Upon setting certain combinations of Blue Magic, a Blue Mage can acquire certain Job Traits. Many of these Job Traits have multiple valid spell combinations. Equipping more than 1 combo set will earn you a higher tier of that Job Trait for Clear Mind, but nothing else.

Level AvailableJob Trait
4Beast Killer
16Auto Regen
20Lizard Killer
24Clear Mind
30Resist Sleep
32Magic Attack Bonus
34Undead Killer
38Attack Bonus
38Rapid Shot
40Max MP Boost
40Defense Bonus
44Plantoid Killer
46Clear Mind II
50Magic Defense Bonus
58Auto Refresh
Level AvailableJob Trait
61Clear Mind III
62Max HP Boost
63Accuracy Bonus
65Conserve MP
66Clear Mind IV
69Evasion Bonus
69Resist Gravity
69Store TP
72Fast Cast
78Magic Burst Bonus
80Double Attack
80Dual Wield
83Skillchain Bonus

Single Combos

Level AvailableJob TraitSpell 1Spell 2Total Set Point cost
16Auto RegenSheep SongHealing Breeze6
50Magic Defense BonusMagnetite CloudIce Break6
69Evasion BonusScrewdriverHysteric Barrage8
69Resist GravityFeather BarrierRegurgitation3
69Store TPSickle SlashTail Slap8
70CounterEnervationAsuran Claws7
78Magic Burst BonusLeafstormCimicine Discharge7
80Double AttackDemoralizing RoarAcrid Stream7
83ZanshinWhirl of RageFinal Sting3
83Skillchain BonusGoblin RushBenthic Typhoon7

Accuracy Bonus

Pick any 2 spells to get Accuracy Bonus.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
60Dimensional Death5
63Frenetic Rip3
82Vanity Dive2

Attack Bonus

Pick any 2 spells to get Attack Bonus.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
12Battle Dance3
60Death Scissors5
63Spinal Cleave4
73Temporal Shift5

Fast Cast

Pick any 2 spells to get Fast Cast.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
61Bad Breath5
72Sub-zero Smash4
84Auroral Drape4

Dual Wield

Pick any 2 spells to get Dual Wield.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
79Animating Wail5
80Blazing Bound3
85Quadratic Continuum4

Auto Refresh

"Auto Refresh Points" are not within the game's mechanic; rather, it's a system that was devised by the playerbase to determine which and how many of each spell is needed to trigger the Auto Refresh trait. Unlike other traits, various spells contribute to this trait with different weights, and as such, have been assigned point values to determine the combination of spells necessary to trigger the trait.

To trigger the trait, the sum of "Auto Refresh Points" must add up to at least 8. Please note that this is irrespective of the spells' Set Point Costs.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point costAuto Refresh points
44Stinking Gas21
50Frightful Roar32
52Cold Wave11
58Light of Penance52
64Voracious Trunk43
74Actinic Burst44
75Plasma Charge54

These are possible Auto Refresh combos, but of course, you can make other combinations so long as at least 8 points are applied from this set.

Level AvailableSpell 1Spell 2Spell 3Spell 4Spell 5Set Point Cost
58Frightful RoarSelf-DestructCold WaveLight of PenanceStinking Gas 14
64Frightful RoarSelf-DestructCold WaveVoracious Trunk 11
64Frightful RoarSelf-DestructStinking GasVoracious Trunk 12
64Frightful RoarSelf-DestructLight of PenanceVoracious Trunk 15
74Actinic BurstVoracious TrunkCold Wave 9
74Actinic BurstFrightful RoarSelf-Destruct 10
74Actinic BurstVoracious TrunkStinking Gas 10
74Actinic BurstVoracious TrunkSelf-Destruct 11
74Actinic BurstVoracious TrunkFrightful Roar 11
75Frightful RoarPlasma ChargeSelf-Destruct 11
75Actinic BurstPlasma Charge 9

Clear Mind

Pick any 2 spells to get Clear Mind. For every 2 spells set you get a higher tier up to Clear Mind IV. Clear Mind V is not attainable.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
22Poison Breath1
42Venom Shell3
46Awful Eye2
52Filamented Hold3
64Feather Tickle3
66Corrosive Ooze4
73Mind Blast4

Conserve MP

Pick any 2 spells to get Conserve MP.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
32Chaotic Eye2
65Zephyr Mantle2
66Frost Breath3

Defense Bonus

Pick any 2 spells to get Defense Bonus.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
30Grand Slam2
40Terror Touch3
72Saline Coat3
75Vertical Cleave3

Killer Effects

Choose any 2 of the same trait to make that killer effect.

Level AvailableKiller TraitSpell 1Spell 2Spell 3Spell 4Set Point Cost
4Beast KillerWild OatsSprout SmackSeedspray1000 Needles4/5/7/8
20Lizard KillerFoot Kick Claw CycloneRam Charge 4/6
34Undead KillerBludgeonSmite of Rage 5
44Plantoid KillerPower AttackMandibular BiteSpiral Spin 3/4/5

Magic Attack Bonus

Pick any 2 spells to get Magic Attack Bonus.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
18Cursed Sphere2
32Sound Blast1
61Eyes On Me4
62Memento Mori4
71Heat Breath4
74Magic Hammer4
74Reactor Cool5

Max HP Boost

Pick any 2 spells to get Max HP Boost.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
58Flying Hip Press3
62Body Slam4

Max MP Boost

Pick any 2 spells to get Max MP Boost.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
8Metallic Body1
40Mysterious Light4
54Hecatomb Wave3
82Magic Barrier3

Rapid Shot

Pick any 2 spells to get Rapid Shot. (Works with current throwing weapon.)

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
12Feather Storm3
38Jet Stream4
63Hydro Shot3

Resist Sleep

Pick any 2 spells to get Resist Sleep.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
30Wild Carrot3
58Magic Fruit3

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