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Simply an opinion on some of the gear available for an Endgame Blue Mage for all slots, and weapons. For those that choose to add gear, please keep in mind that this is an Endgame gear guide for BLU, so please don't add something that is used for other levels.

A few facts.

  • Disseverment and Frenetic Rip have STR AND DEX modifiers. Hysteric Barrage is just DEX. So be careful when people say to focus on STR for spells.
  • Magic Attack Bonus does NOT affect Blue Mage's Breath Spells.
  • Don't say "Focus on such and such stats in this order...". You're a DD job. Have a TP gear setup and a Weapon Skill setup just like other DD jobs.
  • Damage from most breath attack spells (Frost Breath, Heat Breath) are based on a certain % of your HP.
  • BLU doesn't evade. We are no Ninja or Thief. So instead of trying to focus on evasion when soloing, focus more on stun-locking the enemy with Head Butt to try and kill time until next Utsusemi recast. With a + Haste setup and a bard, you can get Head Butt recasts to as low as 4-5 seconds, which is basically a Head Butt right after your previous one wears off. Don't expect to be able to solo something that is resistant or immune to stun.


Ifrit's Blade

Your ideal off-hand weapon. The obvious attractions are the STR +3 for your spells and the Attack +10 for TP build. Let's be realistic, most of the time if not all, you're using physical spells, so this is an excellent choice. Obtained by defeating Ifrit in the Trial by Fire quest.


Easily obtained if you have the Kindred Seals to spend on KSNM's. The Dissector has the same base damage as Ifrit's Blade, slighty less delay (231 compared to Ifrit's 236) and Critical Hit rate +6%. It's nice to main hand for a while, however the 6% Critical Hit rate only applies to the hand that the sword is in (~3% increase overall). Still a very nice option, and looks pretty nice as well.

Martial Anelace

If you want to make the most out of your weapon skills, then this is the way to go. The TP bonus turns 100 TP weapon skills into 200 TP weapon skills, and 200 to 300. Its higher base damage compared to the Dissector and Ifrit's Blade make this an ideal choice to main hand. Easily bought off the AH for a reasonable price, or obtained through the ENM Brothers.

Perdu Hanger

By all means the best choice for a weapon as a blue mage. Perdu Hanger has the lowest delay of the previous 3 choices (225), the highest base damage (44) which is even higher than Hofud, and gives attack +15 and accuracy +5 all while under 100 TP including on weapon skills. Main hand this, enjoy this, for this will be your main weapon for a long time to come. It's obtained with 40,000 Imperial Standing and having a Chief Sergeant rank in assault.


Now while noone is sure about the proc rate of the HP/MP drain, odds are it's not often and doesn't drain any dramatic amount. It has a decent 42 base damage and 236 delay which is third to Perdu Hanger and Dissector. MND +5 and CHR +5 are rather irrelvant stats as a Blue Mage maybe except +MND for Magic Fruit and other healing spells, but if healing is that important, you better use a Light/Apollo's Staff. However it gives HP +3% which makes this the perfect choice for your +HP setup in a Heat Breath build (Damage = ~50% of your HP), though a Vulcan's Staff, or even the NQ is better simply to lower resist rates.

Demon Slayer

The DEX +2 in this weapon is helpful when it comes to spells, and VIT +2 is good for Cannonball mods, but it is still not enough reason to choose this over a Perdu Hanger or even Ifrit's Blade since you'll have 3 more STR and 10 more attack. I must say though, this is a sexy weapon if you want to show it off.

Wing Sword +1

Use this for Cannonball if you can afford it. If not than the non HQ is fine. Sedres- Failing that, Jagdplaute +1's tend to be a helluva lot cheaper for the same stat bonus.

Beast Slayer

The new sword added from the popular ZNM fights easily tops the Demon Slayer in terms of stats, and maybe even sexiness, as well as the popular Ifrit's Blade because of the DEX for spell mods, a bit of accuracy, and the 20 MP, not to mention the higher overall base damage. This is good to main-hand if you don't have a Perdu Hanger.


Beast spell casting sword for the big three and most other physical spells. Drops from an NM Bugard in MMM (drop rate appears quite high with the correct set up).


Walahra Turban

Obviously a good choice for BLU. You can't argue with +30HP, +30MP, and +5% Haste for TP and spell recasts. Get it.

Optical Hat

If you find yourself missing a lot, use one of these. Good for soloing, and TP build.

