Requirements Wings of the Goddess
Items Needed None
Title Granted House Aurchiat Retainer
Repeatable No
Reward Ram Staff
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Songbirds in a Snowstorm Mission:
Fate in Haze

Chasing Shadows


Points of interest in Xarcabard [S]

The Forbidding Portal

  • Head to Xarcabard (S).
  • Go to (J-9) and examine the Animal Spoor found nearby the entrance to Beaucedine Glacier (S) for a cutscene.
  • Go to (I-9) and examine the Wheel Rut found to the west from the Animal Spoor, in an alcove, for another cutscene.
  • Head back to the Animal Spoor for yet another cutscene.
  • Go to (I-7) and examine the Forbidding Portal, northwest from the Animal Spoor, for a cutscene.
  • Examine this once again to enter the battlefield for "Blood of Heroes".
  • Upon victory there will be a cutscene, afterwards return to the Wheel Rut for a cutscene and your reward.


  • Only characters that currently possess a Key ItemVial of military prism powder, or have previously completed this quest, may enter.
  • Time limit is 30 minutes.
  • Experience points are not lost upon defeat.
  • Buffs are removed upon entry.
  • Trusts are dismissed upon entry but may be re-summoned once inside.
  • Excenmille fights alongside of you and must be kept alive in order to succeed.
    • Excenmille runs ahead as soon as you pass him and runs faster than you so he will take aggro.
    • Excenmille can be buffed.
    • Will engage after 2:30.
    • Uses several AoE weaponskills, making a Sleepga strategy difficult.
    • Occasionally sounds his horn and says: "I beseech you, Machegue! Be with us now!" which grants Attack Boost to all party members within range.
    • May also use an item called "Vunkerl Herb Tonic", which erases and regens everyone within range.
  • The opponents are:
  • Only Kingslayer Doggvdegg needs to be defeated for victory. Once he is defeated, all other enemies will fall to the ground.
  • Kingslayer Doggvdegg has around 10,000 HP
  • All the orcs are immune to Break and Bind.
  • Kingslayer Doggvdegg and Gherrmoga seem to be immune against sleep but the rest of the orcs are susceptible.
  • The mages use Sleepga often.
  • Kingslayer Doggvdegg uses Invincible, as well as TP moves including Tornado Edge, Berserker Dance, and a potent version of Arm Block.
    • Specifically, his Arm Block appears to include a Stoneskin effect in addition to the typical defense boost.

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Game Description

Excenmille, (J-9, Xarcabard)
Count Aurchiat lies dead, felled in an Orcish ambush that has left the Cardinal Stags severely weakened deep in the heart of enemy territory. The key to survival lies in a joint operation with the Iron Rams...