4stp on feet), Goading Belt (or Twilight belt, losing +5stp but gaining 2haste)
  • Dual Wield: Suppanomimi, Mirke Wardecors (DW and STP augmentss)
  • Store TP: Mirke Wardecors, Cobra Mitts, Almah Torque (or chivalrous chain losing 1stp), Goading Belt, Brutal Earring, Rajas Ring, Hoard Ring, White Tathlum (if possible)
  • Double Attack: Aesir Mantle, (optional: Twilight belt), Brutal Earring, (optional: Epona's ring, losing 4stp)

Totals add up to: 17%haste +15% using Animating Wail, 25 STP (23 without tathlum) +10% setting JA, Dual Wield 8% +25% from /nin, 16% Double Atk +10% setting JA. Using Atma in abyssea will push these numbers even further.

  • 32% Haste, 35 STP, 33% DW, 26% DA
  • STP caps at +51
  • Formulas: (STP/100) x [(tp of weapon1)+(tp of weapon2)] = tp gained from stp
  • Above Result + (tp of weapon1) + (tp of weapon2) = TP per Attack Round

35/100 x (6 + 6.7) = 4.445 + (6 + 6.7) = 17.1 (rounded down). So 100tp/17.1 = 5.8 or 6 attack rounds for full tp.

Adding Double Attack/Triple Attack you can hit 5 or even 4hits for full tp, but since they aren't 100% and since you also will have some missed attacks, it's safer not to add DA/TA to the math. Conserve TP can also help some and regain will speed things up as well.

Although your weapons base tp/hit and STP are the only factors for x-hit, Haste, Dual Wield, and Double Attack will help you achieve your x-hit quicker.

  • Almace(85) delay: 224, Khanda+2 delay: 252, Haste+32%, DualWield+33%, DoubleAtk+26%
  • Formulas: [(delay of weapon1+delay of weapon2)/2] x (dual wield/100) = Reduced Delay
  • Step2: [(delay of weapon1+delay of weapon2 /2) - Reduced Delay] x (haste/100) = Increased attacks
  • Step3: [(delay of weapon1+delay of weapon2 /2) - Reduced Delay] - Increased attacks = total delay
  • Caps: Haste equipment cap is 25%, Magical Haste cap is 43%, and JA haste cap is 25%, Total haste cap is 80%, Total magic recast reduction is 50%
  • dual wielded weapons share an average delay

[(224 + 252)/2] x (33/100) = 78.5; (238 - 78.5) x (32/100) = 51.04; 159.5 - 51.04 = 108.4 Delay

So according to this formula and setup, you'd attack every 1.1 seconds. So my math is most likely wrong, maybe missing a dual wield penalty. If anyone knows what it is please let me know ^^