Magus Keffiyeh

A good blue mage should know his Beast Strength Chart. That's where the AF head comes into play. It's as simple as this: For example, you're fighting a Dragon (Wyvern, Puk, etc.). Put on your AF head and use Frenetic Rip, Eyes On Me, Mind Blast, etc., and since it's a demon-type spell, you get a damage bonus. The damage is not much though, and you will probably get a better damage bonus from a Voyager's Sallet when it comes to physical spells, but other magical spells that aren't breath spells might have some room for this, especially if it's a enfeebling-type spell or anything that hinder's an enemy without doing damage (Sheep Song, Actinic Burst). Look at the chart and you'll understand more as well as see other strengths/weaknesses. This shouldn't be used for any other situation though, keep that in mind.

Homam Zucchetto

A decent bonus to HP and MP, +4 accuracy, +4 Magic Accuracy for your magical spells, and 3% Haste. It's like they took part of a Walahra Turban and part of an Optical Hat and put it together. If you have a head piece that gives +STR or +DEX use it instead for skillchains. Obtained from Proto-Omega in Limbus. (Sea access required.)

Voyager Sallet

Probably the best head piece you can use for your Self-Skillchains. +3 STR and +4 DEX isn't obtainable by any other piece of head equipment, except Maat's Cap, so this is a must have for spells and weaponskills.

Morrigan's Coronal

Don't let the name fool you. Just because it's a piece from the Morrigan's Robe Set, doesn't mean it's the best. The +20MP, +5 ACC and +5 MACC is almost the same as the Homam Zucchetto without the haste and +HP, and the +STR and +DEX from the Voyager's Sallet overall beats out the +4 STR, INT, and MND that this offers. Given the difficulty and cost required to obtain this, it's not worth pursuing.

Wivre Mask +1

The best head piece for Cannonball mod setups (+3 STR, +3 VIT). Evasion +11 isn't bad either if you love evasion that much. NQ is fine if you can't afford this.

Crimson Mask

Obtained from getting a Wyrmal Abjuration: Head that drops off King Behemoth. It gives a nice +20HP and +20MP and gives you Auto-Regen which stacks with the job trait you can get from spells. Enfeebling Magic +10 is irrelevant unless your subbing RDM. Nothing to count on though.

Yigit Turban

Not many melee stats, but it gives MND +4 for your healing spells, as well as Enmity -5 and MP while healing +1. You may want to get this for the whole set which gives you Refresh. Obtained with 20,000 Ilrusi Atoll assault points.

Saurian Helm

The new head piece which requires the "Wings of the Goddess" expansion is without question one of the best head pieces for a Blue Mage's Heat Breath build. It gives a +50 boost to HP (don't forget, Heat Breath damage is equivalent to ~50% of your HP; subject to resists), and increases breath attack damage by ~10% according to tests. It drops off Scitalis, a Wyvern type NM in Grauberg (S).

Mirage Keffiyeh

The newest piece of Blue Mage equip gives an extra +5 Blue magic skill, a bit of HP, and according to tests, increases Breath damage by about 10%. This is a significant loss of HP, however, against HNMs and other very resistant mobs, the extra Blue Magic skill is what defines this piece. In other situations, however, you would be better off using the Saurian Helm for breath spells. The +Blue Magic skill would be useful towards other Magical-Type spells such as the less-talked-about Eyes On Me.

Enkidu's Cap

Less accuracy than an optical hat, less DEX than a Voyager's Sallet, but a nice mix of both. I would still use Voyager's Sallet for weapon skills, but if you need the extra accuracy, this is a great alternative to the O-Hat.

Gnadbhod's Helm

Compared to Voyager's Sallet, an additional 3 STR and 8 Attack outright trumps the Voyager's Sallet for Weapon Skills and Physical Magic modifiers, at the not-so-important drawback of Slow+5%. Good Luck on finding a group that does SCNMs though, as this drops from The Blood-bathed Crown.


Magus Jubbah

There's not much I can say about this. If you cast spells without it equipped, your making a huge mistake (except for spells where blue magic doesn't have an effect, IE magic fruit/refueling). It's the only piece of equipment aside from the Relic head that gives + Blue Magic Skill (15), and +3 STR and +3 DEX are just more bonuses to your physical spells. And to round it all up, a small boost to HP and MP. Cherish this body piece. The +1 version gives +5 STR and +5 DEX, as well as HP and MP recovered while healing +1. Should still rest in your errant body or at least a refresh piece instead.

Assault Jerkin

Accuracy +3 and Attack +18 makes this nice for TP build. Not much else will give you this much attack in one slot. BLU has an A- sword skill, so with some sword merits and a Suppanomimi, you can sacrifice the + accuracy you would get from a Homam Corazza and instead use this piece for the extra attack. This is also pretty easy to get if you can get some people and a thief to camp Ose with you in Labyrinth of Onzozo.

Scorpion Harness

Accuracy and Evasion +10 (or +12 with a Scorpion Harness +1) is strictly for TP build, and soloing, nothing else. Except maybe the sexy red look. Ok to weapon skill in for Vorpal Blade, otherwise you may be better off with a STR piece for Savage Blade since it's only 2 hits.

Errant Houppelande

Used for resting and for healing magic whether it's Magic Fruit or Cure III if you're subbing white mage or red mage.

Homam Corazza

+28HP, +28MP is always nice, we can agree on that. It also gives you +15 accuracy and Triple Attack! (take that thieves). This is great for TP building if you're not taking hits. If you are put on the Scorpion Harness for + evasion (not that BLU evades much). Whether this is better than an Assault Jerkin for TP'ing, is situational and more based on personal preferance. Triple Attack does not proc on physical magic.

Vermillion Cloak

If you have the money to dish out, this is fine to swap in while idle for refresh, especially if you don't do much assault/salvage. You can get 3 mp/tick refresh with this, Sanction, and auto-refresh. If you are kiting, this is the better option since you don't have to sacrifice W.Legs for the Yigit set.

Yigit Gomlek

The piece prized by Bards gives -10% song casting time, which obviously does nothing for BLU, but it gives a nice MP recovered while healing +5. Can be useful for healing if you have the entire set.

Morrigan's Robe

Ok, so the head piece in this set wasn't all that great, but this is a completely different story. Why? One word: Refresh. So not only do you get refresh, you don't lose out on other equipment slots that you would otherwise have a Yigit piece in, or a head slot if you was using a Vermillion Cloak. And not only that, but it gives an extra 8 STR, and +5 to both accuracy and attack, so it's perfect to keep on while building TP and to keep the Refresh effect going. Keep in mind that most magical spells are NOT effected by Magic Attack Bonus, so don't let that fool you. Other than that, this is ridiculously awesome to have if you have the 7-10 mil to spend on it as well as a team skilled in Salvage and lots of time and patience on your hands.

Mirage Jubbah

The Relic body piece of the blue mage set obtained from Dynamis - Beaucedine gives a nice chunk of accuracy (10) which easily replaces a Scorpion Harness. Even more reason to keep this on is the Refresh effect. A nice alternative, better than the Morrigan's Robe for TPing with an extra +5 acc. 20 MP and -2 enmity are also nice additions. An overall good piece and probably the best piece of the entire set.

Enkidu's Harness

An excellent, but very hard to get piece, obtain from the ToAU ZNM version of Hydra. THe accuracy and attack +10 makes this probably one of the best options to build TP in, and the STR+5 for weapon skills. However whether this is better than Morrigan's Robe will be very debatable. The extra accuracy and attack on this makes up for the extra STR on the Robe, but if you have a Morrigan's Robe, you're gonna want to keep the refresh effect going at all times. Not to mention that the Harness comes nowhere as close to the sexiness of a Morrigan's Robe.


Dusk Gloves

The obvious choice for TP build. Attack +5 and Haste +3% for spell recast times.

Alkyoneus's Bracelets

Ok here's how I feel about these. Alky bracelets are very popular. They give +40HP, a whopping +11 STR, but -6 to DEX and AGI. So let me make this clear, do NOT use this for soloing. The +11 STR is awesome for Weapon skills, and spells such as Vertical Cleave which has just STR mods (similar to Tachi: Gekko, Tachi: Kasha). As for other spells, you have to keep in mind that they have both STR and DEX mods, so -6 DEX kinda negates a lot of the 11 STR. But then again there aren't many other options for the hand slot so this is still probably your best bet. The +40 HP is also great for a +HP setup for your breath attack spells.

Homam Manopolas

The piece from the Homam Set that is wanted by many Paladin's, is also very nice for the Blue Mage's out there. Once you get your hands on these you can sell those Dusk Gloves that kept slowing you down when you were running. This piece, like most of the pieces from the set gives +3% Haste and a nice boost to accuracy with +4. And of course it wouldn't be complete without +HP and +MP (20).

Morrigan's Cuffs

These don't have much to offer for BLU except for accuracy and attack +5 and a bit of MP. And as with all pieces from this set, it's not very easy to obtain, so you're better off pursuing the Homam Manopolas.

Denali Wristbands

The hands that are obtained from Floor 60 of Nyzul Isle are nice for soloing. Evasion +6 and -2% Damage Taken are example's of that. It also gives +4 STR and MND, as well as +6 attack which are bonuses. There are better alternatives, however.

Yigit Gages

No relevant melee stats except for evasion +4. Get this if you want the whole set for the Refresh effect.

Enkidu's Mittens

Unlike most of the other set, the Hands piece is the new-best thing to equip for weapon skills and physical spells. Easy to get if your linkshell does a lot of ZNM fights.

Mirage Bazubands

Not really worth getting since Enkidu's Mittens are easily better for all situation except maybe healing magic. Most of the above choices are better.


Cobra Subligar

Good choice as a TP piece. Mirage or Homam's are better TP pieces, but this should hold you over until you get one of those. It has +Accuracy, +StoreTP & -Enmity.

Prince's Slops

The choice for the Blue Mage that doesn't have the group to obtain the rare/ex items, but still wants a piece with good stats. These pants give +30HP and +30MP which is one of if not the highest for the leg slot, and accuracy +4 which is always nice. Get the NQ if you can't afford these.

Yigit Seraweels

The pants obtained via Leujaoam Sanctum assault give a nice +25 HP and MP as well as evasion +6 and MP recovered while healing +2. And like all pieces it's another step towards getting the full set for Refresh.

Denali Kecks

A very nice piece of equipment for BLU. Though it's not the best for the leg slot, it's still rather respectable. DEX +3 is good for those physical spells with DEX mods, and AGI +3, evasion +3, accuracy +3 and magic accuracy +3 are all good for soloing. Obtained from Floor 40 of Nyzul Isle assault.

Homam Cosciales

The best for the leg slot as BLU. Large bonuses to HP and MP (26), Fast Cast, which shortens spellcasting time and recast time, awesome for any job with MP. Not to mention the added Haste +3% and accuracy +3. And above all, they look sexy. Get these.

Morrigan's Slops

STR +3 and MP +25 are nice, but other than that, there aren't any other stats that helps your damage as a BLU. MND +10 and enmity -2 is great for your healing spells, that mixed with the INT is also incredably useful for BLU nukes.

Crimson Cuisses

A blue mage that can run faster, is a happier blue mage. Movement Speed +12% is the obvious stat that attracts so many people to this, and all jobs that can equip these want them. HP +25 and MP +25 isn't bad either, just be sure to not wear these while fighting Demon-type mobs or Dragoon-type beastmen, especially if you're soloing.

Volunteer's Brais

If you have the Mercenary Rank required, than this is a great option, especially if you don't have the time to join a limbus/salvage/sky LS, and it a great alternative to the Prince's Slops. Sergeant Major is needed to get these.

Galliard Trousers

Dropped off the (Force Pop) NM Kurrea in Lufaise Meadows, Galliard Trousers offer +20 HP, +2 STR, and +4 Accuracy (taking the -DEX into account). Pretty useless compared to all the other gear available.

Enkidu's Subligar

The STR and DEX +4 on this piece makes it a much better choice to cast physical spells in, compared to Morrigan's Slops, which was previously the most STR you can get on your legs. Good for weapon skills as well.

Mirage Shalwar

The accuracy +5 mixed in with the 3 STR may make this quite debatable on whether this or the Enkidu Legs are better for weapon skills. Regardless, this is your best bet if you don't do any ZNM. The Mag acc also contributes to additional effects such as Stun from Head Butt.


Errant Pigaches

For the Blue Mage that doesn't have a lot of money. It doesn't have any melee stats, but it subtracts 20 HP and gives 20 MP which is never a bad thing unless you want to do a +HP build for breath spells. Enmity -2 is good if you don't feel like pulling hate, and +5 MND for healing magic.

Marine M Boots / Marine F Boots

For all you humes out there, this is probably one of your best bets for the feet slot. The RSE2 feet give a huge chunk of HP (+60) which is awesome for Breath attack spells. They add +3 STR, +3 DEX, +2 AGI and +2 VIT which are all nice melee stats.

Yigit Crackows

Like all Yigit pieces, this has no relevant melee stats, but is good if you want the whole set for Refresh (great for BLU magical nukes).

Denali Gamashes

The feet part of the Denali Jacket Set is one of the best options for non-humes or humes that don't have the RSE2 feet. STR +3 combined with Accuracy +5 and Magic accuracy +3 makes these overall a nice choice for a Blue Mage (especially Head Butt and BLU magical nukes).

Homam Gambieras

The feet slot of the Homam set obtained from Limbus give the most MP (+31) compared to everything I previously mentioned. Haste +3% is also good for spell recast times and accuracy +6 is an added bonus. These are better for TP build and have not as many stats when it comes to weapon skills and physical spells that increase damage.

Rutter Sabatons

A great piece for WS, physical spells and Cannonball. Try not to TP in these however, as they add 2% Slow.

Morrigan's Pigaches

Now of course if this was a guide to Red Mage, then these would be on the top of the list, but it's not, and that being said, the +20 MP and +3 STR are nice, but obtainable by other means. Other than that, these have no melee stats. So you're better off getting one of the previously mentioned pieces (again, great for BLU healing spells, and some magical nukes).

Crimson Greaves

Another piece of the Crimson Scale Mail Set, which gives a slight boost to HP and MP (+15) as well as +3 DEX and +3 AGI. They are obtained easily from Sky, just watch the intimidation effect.

Enkidu's Leggings

An alternative to Homam for TP build, though not better. This is more of a THF piece, so try and do some Limbus for some Homam Gambieras.

Setanta's Ledelsens

The best big three foot piece, and a pretty nice alternative TP piece.


Spike Necklace Great for the big three physical spell, second only to the Kubira Bead necklace, which is a touch awkward to get with Einherjar.

Peacock Charm/Peacock Amulet

Wow. 10 Accuracy in the neck slot at Lv33? One of, if not the, best neck items in the game from the moment you can equip it until you die. Neither version is easy to get but well worth it if you can get your hands on either.

Chivalrous Chain

Probably the default choice for most DD's. The +1 to Store TP shouldn't be what attracts you, but the STR +3 and Accuracy +5 does. You can buy it off the AH at a reasonable price, or get it using Lebros Cavern Assault points. This can be used for TP build because of the Accuracy, especially since there aren't many options for this slot.

Soil Gorget/Breeze Gorget

For those with sea access, gorget's are a popular talk among DD jobs, and which is best for what weapon skill. As a Blue Mage, your most used weapon skill is usually Savage Blade. Some people say Soil Gorget is better, others would rather use Breeze Gorget, its more up to you. I say get both and test it out to see what you think is best. Since most endgame BLU's use the Savage Blade > Disseverment skillchain, Breeze Gorget might be the better bet.

Fortitude Torque

VIT +5 for your Cannonball, and Sword skill +7 make this an attractive option for BLU. Not the eaiest to obtain either, and be sure to have something for Weapon skills/skillchains.

Justice Torque

Acquired similarly to the above, great for spells with pure STR modifiers sure as Vertical Cleave.

Kubira Bead Necklace

The best piece to swap in for your physical spells because of the nice mix of STR and DEX. Be sure to swap it out fast when you are done, however.

Ancient Torque

Very hard to get, but very nice for TP'ing, better than the Peacock Charm even. If you have this use it.


Life Belt

A great belt at Lv48 that can last you until end game, depending on your budget. +10 Accuracy is nothing to sneeze at.

Swift Belt/Speed Belt

Swift Belt is the obvious, more realistic choice to obtain unless your in an HNM shell, and some argue that with the added Accuracy it's even better than the Speed Belt which has 6% haste instead of 4%. Either way, this piece is strictly for TP build; not to mention Haste is always nice for spell recasts.

Virtuoso Belt

Superior to Life Belt, 2 extra acc and 4 atk. Great for Vorpal Blade as well acc physical spells on high eva mobs.

Warwolf Belt

Enmity +3 and VIT +5 make this the common choice for endgame Paladin's that don't have a Haste belt, or are /war, but the STR and DEX +5 make this an excellent choice to swap in for weapon skills, spells and skillchains. The price for this is unbeatable, so get one.

Potent Belt

A nice mix of STR and Accuracy which kind of reminds you of the Chivalrous Chain, but not a necessary piece. The Swift Belt is still better for TP build, and the Warwolf Belt has more STR to offer. You can argue this with the +8 accuracy, but if accuracy is this important, better get a Life Belt.

Ninurta's Sash

A dream for most of us, but obivously the best thing out there for building TP. You are the man if you have one.


Amemet Mantle +1

The most common choice, since it offers nice stats, and isn't ridculously expensive like back pieces with slightly better stats. STR +2 and Attack +15 is enough to convince you that you can use this full time.

Smilodon Mantle +1

Hands-down the best back piece for spell casting for spells with STR-only mods. 5 STR and reasonably priced on most servers. Stick with Amemet +1 or Forager's Mantle for TP and WS, however, as the added attack adds more than the STR on this piece.

Forager's Mantle

This back piece gives the same +15 Attack as the Amemet Mantle +1, and +3 STR instead of +2. If you have the money to get one of these then go ahead. Otherwise do the ENM, Sheep in Antlion's Clothing to get one, because this will certainly take a chunk out of your wallet.

Commander's Cape

3 STR and 3 DEX is perfect for the spells you use more often, such as Disseverment and Frenetic Rip, and is the best back piece you can use. Those spells have both STR and DEX modifiers, so overall it is a better choice than a STR-only piece, or even for spells with just DEX modifiers like Hysteric Barrage, so this would most likely be the best option. Other than that, Forager's Mantle is better for weapon skills, and Smilodon Mantle +1 for spells like Vertical Cleave which have just STR mods. This is another cape obtained from an ENM, and is very expensive, so I recommend doing the ENM to get one.

Gigant Mantle

Yes, more stuff obtained from ENM's. This back piece gives a huge chunk of HP at +80. It is used strictly for a Blue Mage's Heat Breath build, and nothing more, unless you get hit that much.

Cerberus Mantle

Yes, blue mage CAN tank. It is true. Though obviously not as good as the neighborhood PLD or RDM or NIN, Blue Mage has TONS of tools at its disposal, as well as access to a lot of gear. Whether its kiting an NM, or straight-tanking one, the proper gear and skill can allow BLU to keep hate and stay alive like other jobs. This piece I mentioned because of the nice boost to Enmity, as well as the increase to damage. A High-Breath Mantle is better for more serious tanking.

Cuchulain's Mantle

STR DEX and Accuracy all in this piece makes this one the best contenders for Weapon skills, and the best for spell casting those physical spells. Sell that Commander's Cape!

Mirage Mantle

Great for TP and helping get the stun's and other additional effects to proc with Head Butt, etc.


Brutal Earring

Adds 5% Double Attack. Great for TP build and WS. However it can not proc on physical spells. A popular choice if you can get the 75 Ancient Beastcoins needed for it.


Most BLU's sub ninja, so why not add some haste to those sword's your dual wielding? +Sword Skill is great for your overall melee damage and accuracy as well, so this is pretty popular. Most BLU's use the Brutal Earring, Suppanomimi combo for their ears.

Minuet Earring

A great earring for physical spells with the STR and DEX as well as in your TP and WS build if you have a Bard. The Latent Effect of +3 Accuracy is activated when you have Minuet on you. Even without a Bard, it's still a decent earring for physical spells.

Triumph Earring

It's not easy to get +STR on your ears, so this is worth mentioning. Though the price isn't very reasonable, it's still one of your best bets for weapon skills and skillchains.


If you picked this instead of the Suppanomimi from Divine Might, it still has it's uses in your physical spell and, dependent on your preferences, WS build as well. Basically a free Triumph Earring with some added stats.

Loquacious Earring

Fast Cast!! Ok, it's not much fast cast (more like 1%; and 2% for casting times), but if it means lowering that Head Butt recast as low as possible when your needed for stun, then I'll take it. +30 MP is also one of the largest boosts of MP you can put on the ear slot.

Magnetic Earring/Ethereal Earring

First off, if you have gotten this far in the CoP and ZM storylines, pat yourself on the back, because that takes a while. After completing the quest "Apocalypse Nigh", you're given the option of 4 earrings to choose from, and your choice should narrow down to these 2. They're both excellent, and that being said, try to base your choice around other jobs you have leveled, and how the earring would help you all around. For BLU, Ethereal Earring is your best bet, but if you have several mage jobs, you might wanna grab a Magnetic Earring, since that earring also offers nice stats for BLU has well. The choice between these two is strictly based on personal preferance, so happy picking.

Diabolos's Earring

I've had to delete this piece from my guide several times and it keeps getting added, so I'll have at it I suppose. Now, when you are figuring out what gear you want to TP in on Blue Mage, the idea you want to have is Accuracy in the main slots. If you are hitting fine, you can replace some of that accuracy with Haste. If you are still hitting fine, then you can replace more of that Accuracy with Attack. Regardless, the ear slot is something where you want to have a piece that directly effects your TP build with something other than Accuracy, that's why Brutal and Suppanomimi are the two best choices, or even something with MP or helps spell mods. But if you don't have anything in this list, then this earring is good to settle with.

Pixie Earring

If you can't get STR on the ear's, DEX is the next best thing! Very easy to get if you are in an HNM linkshell since either Defending Ring or this Earring will always drop from King Behemoth. And Defending Ring never drops anyway!


Rajas Ring

If you don't have one of these, you dream about it. If you have one of these, you think back to when you used to dream about it. Regardless, this is the best ring for BLU. Period.

Woodsman Ring/Sniper's Ring/Blood Ring

The +5 Accuracy is great for TP build, WS and physical spells. Sniper's Ring +1, Toreador's Ring or Mars's Ring if you're that awesome.

Ulthalam's Ring

Great for TP, and also for spells when doing Assault/Salvage etc.

Ecphoria Ring

A good alternative to the +5 Accuracy Rings, this trades 1 Accuracy for "Store TP"+1. Being able to get rid of Amnesia is occasionally helpful as well.

Bloodbead Ring/Bomb Queen Ring

These are the two rings needed for the +HP build for Heat Breath. Combined they give +125 HP which is ~75 extra damage on Heat Breath assuming it goes unresisted and has no extra damage bonuses.

Flame Ring

The famous STR ring gives +5 to that category which is used for weapon skills and spells, but please, don't use this to build TP, use an accuracy ring instead.

Iota Ring

Other slots

I won't go too into depth with these, but here are some you can consider.


Now obviously, you won't be using two-handed weapons often, but if your trying to max out Heat Breath damage, then you have a Fire Staff/Vulcan's Staff. I recommend an Axe Grip to throw on the grip slot, since it gives an extra +20 HP and +3 STR. This also works for SATA/SACA, as Sneak Attack means you don't have to rely on your Staff Skill for the spell to land. Obviously you'd lose any TP you built up using a Sword, so keep this in mind.


Junior Musketeer's Chakram +2

STR +3 while in area's that aren't in your nation's control is great for this slot. Too bad it doesn't work in ToAU area's, otherwise use this if you have it for area's this applies to.


Tiphia Sting

Accuracy +2 and Attack +2 in the ammo slot at the cost of 25 HP and -4 Evasion. A solid option although not a priority piece. One of the last things you should upgrade if you have the extra gil. Great for TP, and WS.

Smart Grenade

An item recently added in the Wings of the Goddess expansion, obtained from the quest Message on the Wind in Bastok Metalworks. Hidden Effect: Attack +4. A viable, free option for your ammo slot for TP and WS.

Hedgehog Bomb

For jobs that need the MP, use these in the Ammo slot. +30 MP is never a bad thing for BLU, especially if you have more than one mage job.


If your race has an RSE satchet that gives STR (Humes, Elvaan), or maybe even DEX (Mithra), then you can use that if you feel your MP is good.

Bibiki Seashell

Obtained from the quest Got It All in Aht Urhgan Whitegate. Grants Aquan Killer and adds +4 VIT as well as some water resistance. A wonderful Cannonball piece, also adds 4 points to your healing spells.

Goblin Cracker

Arguably better than Tiphia Sting, but the price difference is pretty significant.

Heat Breath

Since I mention this spell so much, I was asked by quite a few people to add a section of a gear setup you would use for the spell Heat Breath. Unfortunately, there isn't much room in most HNM shells for Blue Mages, and most shells are looking for other DD jobs, but Heat Breath is probably something that defines this job when it comes to endgame work and is a big part of the job, especially against things you don't want to give TP, like Jailer of Love or any battle that is kited or requires Black Mage's.

Also remember that Heat Breath is a move from a mob in the Beast family. Therefore using it against enemies in the Lizard family will lower resist rates (won't increase damage), and using it against enemies in the Plantoid family, or water-based mobs will result in a higher chance of resists. Check out the Beast Strength Chart for more details.

Weapon: Vulcan's Staff
Grip: Axe Grip
Ammo: Hedgehog Bomb or anything with +HP such as Fenrir's Stone
Head: Saurian Helm
Neck: Tempered Chain, or if you can, Ritter Gorget
Body: Magus Jubbah (for the +15 Blue Magic Skill)
Hands: Alkyoneus's Bracelets(or some RSE pieces Taru & Mithra namely)
Legs: Homam Cosciales or Blood Cuisses (Blood Cuisses are the better choice in a kited battle if you get hate)
Feet: Homam Gambieras or Marine M Boots/Marine F Boots for Humes.
Ear1: Bloodbead Earring
Ear2: Cassie Earring (especially for a Taru)
Ring1: Bomb Queen Ring
Ring2: Bloodbead Ring
Back: Gigant Mantle
Waist: RSE piece that gives +HP like Ocean Sash or Steppe Sash.


Carbonara gives +14% HP (Cap: 175 @ 1249 Base HP)

Set spells like Actinic Burst which gives +20 HP, and Light of Penance which gives +15 HP.

With this setup, my HP reached 2168 as a Hume (with 4 HP merits) which was high enough to break 1,500 damage on Heat Breath with max Convergence merits, and the damage bonus from Saurian Helm subbing NIN (On a VT mob). Subbing MNK is a nice option for the HP, but you lose out on significant magic accuracy that you would otherwise get from a mage subjob. The extra HP usually evens out with the higher resist rates from tests I have tried. /RDM probably gave me the most HP out of the available mage jobs as well as helps reduce resist rates. Try out different subjobs to see what works best for you!

Just want to remind - every little HP count - Happy Egg?! :) (By Chichicha)


It's a lot easier for get a cannonball setup than compared to a Heat Breath setup, and it's easier to deal out consistent damage with it. If you do it right, Cannonball is one of a Blue Mage's most dangerous weapons. It is the main reason some HNM shells sometimes use Blue Mages for fights such as Pandemonium Warden, and Dark Ixion. Its modifiers are STR, VIT and Defense. You also should be subbing THF, since a critical hit will dish out more damage than if you, for example, subbed WAR for Defender.

Like with Heat Breath, your damage on cannonball will be reflected on your gear, merits, food and spells you set. That being said, here's an example of the type of gear you want to try and use.

Weapon: Wing Sword +1 (or NQ if you can't afford this)
Shield: Acheron Shield +1 (The NQ Acheron Shield gives 3 more DEF compared to the popular Genbu's Shield, every +DEF counts!)
Ammo: Bibiki Seashell
Head: Wivre Mask +1 or Gnadbhod's Helm
Neck: Fortitude Torque (or anything with +STR or +VIT, like Chivalrous Chain).
Body: Magus Jubbah +1 (for the +15 Blue Magic Skill, as well as some STR)
Hands: Alkyoneus's Bracelets (Can't top +11 STR)
Legs: Magus Shalwar +1 or Enkidu's Subligar I prefer Enkidu's Subligar because of the extra defense, which will usually outweigh the value of 1 VIT.
Feet: Rutter Sabatons
Ear1-2: Triumph Earring (x2, unless you have something like Bushinomimi)
Ring1-2: Rajas Ring, Flame Ring (x2 please!)
Back: Smilodon Mantle +1
Waist: Warwolf Belt.


Tavnazian Taco according to wiki gives Defense +25% (Cap: 150@600 Base Defense). This is your best option.

Set spells that give STR or VIT, such as Heat Breath (ironic?), Cocoon (Cast it too), Bomb Toss and so forth. Be sure to ask a WHM for Protectra V, if not then Protect IV from a RDM or PLD will do, and keep Cocoon up at all times. Get some TP, Chain Affinity, Sneak Attack (and/or) Trick Attack, and let it fly!

Closing Note

I hope this guide will help those leveling Blue Mage, or planning on leveling it, make their decisions. Blue Mage is a very versitile job, and by all means do not limit yourself to these choices of equipment. I will add new equipment as time comes along, so if you have a suggestion, feel free to share. Good luck and happy leveling!